A Vacheron Constantin You NEED To Pay Attention To | #ASKTNH 105

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fb8568 says:


UB-SCFI says:

a review with photos! inside of a cheap ass car! pls!

demonstructie says:

Dude why are the jump cuts so loud I literally jump every time

Josh Ferguson says:

They put so much thought into that overseas design. The case design, date location, dial texture, and the bracelet design is stunning! My friend has one and it’s a phenomenal watch. Keep up the good work.

Shawn Chinnery says:

Keep up the good work mate,very glad I found your channel…..cheers

Pasquale Spagnuolo says:

Unfortunately for mee too the 40mm ultra thin is the sweet spot too, a part from the right size I love it because “NO date”. But untouchable at this price.

DAVE Francis says:

World Timer looks like a swatch

JgHaverty says:

Dude, the volume jumps are out of control. Please fix.

Thomas k says:

Chronograph is the best looking one, a little to big for me though, a little fat to. And I think its less formal then a royal oak tbh

joe healey says:

This fag wears a timex when his boyfriend pumps his skinny ass.

Venus Dee says:

Hey, can you maybe talk about the comparison of the holy trinity vs the next level below trinity (or 4 brands). I hear people speak about how Rolex, Omega, Breitling, and Tag Heuer make up the holy 4 (for the affordable working class).

yanwei6661 says:

Can u please talk about the royal oak jumbo?

Ryan Travis says:

This is my favorite line of watches at the moment. You hit the nail on the head in every regard. Good to see that others see what I see about VC.

Jean LeChiffre says:

That VC Chrono with the blue dial is absolutely gorgeous! I think I better save a bit more money… À bientôt!

Scott Keefer says:

The Overseas is so much better looking than the Royal Oak or Nautilus, but moving the date complication (on the Chrono) from a big date at 12 to a more conventional window at 4:30 is a huge mistake, in my opinion.

And I totally agree about the Ultra Thin. It’s nearly perfect (and that bracelet…hngg), but at $50k+ for a TWO-hander, I don’t think so.

ray Howe says:

Stop waffling,I would rather watch pain dry,”boring”

fernando sanchez says:

What is your opinion on the Vacheron Constantin Quail de I’lle stainless steel version the Patek Philippe 6000g-001

Petro Kersta says:

Great to see a video on VC! It seems to be one of the most underappreciated watch brands out there, that is for the general public. It seems nowadays marketing comes before horology and watchmaking.

Donna Thomas says:

work on your audio, video unwatchable

Bob Schaaf says:

What more could I ask? The money to buy one! You’re on the mark with the Ultra Thin – it has everything I want, without the intrusion of a date window. Good call!

Miguel G says:

Always wear your seatbelt!

Andrew Hutchinson says:

Can you stop putting so many gold plated watches up?

flyingphoenix113 says:

Lol! I literally subbed yesterday hoping you would eventually post a VC video.

hyperchord says:

You and your vintage chronos. Lovely pieces, but isn’t it a risk as in they’ll likely need servicing asap?

Zubin Shirodkar says:

You skipped a model reference . I think you meant to show the 49150 Overseas, not the 49140. Please don’t compare a Sub to a Vacheron!!

Ferdi says:

Great content, great subject, love the waffle, but please fix the edits. Compressor on the audio to normalise and fullscreen inserts or at least bleed onto the edges will improve the look. Will also help you cover jump cuts.

Keep it up, step it up.

Purplehaze5995 says:

Great vid. VC is beautiful

John Eli says:

there is an issue with the audio, sometimes the volume increases abruptly

Cedar Canoe says:

I usually like your watch “waffling” but, sorry, this episode 105 didn’t do it for me

Michael says:

You read my mind, i asked Federico to review this watch few days ago, btw we met today on facebook if you understand what i mean 😉

Tom Wessel says:

Personally I did like the 42042 Overseas, the next generation not so much, the current gen is more to my liking but even than I ask myself why would I buy the Overseas without a complication anyways? It is basically Vacherons high end version of the datejust, nothing special. I agree with you that the white gold version is the only one that gives me a want to have feeling, but since it is white gold price and wearabilty of the watch just isnt there.

Mike Howard says:

I love the chronograph, but for $26K they need to be made by 18 year old Swiss, blonde haired, blue eyed virgins(female) under 120 lbs.

jazdragen says:

what is with the volume this episode?

officialpartychannel says:

3:25 dont click here

siwash99 says:

Why do you do your videos in the car?

mohammad amin says:

I would go for Vacheron rather than nautilus or royal oak for their close to 300 years of heritage.

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