Why Tag Heuer will NEVER be a Respected Luxury Swiss Watch Maker

Why Tag Heuer will NEVER be a Respected Luxury Swiss Watch Maker


Drivabletree says:

Do you even understand what you are saying, you make an example using a Triumph Motorcycle right?? you know that all.. ALL british made motorcycles were SHIT, thats why the japanese companies dominated, they made products that acctually worked

Subject 00001 says:

when did porky the pig get an accent?

AW says:

Spot on Arc, Tag is dog shi..

ben4 ssi says:

sto chi è semo tronco

Heffe67 says:

Nice Tag! Er…I mean Seiko. 😉

japudjuha says:

What a self righteous piece of arsehole hair.
Calling his subscribers fuckers?
Please record your suicide so we can enjoy it.

David Elliott Claveau says:

He look like a pimp fucking around bitch in Las Vegas.

Nathan Greenwood says:

iv got facts, your fat

Vincent Grillo says:

fuck you
tag heuer is better than your cheap ass hand me down patek.

TaiwanLYC says:

you know why? because you little poor fucking fat fucker can’t afford one so you’re being jealous

ivanchito cd juarez says:

fack your mother ! pig!!

Brookey Saugat says:

Silly assole fucker.
You are silly fucking Psyco.
You must die……
Die silly asshole fucker ..
machikney lado chus mugi

1Life Resist says:

when are you going to look at the camera?

Steve Place says:

If I see this fucker air-masturbate one more fucking time…

Adam Caulkett says:

Oh I’m certainly going to take this dicks word for it…

razorbananon says:

You think you’re cool only cause you say hundreds of bad words?

Arda B says:

Hahahah so funny and crazy, but he ‘s right about Tag.

Bates7430 says:

It just shows, money can buy luxury but not wisdom, grace or temperament. All the charisma of a steaming hot pile of dog shit. Nevertheless, it was educational. Kind of.

Carlos Jorian Balestieri says:

a man with a shitty suit talking about luxury!

ivanchito cd juarez says:

fack yor mother !! pig!

Adil Patel says:

fat rat dont know anything

David Burdick says:

You want respect huh stop calling every one fuckers you useless wast of space FYI that’s a face only a mother could love and another thing even I could tell about you your daddy never loved you so get off YouTube until you clean up your act.

Barry says:

This guy knows his stuff like it or not.
If you don’t know the difference between hauer and tag you cal fuck off

adnan shamil says:

Is he mad

Lucifer Morningstar says:

Lol talking about being respected, you foul mouthed fat piece of dogs shit

andrew kasper says:

he says the f word a lot

Brookey Saugat says:

fuck you fucker

Elliot Ness says:

I found it educational

Heffe67 says:

Nice Tag! Er…I mean Seiko! Thanks Archie! I always knew there was something shady about Tag Heuer. I mean beside Matt Damon wearing one in the Bourne movies. I’m going to go with an Omega Seamaster, even though you seem to have a bit of a hard on for them as well, at least their Swiss. Although from what I understand their movement isn’t in house either.

Philip O Sullivan says:

Mad! Gas man! tag heuer really that bad???

Belinda Burger says:

Archie speaks the truth…and the truth hurts. A Tag Heuer will never keep the resale value of a Patek or a Rolex because all it’s just a ETA or Jap movement in a fancy case……..

Drivabletree says:

also wtf does he expect, patek watches are like 10 times the price 😛 of course they are going to be better

Dr. Arpit Bavaskar says:

Drunk as fuck…

titan6621ma says:

Drunk and annoying

CrazyLeiFeng says:

Yes, you’ve got my attention.

Sam Ho says:

hey you rude fark please people don’t just buy watches for status seriously just shut the fark up u rude fark

Park Lee says:

you sound like a bitch

Aaron Wallace says:

This guy pisses me off! Sounds like someone’s tugging his bollocks

vitamin590 says:

What a complete wanker. Maybe get out of you’re mums basement you troll

iNovaSniping says:

How about you work on your weight you fat fuck.

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