Why Tag Heuer Watches Sell? Q&A Your Questions Answered – Thank you for 10,000 Subs!!!

You guys asked me well over 100 questions, here is a super long video where I answer as many as possible. I address your watch questions and also some of the more personal questions you guys have. What watch has the best dial, the best movement or is the best value? Here are my answers and more. Thank you for all of the support.

About the channel:

I’m just a passionate collector of watches, cars and well-crafted goods. I’ve been fortunate in life and I enjoy sharing my passions with others. I created this channel to connect with like-minded individuals that appreciate fine craftsmanship regardless of price. My videos are casual and have occasional swearing and sarcasm. Elitism and snobbery free, here is a place we can come together to celebrate the finer things in life where all passionate souls are welcome.

Welcome to J. Anthony

Below are just a few of the brands I review on my channel.

Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Cartier, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, Panerai, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Vacheron Constantin, Zenith, Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Casio, Mondaine, Hamilton, Longines and many more.

I also provide expertise on automatic watches, quartz watches, and automobiles including Lexus, Chevrolet, BMW, Mini and others.

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James Wong says:

My wife like 10 inch black cocks, so what?

Jim Rodriguez says:

I didn’t think I wanted to know about your personal life, watches are a passion for me. But. Your answer about your personal life and relationships was fascinating. I got emotional. My esteem for you shot up, for answering in such a truthful way. I’m straight, but LGBT rights are important to me as well, because of family, friends, and just trying to be a good person. I think it gives context to the other things you are more comfortable talking about, and I will continue to watch your videos with this in mind. Kudos.

Neuro says:

Great video Anthony!
The Snowflake dial on the Grand Seiko is a fantastic choice. A truly beautiful dial.

Sorry to hear about Ash and some of your hardships. Life can be challenging at times.

Mike Williams says:

It is very clear to me that you are an extremely intelligent person who is passionate about so many things you can probably barely find time to dive into as many of them as you would like. You really can see all of the beauty in the world and I can really appreciate that. You love who you love. I don’t know how you can go wrong with love. I was honored to watch this video.

Neil C says:

Great video. I have to say not once have I ever wondered about your sexual preferences. Instead I think it says alot more about those who ask and the fact that they may have their own insecurities and issues. Otherwise why would they bring it up?!

Mike Hueter says:

Thank you my fellow Seiko fan. You have a great perspective on watches and collecting in general. What makes your channel special is that you don’t just focus on material things, but keeping them in the proper focus. Collecting for what appeals to you vs. the Joneses. Keep the videos coming!

Ramdomcactus says:

Is it just me or does his eyes keep moving to the left???

MrJKL Foams says:

Tag heuer is a entry level laxury watch and depends how much you wanna spend. I luv the brand but I only buy carrera coz thats their heritage.

Darrell Cherry says:

Great Q&A. Gotta thank you for your advice. Been scouting for my first mechanical driver, and landed on an Orient USA Mako II. 100% in-house made, hundreds less than any comparable Swiss. Other than a Hamilton I’m looking at, I’ll likely never buy a Swiss watch.

acftmxman says:

Anthony, thank you for this very touching video. Your candor and your honesty is what makes your videos so great. It is the reason I watch. Like many, I’m tired of all the pompous jerks the pontificate from what they think is up on high. You Are down to earth and relatable. Keep it coming my Brother!!!

Steven Stern says:

Wow, bravo!

Scott Anderson says:

Can you speak to how you maintain your watch collection? I’m wondering what you do with watches when you’re not wearing them, do you keep them wound by “shaking” them every morning etc. or do you let wind out? Is it a problem if you don’t wind them, manual or automatic, for long periods of time of 1-3 months?

Oz Time says:

So many comments. My observation to deliberately get off the adulation theme, you got that now, is By my calculations you will double your subs again within this year. Don’t let it go to your head. And get the snowflake.

Peter Gahan says:

Have you ever tried any German watches. From Nomos to Sinn, great fliegers with Junckers and a whole host of others. I think they would appeal in the way Japanese watches do. You’ve already bought the cars!

Patrick Kelly says:

I can’t understand why people are so interested in your sexual orientation, or anything else in your personal life for that matter. However, I do applaud your honesty and willingness to discuss such things. Your level of sincerity is commendable.

