Talking Audemars Piguet 4100, Vacheron Constantin, & Rolex w/ Christian Zeron: IN THE METAL

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Christian dives into the 6 new watches listed on Theo & Harris!

In 1972, Audemars Piguet released, what was at its time, the greatest steel watch ever created. And this, the reference 4100 is a part of that rich history. Its integrated bracelet is not only tight but original in its finishing, the thick bevels that define its case have eluded the polishing wheel and its bezel has gone virtually un-nicked. I have held quite a few Royal Oaks but this example, this reference 4100, is “take your breath away” good. At a fraction of the price of its predecessors, it represents tremendous value and on the wrist, its a dream.

This example, a vintage Powermatic in steel, is certainly no exception. In fact, it’s one of the most interesting LeCoultre’s I’ve ever owned. See the red window at 12? That’s a power reserve indicator and it lets its owner (and the world) know exactly how wound it is and how much longer it will run, without being charged. Since, it is an automatic watch and you’d never run out of power with it on the wrist, the function itself isn’t nearly as useful as it is interesting but still, it’s something that separates this watch from the pack. It makes it all the more complicated, beautiful and desirable.

The Cellini, like this stunning reference 5112, is a sleeping gem. It’s cased in 18k yellow gold, decorated with a minimalist champagne dial and powered by a decorated manual wind Rolex movement – it’s everything a truly fine dress watch should be and nothing more. Whether beneath the cuff of a blue oxford shirt or french cuff, it will never absolutely never fail to impress.

I mean, wow. This is the stuff vintage watch dreams are made of – its gold, automatic, warmed by rosey accents on its silver dial and at the forefront, we’ve got broad dauphine hands. This Seamaster DeVille epitomizes the timeless taste of the Mad Men type – the gentlemen who felt that a truly impressive wristwatch was an absolute necessity.

It’s a vintage Rolex reference 1802 in yellow gold with a champagne tritium dial. This Rolex Day-Date dates to 1971 and frankly, it’s a model of condition. Its extremely rare smooth bezel (which is what separates it from the typical Day date fare) is without a scratch or nick and beyond that, it gives the entire watch a more supple aesthetic.

When I began to explore the world of vintage ultra-fine dress watches, I found a mecca of undervalued watches by Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and, more than all, Vacheron Constantin. Now, they’re not easy to come by, but the almost absurd amount of punch they pack per dollar makes them well worth hunting for. I am more than proud to be offering this beautiful reference 6515 here for you to admire so please, enjoy!



ryvr madduck says:

I’ve not seen a DayDate without the fluted bezel. Ok, if I went DayDate I would try to find this one, one without fluting. That smooth bezel is so below the radar. Too bad I really don’t like traditional dress watches. I find my Daytona steel black dial classic is just a dressy as any gold President.

KillerQueen says:

Hey Christian, where did you get that metal bracelet from?

freddy freddy says:

definitely a game step up this week. what is the diameter of that Royal Oak?

Phillip Zhong says:

Why is AP in there lol

Tizoc Sagoyewatha says:

Nice set of watches. But the Royal Oak–I’ve never been impressed. In fact, I think it’s a fugly watch. Very cold and brutalist in design. It lacks charm and grace; it lacks humanity. It is a watch that a robot would wear, like the Terminator.

ShaggyBox says:

Beautiful video. Keep up the great content!

RJ_86 says:

Absolutely amazing picks Christian ! That Cellini is to small for me, but it’s stunning..

DominationRD says:

This, I have to say, is your best selection yet. Well done

Fat Boab says:

Did I spy hipster jars in that video? I won’t pretend I’m not disappointed but I shall forgive.

MALIBUMAN666 says:

Why would you drink wine out of a jam jar? What next tea from a casserole dish? Milk from a vase? Whisky from a thimble? F**king hipsters! 🙂

Eric Nielsen says:

Like some Hublot-belted boxer says, ‘step yo GAME up’ – nicely done.

Brittonmadcap says:

Wow! Impressive offerings this week. I’d say a higher-end bottle of wine will be well-deserved by the weekend. Keep up the awesome work!

Cam M. says:

Holy crap that is an impressive mix. Well done!

gmshadowtraders says:

Let me guess…. these are now ALL sold? lol as usual. Nice presentation, and very beautiful pieces. Luckily for me I go eBay for my vintage purchases, so I have at least a few days notice to up the bid accordingly and acquire something of value but it’s never an easy thing.

Sir Alfred Powell says:

Christian, I’ve been browsing fre3fly’s Soundcloud and can’t find that song you use in your videos.
As always, amazing watches this week.


Whats up with that ap logo. One second its gold the next second its black

LLD says:

Great vid and awesome collection this week guys!! Some real stunners….Sadly your site is down ATM to observe pics and pricing. THAT AP is crispy!

ConRon says:

Damn! What a lineup

Daniel Agung says:

Ah love the cellini man!

Zeph Deyu says:

What is up watch fam?! Have a great week ahead!

Mad Stevens says:

that annoying guy is so in love. with himself.

Nicks says:

Christian it’s “awdemar” not “a-demar”. Had to say it now I’ve heard you pronounce it like that for the 20th time.

Ariaditya Pramestu says:

If i talked to my dad or uncle with that finger pointing gestures like that i would get ass whooped.

Ben Thompson says:

Cannot wait to wear my new ADDemars Piguet to WimbleTon 😉

Clyve says:

Sitting down drinking with your dad every week, and not one phistphight yet?  What’s it like, not being Irish?

Wongsarun Chatamornwong says:

I love how the AP bracelet can stand on itself. Shiny, dressy, sporty, and tough at the same time. That is a masterpiece

14Rolex11 says:

one of the best weeks, I love them all!

Thomas Heeley says:

This channel has that x factor man, keep it up 🙂

Thesaus 974 says:

That ceiling though ! amazing watch

aeroengg says:

Awesome videos…enjoy your channels. Keep it up man!

JO A says:

Thank you very much for a great show, liked the dress watches.

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