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Think of a number, any number. Take that number, stick a pound sign in front of it, and chances are, no matter how big or small it is, there’s a watch you can buy for that price. But just because you can spend the money, does that mean what you’re getting is worth it? To answer that question, we’ve got three watches: one for £2,000, one for £10,000 and one for £20,000. The question is, can you tell the difference?

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Frederique Constant Slimline Automatic FC-306S4S6B3
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon 136255J
Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Manual-Winding 82172/000R-9888

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mariocobos2001 says:

Steampunk fetish as a tax on the wealthy

aklinyolu says:

Review Bvlgari watches please (esp from a technical point of view and how it contrasts their perception of being jewellery pieces only). Thx

Shaun 1965 says:

Wow, that virtually totally hidden gear cogwheel on the VC with mirror polished angláge (sic) and it must’ve been less than 4 or 5mm in diameter.

Andre 1,000 says:

Another amazing video – Thanks!

Ventsislav Simonov says:

Nothing can beat the precision of a machine! No mater how hard you try to defend the opposite point.

9to5BioOrg says:

That VC is way too gaudy and the FC looks boring as shit. I’ll take the JLC. In fact, I’ll take a JLC over most things.

Joel Efraimsson says:

Great video as always, but I don’t think most people would consider $2000 to be cheap for a watch.

John Brabant says:

Always a stellar presentation. Thank You!

Aby Mathew says:

So, magnification plays a key role in determining a luxury watche’s value…all swiss watch makers should include a magnifying glass inside the watch box.. .so that owners can really enjoy the finer details of their ultra luxury wristwatch..

Lopez Alehandro says:

from what ive seen, the less dial markers the more expensive. with the most expensive coming with only an hour hand.

Paul Zuk says:

How is this channel still up when it is consistently posting pornography…?

weRoneself says:

Can you please do a hype watch like a Richard Mille or Hublot please. I love your narrative & I curious about your thoughts on a rubber banded rose gold ultra expensive extra large…

ripperx444 says:

Man this is awesome. VC is the best bargain pre owned!

Pasi Sallinen says:

but they all look really boring tho

Javier De Sande says:

Erm… I was thinking about 50€…

MrRedsjack says:

I want to see a comparison with the best Chinese watch and what you can get from Switzerland or Japan for the same money.
Even just a movement comparison would be fine.

Aby Mathew says:

Imagine if patek, vacheron, AP, or even Rolex has Seiko’s spring drive technology….How much would they really charge for it…..Daammmnnnnnnn…

Sahil Sahadevan says:

Could you please review the Piaget Automatic minute repeater if possible.

Michael Andersen says:

Didn’t Patek dismiss the Geneva seal due to it being “too easy” to obtain?

ck m says:

Nope – between $500 and $3000 yes, but after that, no. At that point, it’s really just brand & marketing. Yes, there is a lot of handwork but 99.99% of people will never notice, so it’s largely irrelevant and thus part of brand identity. Even here, the work is really only showcased by huge magnification.

Big Moneytalk754 says:

That why i like hamilton brand not to cheap not to expensive

th tan says:

it is cheap because it is not well made. the second hand is crooked.

Santam Mukherjee says:


Dominik Schlager says:

Does the 2k pound watch with the Sellita have a flaw on the printed 10 o clock index?

R E says:

Excellent review, well done!

barry alan says:

Dude, please review JLC reverso classic large duo, thankyou 🙂

Donjon Armory says:

Oh that dial on the Vacheron.

Frederick Calabrese says:

Frederique Constant makes damn good watches. I have a FC-303BN5B6B.

Yvan Huneault says:

Excellent shooting and narration. Great fun. Kudos.

ElementsMMA says:

It’s a lot harder to tell on a screen. It’s in reality you can tell from the reflection and glow; thus rendering your video largely useless.

Zain Alabedien says:

I also have 3 watches in front of me right now, one for 5 pounds, one for 10 pounds and one for 25 pounds 🙂

Just the Watch says:

The dial on the VC is amazing, but that price is pushing it. If I had the money for one I’d go with the JLC instead, but who am I kidding, I’ll never come close to even the Frederique Constant.

morten lothe says:

EASY. Just look at the pricetag;) (and the brand name)

mena seven says:

I think the Jaeger Le Coultre is the more beautiful, the best watch and the best deal of the three watches. It takes a lot of work to hand make a luxury watches.

donkeykong 91 says:

£0.1? Really?

burningmartyr says:

Why does this guy make me cringe and suffocate whenever I hear his speech?

Muhammad Rizqi says:

casio g shock all the way!!!!!!!

Sam Chua says:

£2000 is way too much for that watch. I could get a really nice stowa for a lot less. You are so out of touch with costs that trump will probably hire you to be his next advisor.

digggert says:

frederique constEnnt :3

Chris Searle says:

2000 is cheap? FFS.

re51tired says:

2,000 pounds – That’s a ton of money!

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