The Harden Anniversary Collection – Vacheron Constantin Patrimony, Omega Speedmaster, Rolex DateJust

Today I review a viewer’s collection. The concept behind this collection is something very special, the “anniversary collection”. A mix of watches from a couple who both love luxury watches and buy them on a yearly basis to celebrate their wedding anniversary.
A big thank you for Steele Harden and is kind donation to the Royal British Legion charity and for sharing his and his wife’s fantastic watch collection.

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Michael Doran says:

Why the smirky (that term may be a bit harsh…) chuckle during your mention of the Seiko 5 at 0:35?

Reece Gordon says:

Black Bay- this collection has prestige, were looking for a diver watch that needs to mirror that in terms of quality.

straightjacketleatha says:

Just wanna say you! got me back into watches and I’ve fell in love with the skxoo9j jubilee, just got it and love it I’m still waiting on a endmill bracelet one of these days I’ll get rolex or possibly grandmaster seiko will see what’s in the piggy bank

mario siaven says:

need a diver definitely may I also suggest the new tudor pelagos as a high tier option and maybe oris costa which is similar to the jlc diver without breaking the bank (under 3 k)

Hood Thabit says:

Really great collection. Yes, it is a collection most of us can only dream of !

Finlay Norris says:

Lovely dressy collection, well done to tgem both. I agree with the governor on the Cartier Tank 😉

Георги Иванов says:

WOW! On the background of this collection, for daily beater watch I would choose Seiko SBBN031 or 035. It’s Diver and it’s Quartz (7C46 mov. – one of most respected quartz movement among watch community). IMHO every watch collection needs at least one Hi-quality and reliable quartz watch, especially great collection like this.

straightjacketleatha says:

hey a appreciated the reply.. I’ve got a quick question for you regarding my skx009 J recently I’ve noticed a small scratch on the second hand in the blue area and it seems to be driving me nuts it’s all I see when I check the time, do you think I should return it or just live with it. I’m wondering what year opinion is. My only trouble is I need to send it back to Japan and wait for replacement and the fees and things like that it seems like a lot of of a hassle but at the same time it’s driving me crazy

Fahim Mostafa says:

Wow. I’m just 18 at the moment, but those are definitely some relationship goals to aim for! Another great video TGV!

Matt H says:

I think a Squale 1521 would be a great diver for him and would definitely do the job as a fantastic “beater”!

Willem Smith says:

If he was considering getting the JLC master compressor then should also probably consider the Blancplain Fifty Fathoms…. btw that Vacheron Constantin is stunning!

Mickey Mouse says:

Reverso, naturally. If not, then Seiko.
I agree with Grobnob (ie, the facebook poll). or or or
a vintage one (many on ebay). 🙂

Dave Gilchrist says:

Tudor Heritage Chrono in blue, on the cloth strap, would round that collection off perfectly.

carlos002nz says:

Hello Tristano, the idea of couples finding “complicity” even with watches is very appealing. (smile). A very entertaining video.
My recognition to Steele Harden and his wife. I’m wearing two watches. Cheap watches, but the feeling is marvellous.
Till your next video, “ciao”.


Lovely collection of prestige timepieces. Decent chap too.

Burton Urquhart says:

A very classy collection. As for a Beta divers watch, I would suggest a Citizen Promaster Eco drive – Quartz dependability without the bother and expense of battery changes. I noted the Vacheron was a small diameter 34 or 36mm. Would it be possible to do a review of smaller faced watches, maybe 34 to 38mm for Men? I just prefer the size , and 42 to an over-generous 47 are becoming the norm, but for me do not feel correct.

ProenskiKaproensky says:

A nice beater? Get a Seiko SKX or (not my taste) a Casio G-Shock or spend some more and get a Marathon

caesar2164 says:

for a fun quartz piece: Gavox Aurora

joshua liao says:

i would suggest. the seiko marine master. its japanese made,built like a tank so no need to worry about any bangs. i cant think of any watch i would suggest. your collection is really gorgeous as well as your wife’s collection. so i’d go with the marine master.hehe.cheers!

Luca Simoncini says:

LOL the Ingersoll Mickey Mouse is a serious piece of history! New version are being produced now, but they just don’t have the same “aura”.

A great beater watch for them would be the Seiko 5 Sports SRP191K1 and SRP189K1. 36 mm, black and white versions, sporty but also dressy, inexpensive, good movement, a workhorse.

