Why Tag Heuer Watches Are Garbage – Per The Watch Community

Join me for a quick video where I breakdown why I think the watch community hates Tag Heuer watches. I go over all the reasons Tag Heuer gets a bad reputation.

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surfitli says:

Great video.
Personally, I used to think TAG Heuers were cool. I actually inquired about some and I remember the quartz models being over $1,000 US.
I presently have no interest in the Brand. There are so many more interesting watches for less money.
I find the microbrands the most interesting. A lot are putting out same great products at affordable prices.

Jeffery Neu says:

Ztheir Deep Diver was interesting. Other than that they just haven’t interested me.

David David says:

If you have slightly more than a
cursory knowledge of watches and movements you understand that ETA
movements come in different levels of finish. The cheaper ones being
less finished or decorated which has to do with the operation of the

I would also take issue with the
statement that Tag build quality is low. I’ve never seen a TAG Heuer
bracelet that I thought was cheap and the finish has always seemed on
par with Omegas or Breitlings of the era. (90’s-2000’s) The biggest
transgression Tag made of that era is that they had allot of models
and dials that are rather dated from that era. I have over 2 dozen
watches most of which are Swiss and only 2 quarts watches one if
which is a TAG and I think it represents itself well in that company.

Juan Gallardo says:

7:04 yup yep yup.

Kurtis Swaine says:

My Costco has rolex breitling a lot of other high end brands. Many rolexes have been sold at px stores as well so that point not very valid.


I don’t know if they are garbage since I don’t own one, I just have not seen one I have liked yet. They had a chrono Diver several years ago they you could use the pushers under water I really liked they don’t make anymore I wish I would have purchased. Otherwise I see nothing I like.

Eric Nielsen says:

The Kirium line was designed by Jorg Hysek (Vacheron 222) and looks good – to me – today. At the time, it must have just added to the anger of collectors who saw TAG pumping out plastic-bezel quartz F1 models as their #1 source of revenue.

Kevork Nourian says:

Never liked the brand

Philipp M says:

I agree with everything you say about TAG. I would be grateful for your opinion about Ebel watches. They were big in the 80s but what happened to the brand? I love my Ebel Voyager from 2002, I think it’s very well made and the dial gorgeous and hard to find online. But the new ones are heavily discounted and their Quartz models very pricey. I am wondering who buys an Ebel watch at an AD and pays full retail?

Johnny D says:

TAG has had an identity crisis for a long while, they need to focus on core value and have as of late, but it will be a long road back to regain trust amongst enthusiasts. Love me some Monaco though ….

Marco von Catfish says:

A lot of the reasons you gave why people hate Tag Heuer could be easily applied to Seiko, and yet people LOVE Seiko for the exact same reasons they hate Tag Heuer. I think what it comes down to is that people are sheep and follow trends … they love brands because they’re told to love brands and they hate others because they’re told to hate them. There’s no doubt Tag Heuer cheaped out in a lot of ways when they were struggling, most of the movements you see in their watches are basic quartz movements and they cut some corners. But the same can be said of other brands during the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Brands like Breitling, Baume & Mercier, Bulova, Tissot and Hamilton (among others) come to mind. Even Rolex cut a few corners on their clasps, for instance, when trying to compete in a highly competitive market. Nobody’s perfect. But all these respected and traditional brands have made efforts to improve in the last 15 years or so and, like you said, Tag Heuer has begun turning that trend around and hopefully Biver will push them in an even more positive direction.

Will Spencer says:

ROOKIE you should fact check better. Rolex is sold in Costco as well.. the TAG merger did them no favors but Biver is turning it around.

heuer03 says:

What about Rolex? so outdated and is more about marketing, nothing has been change for years. Is so many other common watches brand too. Every watch industry make brilliant and garbage pieces Inc. “ROLEX”. Tag is affordable watch for everyone.

Ben Lait says:

I really like my Tag Aquaracer Calibre 5 it’s easily the most accurate automatic I have and for £1200 (40% off) I spent on it the finish is amazing. Ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal and the crown is super smooth and solid. As for the plastic spacer that is probably a better choice for a dive/sports watch as it provides a bit more shock resistance to the movement. Seiko use plastic spacers on the majority of their dive watches for that reason.

Neuro says:

Gotta disagree with the TAG HEUER haters…the new Tete de vipere is amazing…(and exclusive)

Tony Hill says:

You summarised their past problems well, thank you. The new boss has a big job but he has a reputation for getting things done. I’ll watch with interest but the low tier luxury watch space has so much to offer that doesn’t need a rescue. I suppose there are Tags that cost more than a Rolex OP. For now no contest.

Bryan LP says:

A very fair analysis, J. Anthony. I personally love the reissue models and original Heuer Monacos, Carreras and Autavias, but to me, most TAGs are overpriced fashion mall watches that go out of style terribly.

As for the watch crowd trashes TAGs for their affordability, I owe absolutely no time of day or any respect to their opinion. Anything that doesn’t allow them to thumb their noses at people on Instagram and say “nah nah you can’t have this watch and I can because I’m special”, gets put down. The watch snob crowd needs to wake up and realize they aren’t in middle school anymore. Anyway, if I was in the market for a cool, affordable watch and I couldn’t afford a Tudor or an Omega, I’d skip TAG and go for Seiko.

