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Watchmaking can be a little unadventurous at times, a little safe. Outside the realms of companies like MB&F and Urwerk, it’s not often that a watch brand takes a risk with something unusual. Every now and then, however, something unexpected happens. Whether the accountant was off sick or simply wasn’t paying attention, sometimes a designer gets something through the system that’s a bit more interesting. Here are five examples.

Featured Watches:
Bell & Ross BR01-92 Horizon
Cartier Tank Basculante W1011358
Vacheron Constantin Complications Classique Saltarello Jump Hour 43040/000P-19
Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Snoopy Award 3578.51.00
Hublot Big Bang Dark Jeans 301.CI.2770.NR.JEANS

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jay vee says:

I’d love to see a video about the Junghans Max Bill

Happy Wanderer says:

I’d love to see a review of the gorgeous MeisterSinger Single Hand Watch

Android 360 says:

Hi guys this is the time we help each other in YouTube. SUBSCRIBE ME I WILL SUBSCRIBE YOU BACK FOR SURE 🙂

Philip Garmann says:

Please showcase the watches of the artist Victor IV – those are either counter clockwise, double speed, flipped or a any combination of the three

M H says:

Surely the Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945 Jackpot Tourbillon must feature here? In general not enough about GP on this channel given their heritage and pedigree.

Jimbob84141 says:

Jewellery for men 😀

zed star says:

Please review mondaine

James haury says:

TRINTEC did the first instrument styled watches.

Yasser Masood says:

Why people buy expensive watch? Why not to buy a cheap watch which tells time? It’s the time which is important not the watch. I think…

Shafayatul Amin says:

can anyone tell which camera that is at the beginning of the video? Excuse my irrelevance

Italo Sales Amaral says:

Corum Tabogan is missing!!

Luke Skywalker says:

Ive got an hourglass on my wrist

Božo Mihajlović says:

Second one my goood!

tom fern says:

Omega seamaster with ceramic bezel and latest Rolex submariner would be nice to watch (pardon the pun)

falsidical says:

The presenter talks like he’s never actually OWNED a pair of jeans.

anurag p.d says:

Check out 7th Friday watchers

Gavin Reddig says:

The last watch is made out of Micarta basically it’s when you glue a bunch of cloth materials together and it makes a block of Micarta

Masters Mr says:

Bell&Ross What hapens if you unscrew the “Do not unscrew” screw?

john doe says:

Put on some white gloves! Stop touching those watches with your greasy mits!

ChawenHalo 008 says:

How about an first gen Rado ceramic?

Awab alhosary says:

Mont Blanc nicolas riesseic. How the dial moves instead of the pin.

Xiang Fan says:

that is why I never lay my eyes on Hublot, because they only make ugly watches.

Rakesh Patil says:

Favre Leuba should’ve been on that list…

Daniel Iancu says:

being wrist watch lovers I give you and this channel a big big like

Argatar says:

Actually, “Basculante” is Romanian (and plural) for dump trucks, as in the trucks with a hinged bed. So it does kinda make sense.

Ariaditya Pramestu says:

Where is sevenfriday watch?

Abdul Wajid says:

TAG Heuer 1

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