REFERENCE 57260 – The Most Complicated Watch Ever Made – Vacheron Constantin

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For 260 years, the passion of great collectors has been meeting the will of Vacheron Constantin to push the limits of horological excellence.

Reference 57260, bearing the Hallmark of Geneva, is a double-dial horological masterwork of hitherto unimaginable complication and technical innovation. It has been conceived over a period of eight years by a team of three of the company’s master watchmakers.

Made using the classic principles of watchmaking, along with resolutely 21st-century thinking, this watch is an entirely original creation exhibiting a total of 57 complications, several of which are entirely new and unique. The new complications that were required to be incorporated including, among others the multiple calendars and double retrograde rattrapante chronograph, had never previously existed and therefore had to be calculated, designed, and developed from scratch, thus a completely new calibre of movement. Furthermore, the mechanisms of the more familiar complications have been modified, reinterpreted, and redesigned.

The conception and realization of the Reference 57260 watch has required not only a huge leap of imagination, but also an exceptional level of mathematical understanding and craftsmanship. The successful completion of this watch in the 260th anniversary year sets a new benchmark in horology. In addition, the legacy of research and skills developed during its construction is the greatest contribution to the advancement of mechanical watchmaking since the 1920s, indeed in the history of measuring time. The Reference 57260 watch takes its place in a proud lineage of exceptional creations that punctuate history, in particular the history of art, which often stem from the encounter between a major collector who commissions them and the expertise of an artist or a great Maison.


thunderball21789 says:

don’t have words

The Terrible Puddle says:

King Farouk, the man with the largest porn collection

Mitchell Izower says:

This is amazing and I want to know who bought it.

German Escamilla says:

amazing watch..and beauty..!!!!!

Ammar Jan says:

Infidel watch xD

Terry Foster says:

Yea but does it have a neon glowing light that lights up when you push the button?    UH HUUIUUUUUUUUUUU

youpeka says:


Yeffrey Chaverra says:

Que belleza!

Nice Guy says:

“Báu vật” của thời gian!

Jaya JCD Lewis says:

Truly, astonishing…..

hieu nguyen says:


OneHundredPoints says:

What is the price of this monster watch? 1 billion euro?

Andrei Andrei says:

Amazing watch ❤️❤️❤️

TheRausing1 says:

beautiful promotion for an incredible achievement. well done

mister bombastik says:

Тю бля у меня на телефоне те же функции есть…Маркетинговое наибалово

AJ R says:

Where can I get it and how much is it?

Pok Wai Yip says:

I never get bored when I watch it

Viswa Retnasingam Rajalingam says:

Avante Garde

Yeffrey Chaverra says:

Que belleza!

Dima Karpov says:

Alexander II is Emperor not Czar

M G Horvath says:

Mind boggling, time to start saving up! haha.

Prasanna Abeykoon says:

A real complication!

daisyroots says:

I’ll just write you a check…

Girom Christian Calica says:

Bet Patek Philippe ain’t got shit to beat this

Abhishek Srivastava says:

Take that PP

Michael W says:

It’s not a watch. Simply it’s a clock. You can’t wear it on the wrist and it’s heavier than en elephant. Fantastic achievement, but not a watch. In my eyes the 5175R still wins

Fe Sant says:

Congratulations to Vacheron Constantin.To say that this Watch (or clock) is Amazing, Fantastic… is not enough.

ClockMaster2013 says:

Holy Mother of freaking God………. a masterpiece :,)

vijara chakra says:

Jew watch

Waleed Rezq says:


Paapa Nimako-Dankwah says:

So beautiful. Almost made me cry

Robin Singh says:

Very nice

Lukas T says:

I am literally moved to tears. This is so beautiful.

tailcruncher annmo says:

для бункера , чтоли ,, готовятся

felix crab says:

the cost of a service on this must be nuts!

Li Fang Huang says:


Denys Zalis'kyy says:

что такое взрыв мыслей???
это придумать такую механику…

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