The FERRARI of Watches??

Anna and Christian banter playfully (is it playful? Who really knows) to answer the question – WHAT is the Ferrari of watches! The Vacheron Constantin Historiques Chronograph or the Zenith El Primero??

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ANNA ( Videography):


Matthew Yee says:

I think the Nautilus moonphase perpetual is very Ferrari.

Jeffrey Green says:

I think a Richard Mille fits this comparison, maybe RM11-03.

William Berdine says:

That 1501 ……

Alexander Marquardt says:

Anna is more right than she knows: Ferrari is not THAT reliable and I would argue that its round and “shapieness” is more important than the tech. I also love that we (in the comments) debate this as if there was a right answer 😀

Daniel Pati says:

What watch is the Steven Seagal of watches?

derBoy says:

Dude No offence but if there is an question in the title I expect an anser in the Video.

redbird963 says:

Honestly, the aerodynamics, weight relieving and modern materials of a modern Ferrari remind me of watches from the likes of Richard Mille. Vintage Ferrari (on the other hand) reminds me of old Heuer chronographs.

keone nunes says:

Loved Anna’s reaction to you when you said you will own a Ferrari one day, lol.

Victor says:

Christian made the right argument pointing out that no one cares about a 40mm Vacheron chrono and even went as far as to mention a true “Ferrari” watch the Patek Philippe 5170 or 5070 chronos. But then he went and picked the Zenith chrono, a nice volvo at best.

luke roberts says:

Personally I would compare the royal oak directly to Ferrari, It is culturly important outside the watch world (as is ferrari outside of cars). The royal oak also rides the line of sport function and ultimate luxury, but leans on the more youthful vibrant style like a red ferrari, where as a 5711 would be more classical.

CAR57 says:

Marry her bruh!

Jose Casillas says:

Sorry Christian, she beat the pants off you. Better luck next time.

h h says:

The stock market is crashing that means rolex prices will crash next year.

Ricardo Russo says:

I don’t agree with none of your choices. They are no doubt great watches but they don’t have that status that Ferrari carries. It is at the same time the ultimate sports car brand to some and also a footballer’s tasteless car to others. I’d have chosen (as SleepEatDrive sugested) the Rolex Daytona, or any other Rolex for that matter. It’s the king of watches the same way that ferrari is the king of car makers. A ‘tasteless’ status symbol that only true watch geeks can fully apreciate

Bryan Hull says:

Ferrari is a brand so you should be talking watch brands not models. Heritage and performance is Ferrari and so I would say Rolex or Omega. Not totally high end, Bugatti = PP for example but high enough and with a great heritage and a long obtainable back catalogue.

Terry Tudor says:

It has to be a vintage Rolex Paul Newman Daytona. Pair that with a 1960s Ferrari California GT. Can’t go wrong.

charlie dunne says:

What is the White Bronco of watches?

The Zenith El Primero would be a Porsche 911.

Vacheron and Zenith both don’t get mainstream recognition like a ferrari would. It’s probably a Rolex Daytona because everyone wants one and can see it from a mile away.

Vincent Ong says:

Patek worldtime gold = honda civic

Roamy360 says:

Of course Porche Design is the Ferrari of watches unless Ferrari actually makes a watch. Just sayin.

Rumpsteak Lilith says:

Paul Newman Daytona

Ben Sona says:

The Royal Oak is closer to Ferrari than most watches. Ground breaking design and still maintains some vintage and historical appeal.
Modern Ferrari is more like Richard Mile.
Forget the Daytona. It was mostly a failure the better part of its life.

Srijan Tandon says:

Christian Zeron said Nobody gives a Shit about a Vacheron Constantin Historiques Chronograph ON A CHANNEL FULL OF WATCH GEEKS I AM FLIPPING OUT OHMYLORD

Thomas Heeley says:

Christian and Anna are 100% an item. And if you haven’t picked up on it yet buddy, at least half the reason she’s into this stuff is cause she’s into you and it shows

Neil Lucente says:

In terms of looks, the VC looks way more like a Ferrari. Once again, Anna displays her superior discernment.

Targa Florio says:

I’d like to think of the Panerai Radiomir as the Ferrari of watches. Elegant yet robust. Gorgeous curves. Striking. Exclusive, And handed out to Italian Navy officers during WWII. Nice discussion Christian and Anna.

JM Sullivan says:

The Zenith is a badass watch I’d never seen. Fun vid.

funforlife 88 says:

If only many people can afford Ferrari like they can afford Rolex Daytona.

funforlife 88 says:

Real Ferrari watches!

Sani Wada says:

I think the Ferrari of watches is Patek Philippe.

Imran Chowdhury says:

Ofcourse the Zenith has topped over the Vacharon. VC is rather a soft model like driving a Bentley or Aston Martin. But one thing is getting offensive and that is always appearing with Alchohol. Looks like you guys making your shows in a bar!!!

Zeitgeist says:

Those VCs are beautiful. However, IMO a louder, sportier watch is a better fit. I am thinking of RM, AP RO or golden PP sport models.

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