The Holy Trinity – Audemars Piguet , Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin – Federico Talks Watches

The Holy Trinity – Audemars Piguet , Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin – Federico Talks Watches

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I discuss the holy trinity of watches and watch brands. Audemars Piguet ( AP ), Patek Philippe ( PP ) and Vacheron Constantin ( VC ). The holy trinity is a term used to reference what are perceived to be the top three watch brands in the watchmaking industry. But why isn’t Jaeger LeCoultre ( JLC ) included and why is it only swiss watch makers? Watch to hear my opinion.




ripperx444 says:

AP makes good watches but lets be realistic. AP is a fragile watch. Some of the issues they have are laughable. JLC is a real watch makers watch maker. I have owned 2 and both are AMAZING. VC is overpriced especially with their new overseas. Both VC and AP used the same FP movement for so long.

JohnSmithisnotme says:

There is any a single major model in JLC that i hate 😡
Reverso is such a classic.
Duometre is a great and avant-garde design(dual wing!).
Geophysic,its true second feature makes it a ‘serous’ mechanical chronometer.
Rendevous is beautiful.
It is also, with IWC helps A.Lange to rise again.
I would need to have one in the future :v

MonolithMike says:

Agreed. My trinity would be PP, JLC, VC. Federico, your down to earth yet knowledgeable commentaries are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Well done!

John Salevurakis says:

I can’t understand paying Patek prices for a Calatrava type watch when one can get a new 37mm Lange (with a more appropriately sized movement for the case) for significantly less (what…about $5-6K less)! Frankly, if we are being honest, I am not at all sure what Patek has to offer objectively over something like a Parmigiani (1/2 price in the grey market sphere)! People need to stop buying the marketing hype of “The Trinity” and start buying watches! This is doubly true for most AP and Vacheron buyers! I also get the strong feeling that the value proposition for these trinity brands exists well about the price point I can even imagine looking at. Their “lower end” watches are where their profit margin exists (and their volume) when their real horological achievements are being in some sense subsidized by the general profitability of the “more modest” lines. The guy who buys a $300K Patek probably gets some really serious watchmaking that is without peer for his money…the guy who buys a $19K Calatrava, not so much.

peter lontong says:

hi Federico, I am agree with you about the wholly trinity watches.

Sonny Walia says:

Personally, when I look at the AP Royal Oak I see the perfect watch.

Ubaldo Guzman says:

Patek, AP, Rolex

Yanran Wang says:

Totally agree with you on AP. I don’t understand why AP is so widely recognized as one of the best. First level brand, second level movement.

fishbigfishchris says:

Quality review, Im looking for a new watch to complement my pam 118, rolex 16570, iwc 3536 in Titanium(best dive watch ever designed btw) and a ulysse nardin maxi marine diver. I was trying to stay sub 10K but figured i should just man up and get an AP however i can’t justify $15000 for a watch with few complications in steel along with the crazy service costs. Thanks for the assurance its not worth it to.

Escatel says:

The whole concept is arbitrary and meaningless; it’s about perceptions, not the watches themselves. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to discuss one’s own perceptions. For me it’s about contribution to the history and emergence of what a watch is today and what it will be tomorrow, innovation and perfection, past and present. Precious metals matter less than fine movements. Marketing matters less than patents. For my holy trinity: Indisputably Jaeger LeCoultre and Breguet, and for the third one I’m just gonna throw it out there: Blancpain

DavidSylvester7 says:

More to our point Fredrico, AP is a ONE WATCH BRAND. All they have is the royal oak. And the offshore is just a version of the royal oak. Name one other watch by AP that is talked about and highly sought after.

David Lau says:

IMHO Rolex is a ‘victim’ of it’s own success here. If it didn’t produce so many watches, and hence would be exclusive, it would be on this list, given the fine movement, history of achievements and finishing quality.

The Guardian says:

My holy trinity is Orient, Citizen, and Invicta.

Mateus Escobar says:

Roger Dubuis and Zenith are also in house and I think Roger Dubuis watches beautiful.

Jay Remi says:

I agree entirely with what you are saying and all arguments supporting it.

Should anyone ask me; I would have picked the exact same: Lange, Patek and JLC.

And indeed, the so called ‘holy trinity’ does not have to be Swiss. Lange is the ultimate (non-independent) luxury watch maker.

Neuro says:

Aside from taking exception to using the term Holy Trinity for time pieces…

I also would remove AP from this list and add JLC. AP in the last 10 years has become pretty tacky (well for a high end luxury brand). Especially the royal oak line, my God.

Walk around LA long enough and go to a few parties there, and you’ll eventually happen upon a sea of AP’s adorning the ugly, tattooed, left arms of some pretty fake plants. As they stagger around drunk and angry, one can get pretty turned off to anything they associate/align themselves to.

Abheer Monga says:

it’s almost 4AM and I’m watching a slightly overweight gentleman (no offence intended) talk about my dream watches. great video nonetheless.

Taylor Weldon says:

Patek Calatrava (w/gold hobnail and Roman numerals), JLC Reverso Grande Taille, and Lange Sax O Mat are my all time Grail Icons! I agree with you, Fed.

