Complete Restoration of a circa 1900 Vacheron Constantin Minute Repeater Pocketwatch

Osvaldo and Joe from share the staggering amount of exacting craftsmanship involved in fully restoring this rare and exquisite timepiece to flawless condition.

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Andrzej Strzelecki says:

Now that are men with hearts on the right place! I love passion..

Henry Noble says:

Is that paully d the horologist?

guitartec says:

I enjoyed this vid. Very cool!

Waltham1892 says:

Pure irony…or envy.

I’m a hobbyist, I can only dream of having those tools and that kind of skill…

Dave Lister says:

I used to hand build circuit boards for Israeli information devices, can I get a job?

RJSoftware2000 says:

The part of this video that you did not see is the one where a spring jumped out and the watch repair guy crawling on his knees looking for it


Where he dumped the whole movement in vinegar solution in ultrasonic to remove the rust, then ammonia to neutralize the vinegar, then a quick bath of alcohol, then a bath of ligher fluid followed by a little hair dryer action

and Whaa laaa, it ran like a champ…!!!

Adrian Georgescu says:

@freedomforall3 Even better. If a surgeon makes a cut a little too large, it’s not a problem, because people heal. Clocks don’t. 😀

greyfever says:

Actually this kind of thing would be reliant on the condition of the watch in question, if it was this one, a rusted minute repeater, i’d say someone spent at least $10K on that restoration

zorky101 says:

Lovely piece.

Bladenball says:

its a relfection of his patience of long years of working in that field.
or he smokes pot.

livefastandforever says:

But….will it blend??

Andrea Camilleri says:

any other watches that bells like this please?

Waltham1892 says:

Whats the big deal? A dip-and-swish, a few drips of WD-40, and you are good to go…

(The above was intended as irony. Void where prohibited by law).

The Lalilulelo says:

How much did it cost to restore it, haha if it cost more than the watch itself I would laugh as hell

someusername121 says:

Depending on parts, it can be $1000+ to have a restoration like this done. I spent $300 alone to have a modern watch overhauled, but that also included getting all the scuffs out of the bracelet.

Daniel Gunawan says:

Im gonna cry

Vivienne Pierce says:

You guys do great work. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us.

etcrobb says:

Pure talent. I am a photographer by trade and I can hand hold my camera for a 30 second exposure but there is no way I could remember where all the pieces go. You and your staff are truly gifted in their skills. Thanks for the post.

Horolograph says:

I’m very impressed that you are able to make a balance staff AND restore it with a Breguet overcoil spring. Well done!

frmacleod says:

If someone ever asks you why your watch costs a few grand just link them to this video.

m0t3ki says:

u mean few hundred grand. lol

TheV8mad says:

Master craftsmen at work and a truly fine watch saved from a fate worse than death.

Virgil Petrisor says:

I love how the master craftsman is working on a 1900 Vacheron Constantin Minute Repeater Pocketwatch wearing a quartz watch himself min 1:10

Singing Bird Cage Music box says:


MightySaturn5 says:

amazing video

Ruben G. Martinez says:

Irony?..or Sarcasm!

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