15 Things You Didn’t Know About VACHERON CONSTANTIN

15 Things You Didn’t Know About VACHERON CONSTANTIN
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Is Vacheron Constantin a luxury brand?
How expensive are Vacheron Constantin watches?
What makes Vacheron Constantin watches so expensive?
How did Vacheron Constantin become a luxury watch brand?
What are the best Vacheron Constantin watches?
How much does a Vacheron Constantin watch cost?
What are the best Vacheron Constantin facts?
How much does a Vacheron Constantin Patrimony cost?
How much does a Vacheron Constantin traditionnelle cost?
Is Vacheron Constantin better than Rolex?
Is Vacheron Constantin a good watch?
How do you pronounce Vacheron Constantin?
What is the correct Vacheron Constantin pronunciation?

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rajendra maurya says:

do Lionel messi

Gratchel Adioson Eiseb says:

Do Louis Vuitton.

SamJS says:

VC has the best quality currently.

Jenk says:


Eabha Costello says:

This is actually my favorite channel ever

Alexandre says:

do a DP

retard whore

lucas lim says:

What was the music used at the start

Turtle Lisp says:

do patek philie

mbacaleb says:

15 things about WB IMF FED GOLDMAN SACHS

Taqbir Islam says:

I would really like an episode on Armani that really goes into depth on the different categories of it like Emporio Armani, Georgio Armani and Armani Jeans and so on

Christian Mosqueda says:

do a 15 things you didn’t know about Salvatore ferragamo

TARKS says:

can you du about berusconi

AG MA says:

JLC or Lange next?

Thamal Liyanage says:

7:06 You said 2060th instead of 260th

The Hoverboi says:

15 things you didn’t know about invicta and MVMT please

samo xachaturyan says:

Amazing . thanks guys

Adiee Bagaria says:

Make a video on SHAH RUKH KHAN pleaseee!!!!

Diogo João says:

Could you do a Grand Seiko version!?

patrick taylor says:

I’m more of a rolex, breitling, patek philippe watch brand, kind of guy. Can you guys create one of those clips on Breitling and Patek Philippe, thanks!!!

diabetic fuck says:

too much snnob

Joseph Tribie says:

I would have to choose Vacheron Constantin over a Rolex. Why? My Dad owned one for years. before he sold it. He loved that watch.
I love your pronounciation of the brand. Perfect!

Kim IL sung says:

Usleey nardin

Dan Ho says:

Any 15 things about AP? Make it the Trinity

BerusGigiable says:

Vacheron ConstaNtin*

Alistar Parikh says:

Aundermsars Piguet and Patek Phillipe next please

Vern Werner Warstler-Marlboro Walborn says:

wristwatch culture is a more pretentious form of steampunk

James Mcarture says:

Do a video of A. Lange & Söhne

Dinesh Vishwakarma says:

wow that was awesome can you guys please make a video​ and Audemars Piguet please

L Shannon says:

Anyone else think Alux commentator sounds like a porn star?

Arthur Butt says:

How is it that the narrator takes the time and effort to pronounce the name properly on this episode bun not do so for the audi episode where she mispronounces audi and Le Mans? Consistency please and thank you.

Sener S says:

Make a video about Frédérique Constant and Maurice Lacroix as well.

Lawathe M. Eid لاوَذ ميثَم عيد says:

Perpetual calendar watches are the best.

rutik kadam says:

it was nice to know this watch company
but please a video on comme des garsons (CDG)

VoRTeXPB says:

do an AP video

Ruddy NYC says:

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Louis Vuitton

Hemil Turakhia says:

do video for fp journe!!

Neven 187 says:

A vid about Brioni, Audemars Piguet or A. Lange & Söhne

cherdchay saetier says:

1850 wolf teeth pocket watcg

ModernConnoisseur says:

Need to own one!

Ruddy NYC says:

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Dominican Republic

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