The NEW Vintage-Inspired Vacheron Constantin Triple Calendrier | RANT&H

In this episode of RANT&H, Christian dives head first into two new additions to the Vacheron Constantin Historiques Collection.

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** The NEW Vintage-Inspired Vacheron Constantin Triple Calendrier | RANT&H **

The watches, both triple calendars, feature stunningly clean dials whose lack of clutter make way for major legibility. The “Historiques Triple Calendrier 1942” features a set of quirky Arabic numerals and a sub-seconds counter at 6 o’clock, while the “Historiques Triple Calendrier 1948” replaces this sub-seconds counter with a moonphase.

The craziest thing? Both watches come in at just about 35 mm! As far as vintage reissues go, you’d be hard pressed to get much more representative of the original design than these. But do these watches, and heritage reissues as a whole, pose a serious threat to a brand’s credibility? And where do brands like Longines, whose most famous releases of the last several years come from their Heritage line, stand in this ranking? That is what we’re talking about today!

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James Shives says:

Why only 360?

Michael Gomez says:

In my opinion, AP is not part of the top 3, the Holy Trinity; I think it’s Patek, VC, and ALS. In the Hail Mary positions, if you will (4-6), would be Rolex, AP, and perhaps arguably JLC.

Galahad says:

What type of shirt is that you have the best style

Rasmus Helenius says:

I would say the most desirable vintage chronograph is the Paul Newman Paul Newman. Don’t know how you can say that it would be a VC chronograph. Which would I personally want? The VC.

Steve Bowden says:

Thanks @Christian enjoyed your video very much. BTW when you say ‘Rant T&H’ it sounds like ‘Rent T&H’ …or is it just me?

Reiner D'souza says:

watching this at 3 am, I need that zodiac

Giles Bovis says:

What does RANT&H stand for?

flyingphoenix113 says:

I completely agree with you about Vacheron being the most interesting of the big three. Patek, as wonderful as they are (and I’ve even been to the factory museum!), are just a bit boring. Consistently impressive, yes, but never daring to explore outside the box. Audemars Piguet is equally boring (now, at least) because the entire brand hinges on the success of the RO. I think Vacheron has a solid lineup of modern and vintage-inspired watches with some art watches thrown in for good measure. I really hope they recapture the crown of the “Holy Trinity.”

highnrising says:

Based on the prices, presumably these are annual calendar watches, not perpetual calendars.

dduplis says:

Yes….I am cringing….it needs to be between 38 and 40.

Captain Z says:

More “me too” watches from VC. Not surprising.

Robert Frank says:

I wish the reference with with the moon phase was available in steel.

kiran mynampati says:

I think they are 40mm,correct me if i’m wrong

Tommy Money says:

anyone have problems with the resolution? mine is stuck at 360p for this video -.-

mingoesbueno says:

“I am wearing a terrific watch” sounds like something Trump would say

rupert93r says:

Why is this video only available in 360p?

Marton Gergely says:

This video is not working on either of my Apple TVs… it says “this video is unavailable on this device.” Never seen this error before.

loulimina says:

When you’re so early that Youtube hasn’t even processed the video in 480p

Nicholas Scott says:

These watches are absolutely beautiful, and perfect for my tiny wrists! I especially love the last rose gold moonphase. Great video Christian!

wallyboy23 says:

I have been following your channel for a few weeks. Thoroughly enjoy it. On a few occasions you have made comments in relation to the marketing of luxury watches, I remember a video where you talked about tudors marketing, in terms of what they could do to create attachment to the brand. I find your marketing comments to be spot on. Good luck with your business.

freddy freddy says:

it would be perfect if it is at 35 – 36 mm.. too bad..

DEXVD says:

Wish they were actually 35mm… At least the 1955 re-issue is 36mm an actual dress watch wearable size… Don’t understand why these brands think it makes sense to make a thin dress watch the size of a Submariner.

mohammad amin says:


Mario Bonduel says:

Original was 35, the new one is 40mm

James Duffy says:

The 1942 is stunning but at 40mm… ehhhhhh…

Venus Dee says:

We need to come up with a name for the 4 top mid range brands. Tag Heuer, Breitling, Omega, Rolex (usually marketed next to each other in stores or some websites). Maybe the 4 watch companies of the apocalypse. Hmmm? Those brands to me, for working class, is what the holy trinity is for rich people.

Ryan Manak says:

It looks fantastic

Jimmy Le Voir says:


jeppep95 says:

HOw big are your wrists?

Roberto Sánchez says:

This holly  watch trinity should be Patek, Lange and FP Journe with AP getting closer to become a quartet… and correct case sizes are 40mm

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