Why Is This Watch Controversial? TAG Heuer Aquaracer WAN2111 Review

This watch I recently rebought as I have been missing it for a few years. Now it’s back and I give you the full review of the TAG Heuer Aquaracer WAN2111.BA0822 here.

Unboxing the watch:

TAG Heuer Aquaracer WAP2011 Review:


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Bear Clooney Watches says:

Love that watch. I personally want white dial like you have and I think it’s cool how you have blue and white dial yourself. Watch is definitely high quality and very attractive and I enjoyed your presentation.

Timber land says:

You need to buy what you like most. the most hate is coming from Youtube channels….. selfclaimed watch snobs that would sell Tag Heuer if the would be sponserd by them

Thomas Loizzo says:

I have 3 tags my favorite is the link dress diver.

Metehan Tan says:

Hi Anders !Thank you for the video.I have a question for you.I have a TAG HEUER CAH1012FT6026.One of my friends have this aquaracer.And he accepted to exchange the watches.Should ı exchange:)

MrBacchus18 says:

Stamped? Really not super great Tag.

Martin Olsen says:

Nice watch, but it is a pretty old model, isn’t it?

Clive Jagger says:

Hi Anders – v interesting video. What oil did you use for the bezel? I’ve never heard about anyone doing this before!

Rob. brown says:

Quite like my aquaracer 🙂

MrAnd3r50n says:

The generic look, eta 2824-2, and that stamped clasp plus the horrible resell value make the watch totally overpriced even at around 1000 usd let alone the 2000+ usd you sometimes see. Not worth it. Better off getting a Certina DS Action Diver Powermatic 80 for a lot less.

Brian O'Neil says:

I just paid $350 to have my Link Calibre 5 fixed. I paid about $1300 brand new at the Tag Heuer outlet in Sawgrass Mills in Broward Florida ( aka Miami, to you Europeans) .I was told this was a retail $2000+ watch. I wore it off/on for about 4 years, never needing to wind it, as it is an automatic. When I did attempt to wind it, following the instructions online, the crown just started free-spinning. I have 3 Formula 1’s also, 2 of those have been back to New Jersey for repairs. I work 40 hours a week as a software developer. My hands don’t get dirty. I see all this as unacceptable.

motaz1975 says:

i just dont think you get good value for money with this watch. my oris aquis blows this thing away. if this watch was 600 to 800 then yes it would be ok. that bracelet is a joke at that price point, should have screws and a way better clasp…again see oris aquis.

surfitli says:

Definitely needs a machined clasp arm.

Chris Con says:

I love the look. Would I buy one new? Probably not at that price; there are other options with that movement I’d rather have. I’d consider one on the used market.

That being said, I have a TAG “2000” that I got in ‘04; it has the ETA 2824-2 movement & still runs like a champ.

Zephead76 says:

I have a F1 and AR I love them both

excelerater says:

They are over priced loaded with high paid celebs so they can create a brand and culture. The watch is average at best imo

J T says:

Never heard this watch controversial. You didn’t actually discuss the title of this video. The only controversy I heard was when Tag Heuer concealed a design they got from Seiko.

Perico De Lospalotes says:

A former Tag Heuer dealer and true expert watch maker from my city told me the reason because he stopped selling them. Since then I overlook that brand because in my opinion it is dishonest. What was that? From one day to the following, suddenly, the brand decided to climb to the premium brands status just popping up higher prices, without improvements or true reasons, just marketing image. Something is not better only because its price is higher, they can fool many people, not me.

glen wooten says:

Great watch anders ! I just sold mine this week to fund my milgauss Quest

Omid Jahromi says:

How many pieces you took out from the bracelet when you did resize the ban?

The Watch Lounge says:

These are cool peices I don’t know why they get so much hate, since Beiber took over the brand it’s changed a lot and for the better in my opinion

Dave's Watch Love says:

Beautiful watch. Underrated in my opinion.

Pedro Saenz says:

What is the sugested retail price of the Aquaracer ?

Nexus Achiles says:

Not very exciting to me personally. Sector dial, not a fan. Blue colour, I get bored easily. Sunburst, not y cup of tea, it’s a bot load. Clasp is stamped and cheaply made. Not worth the price IMHO.


Why people hate? People hate because it’s the cool thing to do . Most people are like cattle if you tell them to not like something they will follow. The same people tend to hate Breitling also.

John Whitehead says:

I like the low profile, blue dial and unique bezel. My two older (1980s) Heuers’ are still in my collection.

David Hoffman says:

I like it, if I was in the market it would be one of my top three or four to look at.

Robin C says:

Watch snobs hate on tag because of the seiko thing…get over it people …loads of brands used ETA’s no one cared…Tag used a seiko …its the end of the world…i still own a Link Tiger woods auto …most comfortable bracelet ive ever worn….and i just sold a heuer01 chrono because it was just too big…great looking watch …
Now im conforming with the watch snobs and bought an omega moon watch….but im still a tag fan

pete foden says:

Great looking watch & nicely proportioned , but that clasp is an absolute shocker , i expect to see a machined scissor style clasp with push button release on a piece that retails @$2000
then theres that price again , hardly competitive for what they are offering

Amaru says:

This was my first luxury watch in 2012 and im still in love with it, it will never leave my collection, that blue color is sobeautifully achieved, the perfect size, how it fits the wrist, the second hand in orange, ive been taking it to the beach all this years an no problem, it is definitely a perfect everyday watch, never regret of buying it .

Junwoo Jang says:

The watch is around $1800-$2200 online. And although i love how the watch looks, the watch doesn’t have much to offer in terms of features and quality. The watch has aluminum bezel, standard eta movement (not a big rant, but still needs to be noted), stamped clasp on the bracelet, push pins, and thin crown. There are micro brands that offers so much more for so much less. It’s an example of purchasing the logo, not necessarily for the quality of the item. I don’t think there would be much hate if the watch costs significantly less (maybe around $600-$900) but the asking price seems unjustified imo, other than paying for the name which i find a bit un-classy. I’m not hating on the watch, I’m just stating why some people may hate the watch.

Paul johnson says:

Looks like a seamaster

Tony Hill says:

No reason anyone should hate them and if you have a connection that’s fine. I think most people agree though that the RRP’s on Tag Heuer are pretty high especially those with generic movements. Others are guilty of this too. In general I think there is better value out there unless you can buy well below retail.

Omid Jahromi says:

I just bought the same watch, same color. It’s amazing watch and I like the simplicity of it. One of the best TAG Acquaracer in market! I’m sure I’ll enjoy it for years.

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