Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph Review – Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph Review

On this video, I review a Vacheron Constantin watch that was released to commemorate the 260th Anniversary of the Vacheron brand: the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph.

This watch is more of a collector or watch connoisseur piece that may become more valuable over time. It’s definitely a watch that will make a good topic of conversation among watch lovers.

The Vacheron watch brand is one of the oldest that’s still around. It started in 1755.

I am a big fan of the Vacheron Constantin Overseas model, which will become a topic of a future watch review, but I also enjoy the Harmony Chrono. This very classy piece was released at the SIH Show in 2015 and features a mono-pusher chrono function; that is, a chronograph function where you can start, stop and reset the chrono with the push of the same button.

Vacheron is a very traditional, luxury brand. In my book, it is right up there with Patek Philippe and Breguet.

The Vacheron Harmony Chrono is a watch that has a lot of heritage. It was actually inspired by a limited edition Vacheron chronograph that was introduced in 1928!

The watch is part of a limited release of 260 pieces, of which the piece on the video is #26. The design also sports Vacheron’s Calibre 3300 movement, which is manually wound. The movement can be seen in a dazzling display through the watch’s sapphire crystal backside.

The dial also has a very traditional and classy look, with very attractive blue Arabic numerals.

The retail price of the Harmony Chronograph is around $70,000, which I believe is very fairly priced, given a watch of this level of status.

As far as the Watch Game goes, the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chrono is definitely a heavy-hitting piece.

How do you feel about this anniversary edition piece?

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My Email says:

Would you still consider the VC to have the street bling of the AP? Even though they are both haute horology.

Shafir Iqbal says:

Very classy

jason starek says:

Eric, thanks for doing this item…and thank you even more for pointing out the Overseas (which you said you will cover soon). This piece is exquisite, but not really wearable (most guys I know will drop 10-20K….but not 70K). The Overseas is the type of item guys like me re looking at (normal guys who love the art/craftsmanship….but actually want to wear it to the office). I am really thinking about the Overseas…please cover it. As you mentioned, I’m not a collector (I don’t have vault)…I’m a wearer and lover (I want to wear rare, hand-made art). And I appreciate you pointing out the difference between horology lovers/enthusiasts and collectors. That said, I do have a few nice items, but not for “collector” reasons…but for “wearer” reasons. Wearing a 50’s Rolex or a 60’s Omega Speedmaster is awesome to me. Again, they might not be the most expensive, but they hold a special place for me. The Overseas I see as something in the same thread, but a bit more modern (especially with the quick strap change mechanism…similar to Panerai). Please give a review focusing on the VC Overseas’ actually wearability and versatility. I think we can all agree it’s well made and has “game”….but what about real-world usability. Personally I like the VC over the AP, but only because it’s not as hyped (I think AP is becoming the “Porsche 911” of watches . But if the AP really is superior in quality I’d go with it over the VC….thoughts? Again, thanks for your real-world reviews.

mustang77ism says:

Well said Eric, this watch is special. Designed for special people and not the masses. Most people might not “get it” with this piece; this makes it even more special. Pure class.
Mono Pusher Chrono, Pulsation Scale, Special 260th anniversary…..this is one SERIOUS watch!
Another awesome review Eric!

anthony budd says:

Great video, wrong music. You can’t have a video about a 260 year old watch brand with a song about stretching bricks in the background

mustang77ism says:

If you get your hands on a 1921 Historiques American…please review it. Thx

Graeme Dobie says:

As always Eric, nicely done! Great review!

Alex Japaridze says:

I just bought a Patek Philippe Nautilus with a white gold case and leather strap. Compared to the price of this, the Patek is a lot better deal.

Alexei Aitken says:

Please do a Nautilus vs Royal Oak

Amintas Neto says:

Great review. Great watch Eric

FeSamu says:

Good vídeo!

W. Robert Millar says:

Eric, I just subscribed, you’re the man. I live in Miami. Gotta know what those shades are!

