The Vacheron “FIFTYSIX” Collection Might Be a Problem | RANT&H

In this week’s episode of RANT&H, Christian dives into the most controversial release from SIHH 2018 – the Vacheron Constantin “FIFTYSIX” Collection.

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**The Vacheron “FIFTYSIX” Collection Might Be a Problem | RANT&H**

In this week’s episode of RANT&H, Christian dives into a set of controversial releases from the one and only Vacheron Constantin. The pieces were released at SIHH this year, and this trio is known as the “FIFTYSIX” collection. So what’s the big deal with them? Let’s get into it.

Here’s the big thing right off the bat – the collection starts at just under $12k, a brand new low for the brand in terms of price for entry. For a member of the Holy Trinity to offer a piece at the price point of a Rolex Daytona is not just staggering for the brand, but for the market in general, and more importantly, for consumers who may have otherwise been unable to justify getting into the $20k+ range that so many of those pieces go for. Among Christian’s biggest questions: does doing this potentially risk VC losing their place in the Holy Trinity?

In his mind, and mine, the idea is to bridge the gap between those who are comfortable with just under $10k on a watch, and the Holy Trinity who, for so many, becomes a pipe dream, rather than a realistic option. To help manage this, the pieces are all steel, but some of the design becomes a bit boring, especially for Vacheron. It does pose an issue, as such, since it does kind of remind us more of a Baume et. Mercier Clifton than anything you’d expect out of a brand like VC. And while that would be a compliment for B&M, it’s not exactly the kind of thing you want to say about Vacheron.

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Vladimir Mihnev says:

I actually like that date, a no Rolex don’t do it I for one really like the cheapest one and the date been not to viable is one of the reasons I do, but it’s too early to tell I don’t know if I really like some things I until I get to see them ” in the metal” but any way for now I have to get myself together I figured out how to get that Piaget from you I know I really like and miss it ever since It was not in the safe when I got home ( and some other stuff wasn’t but good those idiots did have brains and left the expensive stuff so I have a puls I guess.

Russell Washington says:

Hello Christian, I think you completely miss the point. This collection is meant to bring a new and younger audience to the brand and it is. The watches were well received at SIHH. Now the Fiftysix selfwinding in steel is the only one that doesn’t use the Geneva hallmark, but it does use the Cartier MC movement with the Vacheron finishing and a hand finished rotor. As for the dial, it’s actually has hand applied white gold markers and hands. The dial is a beautiful two tone sector style dial. The case is conservative, but has mass market appeal. Pricing is great starting at $11,800 and I’m sure there will be discounts to be had making this very attractive. Personally for me this is a great proposition and I’m definitely on board.

Erik Citizen says:

What about breguet? Holy 2

Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc. says:

By sheer coincidence, I strapped on and wound my vintage Vacheron & Constantin dress watch, delightfully purchased from the watch shop at, before discovering and starting this video.

Andrew Tracey says:

I agree with those who think Piaget doesn’t belong there, to me both Breguet and JLC are more impressive and deserving of such acclaim. Good video as usual, by the way. Oh, you need to ask Vaynerchuk if he’d ever consider coming on for Friday liquor run and doing a wine/watch review combo. Bet he’d do it.

Sporkmaker5150 says:

Unfortunately my girlfriend uses that same movie quote all too often.

Tomasina Covell says:

Yep! 100%

gjaddajg says:

First thought: looks like a JLC.

Adam Keisner - close-up magician & sleight of hand artist for hire. London, UK based. says:

Am I the only one to look at the moon phase and see a sad face?  To me the day and month windows look like eyes and the moon phase aspect like a sad downturned smile. If the hands aline correctly you could have a moustache too. Poor design, unless you’re looking to channel your mood which may reflect how you’d feel if you bought this watch. Thumbs, corners of mouth…All down VC.

Balance says:

You kind of implied the holy trinity is due to price point so basically you shouldnt be in the holy trinity if you produce watches that don t rip collectors off .Holy bullshit there are better watches out there than the so called holy trinity .

Rob Logan says:

I like them. And I completely disagree about the date window. I’ll even go so far as to say that they do a date window as well as, if not better than, Patek Philippe. I say that because I traded in my 5396R for 5164A because the apertures are too small, making it very difficult to read what is inside them. I bought the 5396, not because it was the watch that I really wanted, but because I thought it would be cool to have a Patek Philippe regardless which one I chose to get. So I think what VC did nicely was make the window plenty big enough such that the edges don’t cover or cast shadows on the information inside of it.