Ana Isidro says:

I like one or two models dear friend.

LS98 says:

Good video!! I have a Heuer Monnin 844 diver from 1979, that’s 40 years old. It was a present for my 16th Birthday. Heuer took a lot of the design cues from the Sub and sold it at a much lower price point. IIRC, this watch probably saved Heuer before the merger with TAG. It has a lot of sentimental value for me and it will always have a place in my collection.

Steve C says:

Their latest watches look cheap and they’re design is not unlike Casio Edifice watches. Personally I think all of these so called luxury watches are garbage. I own some Omega’s, they’re no better than my much preferred Seiko’s

Deep Sankar Sen says:

Porn is banned in my country. Thanks for letting me remember what it was like before. #backgroundmusic

James H. Nazarian, Ph.D. says:

I purchased a new Heuer Autavia back in the early 70’s and loved it dearly for many years until it was stolen. There were numerous occasions when searching for another Autavia that exposed me to a Tag Heuer being offered to me as an equal quality replacement. Something kept hinting to me that the Tag Heuer was not a quality watch comparable to my Autavia, so I would turn and leave to buy an Omega Speedmaster. Somewhere between then and now I had an opportunity to see the internals of an Autavia along side a Tag Heuer chronograph while both were being serviced for their owner. I doubt I would call the TH a piece of junk, but it certainly was not in the same quality class with an Autavia in spite of being considerably more costly. Tag Heuer is an insult to the good name Heuer which will keep it from ever finding its way into my watch stable.

The Watch Lounge says:

Tag doesn’t make bad pieces, the Aquaracer and the Monaco aren’t bad pieces, only thing is because of the marketing they do they’ve become a status symbol like Rolex, non watch people buy them because of the name. But they are good for getting people into the hobby as a catalyst .

Pedro Saenz says:

Interesting point of view. Price quality issues were often. Nowadays they sponsor surfers. Not my favorite, however, better option than Breitling and Hublot.

katalysis says:

I like how the first minute of the video is him apologizing for the clickbait title lol

Ed Frantz says:

Ok new to collecting watches.What would you recommend for a first watch vintage or new?From 500 to 2000 dollars.

Jim Rodriguez says:

Before I really knew anything about watches, I remember seeing the first Bourne movie, with Damon wearing a TAG Heuer Link chrono. I thought the bracelet looked cool, I’d see TAG Heuer associated with motorsports, which I love, and so that brand of watch became aspirational. Fortunately, I never bought one. I would buy one of their homage pieces now, or something vintage, but only if it didn’t have ‘TAG’ on the dial.

Good summation, spot on, in my opinion.

Mitch Grimes says:

In my watch collecting history and partly due to not knowing what I don’t know, I started buying Tags in 2014 …first with the Link and then the Carrera 1887 (which I still own today) I have moved to other more relevant watches for me (Omega, Rolex, GO, Blancpain and others). But I still like my Tags and wear them today. Thanks the perspective…

ams914 says:

TAG probably makes the best value ETA based mechanicals out there (Aquaracer ETC). I used to rag on them but I think they do a good job positioning themselves as a modern watch brand, and their designs (many I don’t like, BTW) reflect that.

TheStig ZeroZeroZero says:

I remember the first time I held an Aquaracer in person. After owning an Oris Aquis, I couldn’t believe they wanted more money for the Aquaracer…. The watch just feels cheap in comparison. It should only cost about $600 max.

Canada_watch says:

Good video… My dad owns a Tag Heuer Link from that period and I have to admit it’s pretty nice. The bracelet is fabulous and it houses a 7750 movement that doesn’t look too bad either. Cheers

Keitumetse Mabuza says:

Great vid, great points.

Adrian Muica says:

If they bring back 36/38mm Monaco abd Carerra I will buy them in a jiffy!

Wyrd Walker says:

Hurrah for the future creation of another 4500 dollar watch brand!!!!!!

qwerty135797 says:

Tag watches from the last 25 years even look like Fossil watches from that era.
TH is definitely headed in the right direction though.
Their current Aquaracer line is a pretty good bang for the buck imho.

Steve Leblanc says:

Oh how can you hate a plastic watch built for adults but look like it is for a kid.

matt berry says:

before the merger they were barely selling anything and after , with their marketing, they are huge and selling millions of watches.

W Pringle says:

Some are garbage. Some. Especially the quartz models. However the Monaco is excellent.

Preeyen Mistry says:

That introduction saved you a massive paragraph from me XD

My thoughts, at retail they are too expensive for the basic level eta movement in say their aqua racer. I love the new aqua racer with that grey/blue vertical stripe dial.

The Tag F1 to me looks hideous.

The monaco is gorgeous, the 3 hand variant non-chrono is kinda ugly and dilutes / detracts from the chrono variant.

The old tag or heuer branded quartz watches during the transitional period were awesome, I bought a used 972.006 in decent shape for £200 on bracelet. Their old quartz pieces just feel like quality and I can only imagine their autos do too, a little high priced for me though.

I will say they need to streamline their ranges and offer some more heritage style watches that aren’t insane prices.

And become classier, ditch the awful collaborations like that David Guetta aqua racer, hideous imo.

Buwsur says:


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