Special Calendar Watches put on auction

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In this last episode of videos dedicated to the next Phillips, Bacs & Russo auction held this weekend in Geneva we focus on 4 different calendar watches with again each time a particular story attached to them.

These watches range from Omega, Rolex, Patek Philippe and finally a Vacheron Constantin, which holds a minute repeater function as well.

But now this series is finished I promise and can’t wait to see what results will be achieved in a few days.


toobmeij says:

any idea what kind of strap the omega and patek are on? it looks like a very nicely made suede but i cant find it anywhere!

Robin Bee TV says:

Does anyone have pictures of the other platinum 3448 with the Sapphire indexes? I can’t find anything, thanks!

Peking Psyduck says:

Gramatik ftw

Giorgio Cloni says:

Great video in an amazing series for watch enthusiasts!
These watches are stunning, especially the Vacheron Constantin and the Patek Philippe.
I also appreciate that Mr Bacs digresses talking about cars, I personally think that Porsche and Rolex (Daytona) is a perfect binomial

Eric Gorter says:

did you see this one? oh my goodness

Drawing watches says:

I could listen to Aurel Bacs talk for hours. Awesome story teller! 🙂

Leozebios Thor says:

Any chances we can watch the auction online?

EBITDA says:

The persian Omega… OMG

Alvin Aw says:

Wow……that omega look really good

Raul Acuña Bejarano says:

Incredible watches. Maybe Mr. Biver will bid on the Patek! 😉

Andrew Holt says:

Very interesting to see the watches close up with detailed descriptions of their features by the the most successful and knowledgeable auctioneer of modern times.

Amintas Neto says:

Amazing pieces!
Thanks for sharing such amazing closeups from these beauties Marc!!

Mete Gürer says:

Who are you interviewing ?

Legendus says:

Great series.. !!

Abhilash Sagi says:

It’s a very big auction house and they know what they are doing. He’s a big man, knows his facts well. Just for conversation sake, it was not a good feeling watching him play with those invaluable timepieces with his bare hands when the auction is just around the corner. It would have looked awesome if he showed these watches with some gloves on. They are all high horologie timepieces and the rightful owners can play with them as they want..just my 2 cents. But the video itself, short N crisp, & no-nonsense as always…cheers

Nadie says:

That Vacheron¡¡ IMO, compared with the plethora of rolexes and pateks, Vacheron deserves the most prestigious position in the world of haute horlogerie, and, for that price, this refined, charming and subtle perpetual calendar minute repeater is a bargain.

Ariaditya Pramestu says:

That vc… Amazing

gmshadowtraders says:

With the sanctions now impending on Iran I assume with immediate effect, do you think the auction for that Omega will be allowed to go ahead?


So, this is Biver’s 3448?

Manuel Miguel says:

it’s like i don’t want this video to end…..

Michael Andersen says:

Holy moly, awesome watches. That Rolex is truly a beauty!

Faris Al Amoudi says:

That is actually Arabic/Persian numerals, Although Arabic and Farisi(Persian) share some common words, they are two different languages… I can read it because I’m Arab =D

Lovely Video, especially the tan Vacheron strap watch!!

SpaghettiKillah says:

His calm, soothing voice is perfect for background watch history lecture while I work 😀
Amazing work from both Marc & Aurel !
This channel has become one of my favs

Kev Panton says:

No. 4 by Vacheron Constantin… Just perfect IMHO.

Michael Mouse says:

Aurel Bacs is a superb auctioneer/commentator, who has that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ quality.

Kristen Sorensen says:

Proof that collectors have more money than brains!

Thoughts, Ideas, and what? says:

That CV! I don’t know what it is about the brand, but I really love their watches!! That minute repeater is just beautiful! At a price above $100K, as with all MRs, it is well out of my price range 🙁 i am still waiting for that one VC that captures my heart **and** is within my budget – it may never happen 😉

Roberto Sánchez says:

What a great compilation of upcoming Aurel Bac’s auctions

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