The Bird Man says:

For you Rolex folks, your best source for precision service would be Kent Mikolite master watchmaker Goldsmith on Wabash in Chicago, IL $600

Connor Gmehlin says:

Fifty fathoms would be a great dive watch for this collection! Great stuff!

Mathieu Driegelinck says:

Is that your new Junghans there on your desk, the rectangular watch?
Best regards.

P TH says:

Very class collection. Would recommend the 2016 Tudor Black Bay 36 as the beater diver watch. He can shared it with his wife! It has a eta movement which can be easily seviced if you really break it.

Leslie Marriott says:

Great video.
Love the taste/style in this collection. Given the price range I would also recommend the seamaster co-axial for a diver and in this company, a beater. Also available in ladies versions.
Might also suggest adding a GMT to the collection and look at JLC master geographic to sit beside the VC.
A future addition could also include a Navitimer just to add aviation to the mix.

I actually think the collector would be disappointed with an SKX given the level of quality in the collection. I watched a Johnny Casual video recently and had to agree with him on this point. Once you are used to a level of quality anything less disappoints. Even taking the much reduced cost into account.

Brascofarian says:

One reason I went for an automatic was because I have my phone to correct it by, it’s all the accuracy I need. I think for me, quartz are for novelty now.

coote62 says:

What a fantastic his and hers collection, all the watches just work so well together. My sugestions are maybe a Tudor Pelagos for him and what about a Reverso for her?

esa062 says:

Wow, a Vacheron… Now, that is a watch. I’d say you have the high end covered, perhaps you might want to focus on the low end now. There are more suitable watches for rough, dirty and wet activities.

hafssol82 says:

How about the new seamaster or a jlc diver?

Alexander Wetli says:

did you ever check the kontiki from Eterna. Very, very nice piece of a watch with a really cool history…
great show my friend , grüsse aus zürich!

Jim Rodriguez says:

Please accept me into your FB group so I can add my vote for the Omeegha Speedy, because it is the only ‘real’ watch I’ve ever bought. The question is, what will be my next iconic watch, in a few years time, when I can once again drop a few grand on my most anachronistic passion…

Alan c says:

nice collection..I reckon a pre owned omega sea master or even a well worn sub as a beater..clearly this guy has the means to buy these two watches and use a tough bash about watches

SquidRides says:

All of his watches are very “serious” watches. I would recommend the Squale Blue 1521, for summers with a white or pastel polo.

Nick Mango says:

It’s tough to see why Omega calls this a “ladies” watch, but if you look at the other ones in the ladies speedmaster collection, you’ll see why. I think this is the only manly version. I will also say, the band is 7.5″ max. Which is definitely small for a max on a men’s watch.

SquidRides says:

No Oris Aquis Date??? Heresy! Also, why no love for Victorinox? I think the Victorinox I.N.O.X. is a very interesting watch. Quartz is not dead.

The Bird Man says:

Most of you folks wouldn’t know what a precision watch is even if you knew the maker. That would be “one man” in reality…Sorry to have to comment in that manner but it’s aggravating to see what people believe to be great horological pieces. These are all what is referred to as retail “boutique” or designer watches which operate on mass produced movements, cases made by automation and in most brands, outsourced parts, bracelets, straps and presentation packaging. A “real” watch does not come with a box from a brick & mortar store. My grandfather waited two years to receive a watch built by his so called goldsmith in Chicago IL. But, nothing is made like it use to be any more. When people cared about other people and took pride in craftsmanship. Let alone made in the good old USA. Albeit, very interesting viewing on what today has going on.

Jordz Van 6299 says:

I picked up the srp779k1 it’s been great so far!

Kuba Kardaś says:

Wow, what a collection!!

Vassilis Petropoulos says:

Great video! Is that a Chr Ward C5 square in the backround??

nunciumadaustin says:

If he’s going for quality over quantity, I recommend a Grand Seiko or the Tudor Black Bay Black.

WEGO says:

Very similar how my wife and I wear our watches on the day with similarities of design. I feel that the Patek Philippe 5054 will compliment his Vacheron quite well as they are both high end, similar size and dial, but still different. Like when they would wear there Speedmasters together. Similar with the Air King and Datejust. With the GMT (Gorgeous by the way) something similar, but at the same time with a slight variation, something like a dual time or a world time perhaps.

stephen rhodes says:

The new Grand Seiko Spring Drive would make an excellent addition to round things out. An SKX in his current collection just wouldn’t work i’m afraid.

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