Patek Philippe – Vacheron Constantin or Audemars Piguet ? Wildcard Wednesday with Tim and Federico

Patek Philippe – Vacheron Constantin or Audemars Piguet ? Wildcard Wednesday with Tim and Federico

In today’s show Tim and Federico talk about three often underappreciated watches from brand in the holy trinity of watchmaking. Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars piguet. The Patek Philippe Gondolo, Vacheron Constantin 1972 and the Audemars Piguet Millenary. They then go on the discuss the lack of collaboration between watchmaking brands and motorcycle brands, which would seem strange because automative collaborations are plentiful!

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BiMoTa….. MB&F







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Ahmed Attar says:

Only 29k subscribers are interested in true horology watches, while the rest wear Apple watches!

Tim Case says:

Honda-Grand Seiko, Harley-Rolex

nilespj007 says:

Tim….your “The Wraith” reference…..incredible, but more importantly spot-on

david rektham says:

harley davidson has to be rolex! utilitarian, big known name, english (I mean rolex is from england) and its also used for great quality

Henry Yang says:

Hi Tim, I would love your advice on something. I have been looking at the Royal Oak Chronograph with the rose gold case and leather strap and the Patek Chronograph 5980r with the strap. What do you recommend?

Froggy Frog 9000 says:

Vacheron all the way baby.

UXXV says:

Possibly due to motorcycle sales being a niche and down over the past decade plus not being seen as luxury compared to Ferrari, Bentley etc. A top Yamaha R1M is £19,000 here in the UK. The ultimate machine. So the same price as an AP Royal Oak blue dial. Also you cant wear a mechanical watch on a motorcycle due to A) vibration and B) risk of damage in an accident to both wrist and watch. I’d say Honda and Tag would be better matched, Rolex in normal circles is seen as the pinnacle whereas Honda in normal circles is seen as pedestrian and their Fireblade SP2 doesnt touch the Yam or Suzi’s. And Im a Tudor Fastrider Black Shield owner with a Suzuki GSXR750 L1 🙂

Seadweller 77 says:

I do have a closet full of watch boxes!!!!

ezio auditore says:

Honestly the top 3 watch making brands no doubt

Lee McDonald says:

Great show guys, you really need to the car show though! Get on it!

Steven UK1 says:

Excellent review.. Re Smartwatches, shame about Pebble, they were the first.. and a great value product. The Apple Watch is very good and doen’t present a threat to the mechanical industry at all, its a different product. Tag’s ‘Connected’ isn’t going to work and could damage the brand. Tag needs to evaluate their product range and designs quickly.. like Breitling.. or the next 2 years is going to get harder for them. Of course, just my opinion…

Daniel Katz says:

Lots of fun, right to the last quick answer from Tim on JLC,,,,,,,,

Roger Paris says:

Great show tonight. You guys are the best pairing and the most interesting.

DaOneJoel says:

MATT FARRAH yes please!

Peter Kim says:

I have a Garmin smart watch, and I passed on buying a G-Shock. It’s just hard to justify, when they are similar in many ways, and you can measure your fitness. I also have other beater quartz sport watches, which work better for other activities. So I agree that the quartz watch market might take a hit, but it might not be as big as you think.

Reggie Dwane says:

quartz watch will never go away any guy i know only knows quartz watches way to many skaters and surfers, now they make too many very good quartz watches got a rip curl watch here and it looks very nice and its built tough and got a killer strap what bothers me is that must watch guys have this implanted hatred for quartz watches, which is a thing created by the swiss watch companies in my opinion , but the poison has been spread …….

Ezra I says:

I think that management at MV have been watching too much Highlander.

W Snider says:

What is it about Bremont watches that I rarely see articles or videos about them, except when talking about their deals with other companies (Jaguar, America’s Cup, etc.)? Are they not considered a quality watchmaker?

Love the show! So glad I found this channel.

eatabagel says:

Great show! Re: smartwatches replacing quartz watches, I don’t think they will necessarily do so. THere is still going to be a market for something like a Timex Weekender, I think. But if smart watch makers are able to make something that looks as unintrusive as a Weekender then perhaps they may have a chance. For this reason, watches like Skagen Connected or Withings Activite may have more of an impact than those Android Wear watches, or even the Apple Watch..

Tom Hung says:

Sorry guys! Came back late today and missed the live chat. Tim, I own VC Overseas Blue(Previous Generation) and loved it! VC may be less known among the Trinity but is certainly one of the greatest watch maker!!!

COLLABERATORZ Sean Huang says:

Tim, you hit the nail on the head about the dislikes of the number 4 on the dials, in east Asia.(number 4 is an omen, meaning death) And I’ve always been surprise why watchmakers don’t take that into account when designing watches.
For example, the AP Royal Oak has always been a main seller in Asia. One reason is because of the ‘octo’ theme of the watch.( 8 is the lucky number in Asia) But when AP released the Offshores with the number 4 clearly visible on the dials and the lack of number 8 because they put the sub-dial over it, nobody would wanna touch that watch.
And that shows us once again that you are a true expertise in the business. If I was a head of a watch company, you’d definitely my choice for CEO.

Ryan Doppelganger says:

haha..good show tonight. Love the Memovox pic in the back.

Amintas Neto says:

Very fun show guys.
Tim, speaking about VC what are your thoughts about the Historiques line?
a) American 1921
b) Cornes de vache 1955
c) None of above? 😉


edu danel says:

Hey Tim, great video. I am just a bit confused about the escapement of a movement. What does it mean FREE SPRUNG BALANCE, and how does it work in the balance wheel. Thanks!

Ariaditya Pramestu says:

nice show. that temporary background has been there quite long as “temporary”. you guys should have a different format involving more than 2 sources at the same time.

Philip A Winged says:

Love the show guys, nothing better than seeing this on the sub feed. No watch channel can keep up!

Michael Vetsch says:

This was real good and funny!

Ryan Jones says:

Great show! That was hilarious about the watch boxes and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Karan Castelino says:

Great show Tim and Fred, Thanks.

Rdog785 says:

thanks for this informative and entertaining episode, gentlemen.

E Sigal says:

How about Harley Davidson and Shinola?

DaOneJoel says:

I’d say Honda and Citizen.

Hon Sum Brodthage says:

Watch boxes 🙂 that made my day!

valebliz says:

Well MV Agusta can claim to be 2 wheels Ferrari when 1) they can win some race like 50 years ago, kinda helps the credibility along uh? 2) they can put out bikes that actually passed the beta testing stage.

Regarding Honda/Rolex i have to disagree. It’s not the ’90 anymore and Honda became a bit lazy with its bikes, especially the CBR line… almost every other Jap manufacture have higher end options and more technology, the europeans even more. The holy trinity right now in liter bikes is 1299, new R1 and S1000RR and i think we can all agree on that, and i’d add RSV4 to that. I’d concede that, for road use, the CBR is not a bad bike because it’s not as extreme as those other options, but hey, we are talking supersports here. The standard for “brand snobs” I’d say it’s BMW today, the S1000RR is the new Rolex sub of supersports. Anyway if you want to ride on to road and you are not only a wannabe weekend rider you want an high bar. I’m fine with my KTM 1290r, like i was fine with my Speed Triple R before…

Tyler Peacock says:

I will never want a smart watch, this makes my head hurt!

M Fenimore says:

BMW should go to Ball watch…they already have a partnership!

fernando sanchez says:

Brough Superior and Greubel Forsey. Ultimate exclusivity and luxury.

Francis Polius says:

Great show tonight!!

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