ProCelestialEmpire says:

AP is totally non-sense, but VC has very special and exquisite design. JLC should be perceived better, but Lange, hehe, maybe you admire its “noble German blood” too much.

Daniel H says:


DavidSylvester7 says:

Fredrico, EVERYTHING you have said has been a sentiment sitting on my tongue for the last five years. Just don’t have enough horology enthusiast friends to justify having that conversation.

Anthony Kozlowsky says:

Speaks volumes being owned by the original Family “Audemars Piguet”

lekkousa says:

Kudos Federico! I think your ranking is quite right.
Lange, for me is a true piece of exclusivity and I agree with your comment on build quality vs PP.
JLC is probably the best value of any of the luxury brands.

Edward Ledin says:

PP AP? For some reason it reminds me of a certain song that went viral last year… Great video Federico, I agree that the holy trinity can be a bit questionable some times. Personaly I like VC and AP but PP is not my cup of tea. The AP Royal Oak and VC Overseas chrono are two of my favourite watches of all time. Love the Gerald Genta design!

dduplis says:

You always seem to have a Panerai… many of them do you have in your collection out of pure curiosity.

Nicholas A Lukito says:

Vacheron deserves a spot on the panel because of how much heritage and history it brings to the table; but I agree that APs position there is questionable for a multitude of reasons, one being your astute observation that they let themselves be defined by 2 watches models.

quakerlyster says:

The holy trinity has been around long before the internet, I remember it way back in the 70’s.

Jimmy Le Voir says:

top brands

bigshotmoney21 says:

Federico, I think you are also missing the fact that Vacheron has been making watches since 1755 where as JLC started in 1833, so Vacheron has been around for almost 100 years longer than JLC has, and I think that has a lot to do with why its regarded as a more prestigious brand

Mike Howard says:

JLC, Zenith or Blancpain could replace AP. The Rolex, Omega, TAG was appreciated for a good laugh. Breightling crushes TAG. Precious metals are a scam. Extra $30K for $3K in metals.

DavidSylvester7 says:

I would agree whole heartedly although i would rank PP and lange as number one (each do things a little differently but both phenomenal in different ways) below that i would put VC and JLC just under that, i would put AP and breguet just under those
JLC might just be number one in terms of movement making prowess (as VC AP and even patek had been using JLC movements for years) only reason JLC isn’t at the absolute top is that there movements can be a little spartan and not extravagantly decorated like a lange for instance

Andrew N says:

PP, Rolex & FPJ

Interstellar Lapis & the CCCP says:

My issue with Vacheron is that they only make one model I really like (that being the Patrimony Tourbillon) and it’s $325K USD. I would gladly buy it even if it was at $70K but I feel 300 is way too much. It’s not like it’s a grand complication or something along those lines, it’s just a Tourbillon which can sell for about $20K when it comes to prestigious brands. It’s a shame, because I really love this watch but at that price point buying a Patek Philippe perpectual calendar would be cheaper and it’s no secret that the Patek is more desirable and will skyrocket in price as the years go by. As for Lange… it’s a good brand, I love their watches but it suffers from not being Swiss… I know it may seem trivial but when you’re buying a European supercar you want it to come from Italy like Ferrari or Alfa Romeo and not necessarily Sweden like Koinisegg.

Cesar Castelo says:

PP, Rolex and Lange.

IamSteelManS says:

My Trinity is Breguet, and… and… um… I like them allllll… its just my opinion…:P

Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald says:

Wouldn’t add the Lange & Söhne but for sure Jaeger LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe

Justin Foord says:

I believe in a holy duo. Buy a rolex sports watch (either a Daytona, Submariner or GMT would suffice) and a reverso for a dress watch. What else do would you need?

JkandI says:

Funny you mention these 3, as a kid/teenager I always knew and thought of Rolex as one of the top dogs but never heard of AP, PP or VC.
Awesome videos man!

duman381 says:

Prestige watches described in your video are not measured by the sales but by the craftsmanship. PP VC & AP have a history of watchmaking like no other, hance the name wholy trinity. Real enthusiasts respect these watches not because of the price tags but because of the fact that watchmakers spent years putting together a timepiece with parts almost impossible for human eye to see even under big magnifying glass.

Tech / Watch / And Everything Else says:

80% of the people who buys expensive stuff is to make a status statement. The top 10 top 5 top 3 its their measurement tools.

The same goes to luxury bag . top 3 is Hermans LV and Cartier bah bah bah. ( How else woman suppose to piss off each other) the TOP whatever is what they use to show they are better than you … ( At least thats what they think)

I think the same goes for watch ( you think conor mcgregor buy AP watch because its a good watch ? he buy the watch because its expensive)

So i call Holy Trinity is nothing more than a marketing tool. A fucking great one. but thats what it is.

James Wong says:

I completely agree with you.

aceleenieto says:

I’ve been a sub for a while now, can you give us some info on heuer? I’m an entry level buyer looking to get my first. thank you

Adnan Shariff says:

Good video but would be nice if you could add pictures of what you are talking about.

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