Char St says:

Christian, first take of this ugly Rolex. Than, what a poor

Neill Levine says:

That flash of the Nomos Club looked impressive in comparison!

David Pu. says:

I think they are going the right way! Nearly 50% of the american market is ruled by the crown and there is no holy trinity watch that was even near the price of a standard Rolex. The cheapest vc‘s patrimony or overseas are at about 15000 Euros at the moment and if I think about Rolex you can start at the same amount of money for the cellini if you want to go classic. And when the 1956 is at about 10-11000 euros it’s the more ,,horological“ respected choice, can’t go wrong with that. They have to get some more pieces of the cake to stay in a safe position. Letting Rolex rule the market and not responding could be a big mistake for vc and even every other brand

Ansh Shah says:

Hey Christian can you make a video about the resssence e-crown concept

Rawce says:

These watches seem too close to the Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Date and Moonphase to just be a coincidence

Marktuyet says:

today I wore a Nivada Grenchen Antarctic Chronometer.
A 60 year old gem of a watch with mint dial and solid gold logo on the case back . Found it at a pawn shop for 50.00 . Why do people spend crazy money on these over priced trinkets ? A good ETA movement will last a few lifetimes .

Mathieu Vaillancourt says:

Triple split

Matthew Jobe says:

I love the design aspect of the fifty six but I agree it does tread on some dangerous grounds. For me the holy trinity should be Patek, Lange, and Vacheron. The AP Royal oak is an amazing watch but that’s not enough to earn a spot in the trinity. Jaeger-LeCoultre would make it in before AP

Aasa C says:

Beautiful or not is very personal. I think this is even more beautiful than PP. The only criticism is it didn’t even pass COSC certification….

Aaron Spektor says:

I watch all of your episodes, but never comment. My compliments for your achievement, your service to the industry, and your sense of taste and style.

My personal opinion on VC is this;
Vacheron is committing suicide. They’ve been doing it by inches over the last decade.
Vacheron has lost its sense of self identity. This is my message to Vacheron.

You are the oldest and most tradional in the Trinity. Do what you do best. Your Overseas will never beat the Oak on design or the NMautilus in cache. Your 56 is a JLC master control, “warmed over”. You don’t Need a transitional watch.
Your brand identity should be Expensive, Exclusive, Old World Unattainable. Expand the Historiques collection. Do more with ultrathin. Go after the Finissimo. Do more jewels, tourbillons, equations of time, etc… Bring back pocket watches, thin and both simple and complications. Only precious metals. Do it or die. PS. Don’t let Richemont throw you under the bus for Lange.

Shane Delahunty says:

Bill the Butcher FTW!

Zuker Gill says:

While I don’t entirely agree with you, I do like the direction of the discussion. I’m fond of the Complete Calendar version, but I think its because I like the overall look without focusing on the windows.

Marc Yaptinchay says:

I think it’s an introduction to VC (an introduction peice and price goes hand in hand with the reputation of this brand ) . It is not perfect , and i do agree a 6 date window would have been better but attracting younger buyer is important for their future and survivability. Trinity watches are not affordable and for a price conscious buyer ,every dollar counts . That being said , not all watches are perfect (depending on individual taste ) . I do not like AP (never did) , and i would get an Lang over a Patek (but thats just me). I find the VC simple and clean (too clean (even with complications) for the higher 2 models of the trio), what i do not understand is the reviews (looks not price) on the master control date sector dial and th VC 56 date are on opposite ends of the spectrum while i do think they look similar (cleaner finish for the VC ) , i like them both (except for the date window) . How can 2 similar watches get opposite reviews on looks ?

siciliangamer says:

I actually love the look of those watches. elegant, simple and beautiful

Hamlet Kityo says:

Please do your research before publishing. You don’t seem to know the source of the base movement in the base model. The other two models are proper VC movements and Geneva Seal, the base is neither.

Dale Lackey says:

Except just realized mine is two tone. Missed that detail.

steven uk1 says:

the real holy trinity today might be something more like Richard Mille, FP Journe and JLC.

Fouad AL-Hatlan says:

i have a mixed feeling about the design but for that money would be better with a lange & sohne 1815

Terrick Guindy says:

Vacheron, Patek and AP are highly overrated

The real trinity is
A Lange Sohne with double assembly, best decorated movements and a triple split.

Breguet with the most historical and beautiful classic watches

Rolex with efficiency, innovation, quality and leadership in the marketing

Chris Boulas says:

IMO Lange replaced VC in the holy trinity a long time ago.

Tomasina Covell says:

In a way that’s more like VC once was, and like they were as an ETA before there was one?

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