Darrell Cherry says:

Great Q&A. Gotta thank you for your advice. Been scouting for my first mechanical driver, and landed on an Orient USA Mako II. 100% in-house made, hundreds less than any comparable Swiss. Other than a Hamilton I’m looking at, I’ll likely never buy a Swiss watch

Donna Thomas says:

Came for the Tag question, but I am so glad I stayed to the end. I agree your sexuality is your own business, but I am so glad you shared your story.I am gay. I have been out since 1978 and with my wife for the last 23 years. I like you, have had my dark times. It is not always easy to go against gender and sexuality “norms”. I also lived through the darkest years of HIV/AIDS when many of my friends were dying and my government would not help.LGBT’s have come a long way,but we still have a long way to go. I think many of our victories are related to so many of us coming out.One of the only good thing that came from AIDS was so many folks got to learn there were gays all around them. So, thanks for coming out on here.The ‘B”‘s in LGBT’s have not always gotten the support you deserve and that is not right. I know you have and will be helping someone else by your being open.Sorry about Ash. I really can’t even imagine how hard that is to lose your partner.Thanks again, no kidding.

petertrungha says:

Been watch your channel for a while. Your vids are great but this one was on another level. This doesn’t mean I want you to change the direction of your videos to be about your personal life (which I don’t think you were planning on doing anyway) but I appreciate your usual honest answers about difficult topics.

av898989 says:

Hey J Anthony, love your channel! Please keep up the good content!! What is your opinion of Ball watches? Thank you.

Aymanali Jumma says:

Another question please. What do you think of Invicta and Casio as a watch brand? They both make some really good looking divers that seem to be very much inspired by the Submariner. Casio MDV106-1AV and Invicta 8932OB to be specific. Both 200m water resistant, Japanese quartz, and under $50. Would you recommend one over the other for a cheap beater everyday diver?

Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus Augustus says:

As I said, I love your videos not only because are they very informative and interesting, but also because I simply can’t help but notice that you seem like a really honest, pleasant and a down to earth person. Your unpretentious approach to making these videos is what I found to be the most appealing and inviting. Thanks for all the effort you put into making these and I sincerely hope even more watch aficionados will discover your channel and stick around for the quality content you provide. All the best!

My Email says:

Respect bro

METALJEW Rosenhaus says:

J. Anthony, I just subbed you and just discovered your YouTube channel. You do a nice job sir. I love the fact that you tell it straight and give your people the straight dope. I also love the fact that you review inexpensive watches and give them respectful in depth reviews. I have about 50 watches in my collection ranging from beautiful Breitling pieces to Amazon $30.00 units that are surprisingly very nice!. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep on growing the collection!


this guy spent 3 minutes explaining what a Q&A is. Fucking hell, man. We all know what a Q&A is and how it works; GET TO IT.

ONEGUY Cars says:

I don’t know a lot about watches, I’ll admit that, but I ended up here whilst looking to buy a Rolex Explorer ii. Massively appreciating your depth of knowledge and understanding of watches, so I’ve subscribed for that reason. Keep it going! Appreciate the advice.

Thomas Anonymous says:

Thank you for sharing in such a tolerant, gentle and humane way, J. Anthony! God bless you, sir!

On the wrist says:

mad love bud. best video to date!!!Love is Love

Sharpe Trade says:

Love just sitting and soaking in the information in regards horology. In my field, I have a rather *_extreme_* level of expertise with what I do. It’s so refreshing to have a channel, where I can come in, and be a complete and utter idiot and sit and learn. It’s insanely refreshing.

tlaxation says:

Appreciate your candor. Great channel and great content. Greetings from Detroit!

Sharpe Trade says:

You’re starting to freak me out a bit. LOL. Same here as far as being an audiophile, and lover of Ocean Vessel History. The SS United States breaks me heart. A vessel too advanced, and too late for it’s genre. It’s almost a freaking tragedy how amazing the United States was, for the time that it was born. And yeah, as far as Music, from Philippe Jaroussky to Miles Davis, to the Chapin Sisters to The Cure to the Cranes back over to Stanley Jordan to Hank Williams, over to Old TImey, then jumping over to AC/DC, jumping over to New Order or Joy Division. The only kind of music I have ever found, that I don’t like is what is *_called_* country, after 1992. Anything before 1992, I’m good with. After 1992, it turned into “Bieber-Country” …. LOL …. So stop it man … you’re freaking me out … LOL

Gewglesux says:

That Tag Question……. That’s where i started…. like moving from BMW/Merc to Porsche… It’s a natural progression..

Taro Taguchi says:

I’m sorry for your loss.This is a great video sharing your personal stories and I respect your openness and courage. Great work!

On the wrist says:

So much respect you sir

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