V Cccc says:

This is the nicest Vacheron, by some way, lovely video! I’d love to own this however the pricing is silly on Vacherons. Quai de l’Ile date/chrono are also lush. Those are the only sub £50,000 vacherons I like. I don’t fancy the Overseas in a world that has a Daytona and a Royal Oak, even ignoring the price. Sadly, at $75,000 this is a third over priced like all Vacherons, let’s ignore the anniversary edition nonsense. Not sure how this brand is actually competing with Patek.

Sam Ho says:

another awesome review! love your channel!

Maurie Barnes says:

Love this Brand! Thanks for a great review!

Gijs Timmermans says:

geest video

kha dia says:

You present very well hope to see more videos from you greubel forsey romain jerome…regards

G-FORCE says:

Great review as always Eric! However Vacheron Constantin is pronounced “Vashron Counstantein” quite difficult as it is french ^^ Keep it up!

Mohammed Mokhtar says:

The nobles watch ❤️

jason starek says:

Eric, I really appreciate that you delineated between collectors and enthusiasts. I think all of us are lovers…but most of us can’t really be collectors. ….I love art, but I can’t buy a Picasso….but that doesn’t; make me any less of an art lover. Similarly, I’m also a “car guy”…but don’t own a Lambo. I really like how you broke it down with no judgement in this video (Hodinkee can take a lesson). This is a grail item..and one that should be respected, but not something one would buy because of a promotion… Thanks again for giving us the insights into high-end items…but still keeping it real for the enthusiasts that love your channel. You are doing the watch industry (and hobbyists) a huge service…and I thank you. And once again I just want to emphasize how much I really appreciate you paying due respect the the brand and piece. You even noted that you didn’t want to talk about it’s place in the “watch game”….I’ve only seen you do that with a few select items…and I think those of us who really follow the art/lineage appreciate that. Well done.

Watch Collector says:

Rick Robinson says:

the VC 1921 is a sick piece. Never owned a Vacheron but my father had an overseas and it never worked and was super expensive to have serviced. Seem to bit a lot more fragile than a trusty old rolex. great video

King Jack says:

$70k Vacheron wow

Agentxphile says:


Dumitru Dumitru says:

Erik, next week I’m gonna buy one of this watches (new) what should I buy a yellow gold rolex yahtmaster 2 or a hublot spirit of big bang in king gold (the 50000$ question) ???

Tom Wessel says:

Watscheron 😀

Golf Wang says:

such a beautiful watch

Rob Logan says:

Yes, please do an Overseas video! Do you have the new one with the interchangeable straps/bracelet?

TheWatchAficionado says:

I like the Cut It beat in the back.. And solid review too

Gabriel Del Pino says:

nice review and nice watch, where did you get those bracelets? are they with skulls?

Ross Anderson says:

Amazing watch. Love it. If I could buy it I would want to wear it.
Good comparison of watch collectors and watch lovers.

manduheavy vazquez says:

Is a beautiful watch from one the best pioneers in the business. Greatness.

My Email says:

Entertaining as always.

MrThemorningsun says:

what watch are you wearing in this vid?

DJKingMagneto #1 says:

I Really Admire And Appreciate A Beautiful And Handsome TimePiece Like That, With The Retro Style,Is Off The MeatRack!.Also Appreciate The Awesome History On Watch Brand You Diverted!.
Thank You Brother!.

The Pour Project says:

Great video like always Eric. 😉

Sandra Marcelin says:

Great video guys, regardless of the pronunciation!

neethu haran says:

a piece of art…

G1234 X says:

Great review. To all haters complaining about an “accent”, never make fun of a person with an accent, because it means they know *at least* one other language, and therefore already perceive the world through a bigger looking glass. To all those bilingual poking at the accent, try learning a third language… It’s a humbling experience. Vacherón! Grande, Eric!

filipecoupe20vt says:

Once again a fantastic video, I really learn a lot with you Eric,your knowledge on watches is amazing,thanks for sharing.

10000000peso says:

Another great review!  The subtitles were distracting and not needed imho

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