STUPID CHOICES – Vacheron vs Roger Dubuis – Buying unsalable watches in a bad market

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JohnstonPettigrew says:

Puto, can you recommend a 6 foot ladyboi hooker that strolls on Sukhumvit on the Nana Nua side who has a small brown penish ………we have seen you with one (heshe) and would like you to confirm………the hooker market is soft in BKK, so we’ve heard you can pick one up for 650 Thai Baht……….????

ETO YA says:

Roger Dubious ?!!!!  Some fucking expert you are !!!! Can’t even pronounce a brand !!!!! All you fucking know is OMEGA SPEEDMASTER MAN ON THE FUCKING MOOOOOON !!!!!! Pathetic. Fucking pathetic.

valebliz says:

Always the same 4 fucking watches. Come on Archie someone buys watches because he likes them, if you want to invest buy stocks for fuck sake.

Greg Mieg says:

Youre losing touch mate. Some watches are bought to be worn and enjoyed. Your mediocre watches can be sold.

Amintas Neto says:

Roger Duuuu-buuuuu-issssss
Another great word for the Archie’s dictionary of high horology

Aria Kowsarian says:

The s in Dubuis is not pronounced archie, when are you going yo learn how to pronounce brand names

Aria Kowsarian says:


W19 ELY says:

He really puts no thought into these videos anymore, why not suggest a dress/casual style Rolex like a 114300? Instead you suggest he buys a GMT or a bluesy?

Darthibald Vaderfield says:

What’s dubious is the orientation of the 9. And the orientation of, well, you know who…

Kerwin Go says:


Honk your head horns says:

all your watches are unsaleable. for god sake, only extremely rich snobs wear these watches, and they aren’t looking for used ones. they want em new. you’re an idiot for buying any of the watches you own. have fun living under a bridge.

John Gentile says:

what the fuck is it with this guy – he calls himself an expert and he constantly mispronounces the names of watch brands!

Mad Man says:

the vacheron is beautiful and yet half the price of your patek dog

James Gatz says:

Why not just buy a watch for yourself, and not for the sole purpose of being sold at a later time?

AH H says:

Don’t listen to fat boy, he has no idea – both great pieces and absolute classics

jj lad says:

Dubuis: Doob – wee

Frank Castle says:

door number one crap Door Number 2 s***

Lycosa says:


Anaz Mister says:

Archie is partially right. However if you really like the watch try and get a used one and get it at under the cheapest used retail on Chrono24 by posting on some Facebook groups that you’re after this watch. Think like a trader and you’ll get a good deal especially if the market is soft. I tend to stick with investment watches which I can cash in at anytime at at least what I paid for them. Sometimes you just love a watch so much for design the investment case goes out the window. Every watch has a price it’s a compelling deal at – you just got to pick the right price point.

Salvador Garcia says:

Roger dubuis Sympathy 18k 40mm Used about 6000 sterling.

Greg Mieg says:

Archie no longer has any validity in his opinions

Alexander Grant says:

Fuck mate sort that pronunciation out. Secondly, nows the perfect time to buy one of these because they’re softer models- not everyone buys a watch and flips it in 6 months!

JDave Foster says:

Nice one Archie, great vid.

Eduardo Pascual says:

Archie I love the Vacheron in black dial….

Jake Roth says:

Advice on an Quai de l’ile from a guy who doesn’t have the vaguest idea on how to pronounce the words. Give that stereotype of a poser $20 for sure! A broke middle aged man buying things he can’t afford, hoping that he’ll be mistaken for someone of means.

Roc Bottom says:

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Dude! What the fuckall??? You recommend a Type XX? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

mt89 says:

why the hell would anyone get a watch from RD… pure shitter

Zeddington says:


W19 ELY says:

Please don’t listen to the pontiff when it comes to watch brands that he doesn’t know how to pronounce. These are both great watches, If it was my own money I would buy a JLC Master control

Project Patina says:

“Kwa De Le!” . . . It’s pronounced, “Kay deal”. It means “island dock”.

buddyb 5555 says:

Roger Dubious! lol phist me dead! Both of these options destroy most Rolexes. Such beautiful designs.

Sam S says:

Buy what you like. VC is something you pass on. Don’t listen to this ass.

Victory2571 says:

yeaaaaa intro is back

ejohnbaluyot says:

that vacheron piece is nice. he’s a buyer so it’s wise to buy when it’s low.

Chris Lowe says:

Some of these comments make me laugh, I think some people are so keen to slag you off as they miss the joke, DUuuBIOUS,another classic Archie , great vid.

mac daddy says:

So Archie’s advice for you is to NOT buy the watch that YOU actually want, rather buy what is easy to resell. Then why bother to even buy one in the first place? So the next time I go buy anything, such as a new car, rather than get what I actually want, I will go buy a boring Toyota Prius because that is the car with the easiest resale. I don’t think so Archie. Life is wayyyyy too short to buy boring things. Bottom line folks…buy what makes YOU happy.

Miss Information says:

Vacheron is horrible… let’s be honest, they’re just like Breguet, living off the glory of days of old. At least Breguet doesn’t list their watches at a fucking ridiculous price, though still costing more than it’s worth on the market. Who in their right mind would pay so much for a watch that’s going to absolutely tank in value in a couple of years? I mean sure, if you’re a billionaire and like their watches you can buy them without a care, but you’ll still be throwing money in the mud. NO ONE is going to buy your Vacheron off you for even close to what you payed for it unless they are as stupid and uneducated as you were when you bought it. My advice, spend as much money as you like on luxury watches but if you aren’t ridiculously wealthy, invest into models that have at least some sort of liquidity and value retainment. I personally wouldn’t go near anything that isn’t selling well on the used market and like fatso says, stick to Patek Philippe and Rolex because everything else is worth shit these days.

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