Is the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Better Than the Patek Philippe Nautilus? | ASKTNH LIVE

In today’s episode of ASKTNH LIVE, Christian discusses the Vacheron Constantin Overseas vs the Patek Philippe Nautilus, and some of your other questions LIVE on Instagram (@theoandharris)!!

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Richard Atkinson says:

Yup i think VC probably is a better proposition the multistrap provision tips the balance for me

dp says:

Painful to watch

Stainless Steel says:

The Nautilus is the grail watch for every serious watch collectors.
Vacheron is just another good and well executed watch… but if you have to choose TAKE THE NAUTILUS !!!, even at 60k to get it at second hand market… it’s a way better choice. You won’t loose money. Paid mine 40k, sold it for 50k… now I regret… 🙁

Publius Velocitor says:

Good God, it’s no contest whatsoever. The Vacheron Constantin is a million times better. Have you seen both in person? The VC is so fine. The Patek looks outdated, and just completely outclassed by the VC.

ivan kerr says:

Great subject matter. The VC is vastly superior in both looks and quality to the Patek. The Nautilus is just so dated and boring looking watch. If it wasn’t of such obvious quality you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a cheap looking Chinese designed watch, it’s that bad. I have tried both on my wrist . The overseas is stunning and on the secondary market is great value especially compared to the over inflated Patek market The same can be said for Ap. Let’s face it Ap with the Royal Oak is a one watch company all be it a very successful one.

Jeremy Flynn says:

To be fair the nautilus and the overseas retail for relatively the same price. There’s roughly a 5 grand difference. You practically kick your wallet in the nuts for not waiting for the nautilus. And ever since Richemont bought out Vacheron there has been a dip in quality. On top of that Patek pledges to service your watch no matter how old it is or what it needs. The nautilus is simply better and I feel the market directly reflects that.

stephen rhodes says:

Oh hell yes.

Cowboy Rider says:

Vacheron all the way, very cool and beautiful watch.

Faisal Alibrahim says:

I got a 40th birthday gift from my wife and it was a brand new from the AD Vacheron Constantin overseas dual time, steel w a blue dial, and the peice of crap stopped moving in the first month! We got a refund , i dont believe in VC anymore..Rolex all the way!!

economixxxx says:

Santos. Rest are garbage

Naren Reddy says:

Vacheron constantin overseas chronograph blue dial is 1000% better looking than Patek Philippe Nautilus

Watches Sneakers says:

My next watch might just be the VC Overseas…like the round case and full polish better

jharris947 says:

SEIKO? GRAND SEIKO? CREDOR? Oh yes, they have a big brand problem.

Neuro says:

I vote for the overseas…so sick of the Nautilus

mohammad amin says:

Vacheron Constantin Oldest and founder of the Haute Horology . It`s Royal Heritage is unmatched by pp . only early seventies pp started to gain more publicity due to more advertisement .

mohammad amin says:

Vacheron Constantin. Oldest Haute Horology member with Greatest Royal Heritage .

Tomasina Covell says:

“Coming into Newark airport. Get right on the Pulaski, pal. Don’t look down…” ~ Max Payne 3

mrg1911 says:

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas is the ONLY High-End Watch I would buy…..and prefer it to PP, AP, etc….

Vertigo says:

Those hi-beat movements tho.

Maru Leonida says:

Does that Rolex 1601 you are wearing have hacking second’s hand? TYIA.

John Lee says:

The biggest problem with Patek Philippe Nautilus range is that once you hold it or wear it, it simply does not feel like a AUS $35-60k watch. It’s feels too delicate to the point of almost feeling flimsy (for lack of better words). Looking at the dial of the basic Nautilus makes you wonder where your $35k went, bracelet feels like Omega Speedmaster or equivalent. Nothing wrong with the Speedmaster, but it is problematic at Nautilus’ price range. All VC Overseas models have weight and sturdiness to them and the stainless steel bracelet is hands down one of the most comfortable to wear – although I think the previous version of the bracelet was better than the new one. The blue dial of new Overseas is stunning in person, it is almost hypnotic.

VC Overseas, or an A. Lange & Sohne is def better than current line up of Nautilus.

Richard Bonanno says:

VC is kinda struggling now. I love their watches but resale is very terrible for them.

Rome Levant says:

hold up, does Christian have an anger management issue?

iwantmoney10 says:

This guy probably has the tightest traps in the world the way he constantly has elevated shoulders in excitement.

Captain Zed says:

Don’t apologize about Seiko as most of what you say is straight up truth

vic proctor says:

Lol @4:56…helicopter or jet?

DG B says:

Why do this guy hates Seiko?

fernando sanchez says:

Rappers can not pronounce Vacheron Constantin. Ignorance sells.

Jeff1809 says:

Vacheron Constantin needs more attention honestly…every rich guy wearing patek and ap not even knowing that VC exists..amazing history, amazing quality and compared to a patek a real bargain haha 😀

Arab Myself says:

4:59 jajajaajajaaja

Charlie Dunne says:

Next Week’s Rant T&H: Why Christian Hates United Airlines

Andrew Steel says:

I like the aesthetics of the VC better. It’s a Opinion.

Mateusz ALéS says:

Fuck me, Christian you’re more anointing to watch/listen then Archie.

Dale Taylor Jr. says:

I was gifted a Pulsar Watch by my grandparents when I was a teen. I had no idea I was a tank homage until just a few years back. I enjoyed the design then so in know I’d enjoy a real tank now. Thanks again for another solid q&a.

Arab Myself says:


The Young Watchery says:

christian would know a thing or two about stretch if you know what I’m saying…. just kidding… btw feel the same about Cartier!!

Carlos Tab says:

You speak so much about wear/size/etc. You should know that the Overseas wear huge. You would probably not like it.

Zeitgeist says:

Vacheron watches are stunning pieces. They just do not get enough presence to pop up on the radars.

Joseph DeSimone says:


Club Soda says:

Great talent. He should have his own talk show

EJ Trinidad says:

Overseas vs Nautilus @ 8:20 area. You’re welcome

The Young Watchery says:

Oh and loved how u talked about brand identity and its importance …. I hope that resonates with all the people that think seiko is the best watchmaker because it produces quality affordable watches. Not trying to start a fight, but the value and meaning of brand identity is overlooked and misunderstood if not plainly neglected by many watch enthusiasts.

James Duffy says:

How would you compare the lower-end basic bitch luxury options from PP and VC (and ALS)? I am likely to only get one of either the Calatrava, Patrimony, or Saxonia in my ever-shortening lifetime and dainty dress watches are my bread and butter.

Ian Alminger says:

You will fucking always have a question about Seiko.

It's O.K to be a straight white alpha male! says:



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