Why I NEVER Talk About Tag Heuer

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Brian Weis says:

Your annoying .

VB3 says:

So Tag sucks but you’ll pimp several boring and trite Seikos, one of the least interesting brands you can buy.

Ezequiel Alejandro Becerra says:

Planning on buying an Autavia (2017).

I think it’s one of the best watches out there now: the HEUER 02 movement with 70 hours power reserve and that vintage-yet-current design really spoke to me.

Alfredo On YouTube says:

You come across extremely annoyingly. Might want to work on that? Your call…

Jim Walker says:

I have a aquaracer and I like a lot, automatic no problems and looks nice as well maybe tag is to expensive but lets face it they all are, this is not and investment for me I am not going to sell it so I am happy with it

Gianpa kasa says:

Today my dog just gave a great bite to my Tag Aquaracer Caliber 5 ( A Rodesian), and guess what? No one scratch!!! Said this, i do own also a Paul Picot, and yes, for the price i paid the PP the quality is better than the TAG. But i bought my TAG used, so i think i spent a fair price and i got what i paid for.

Mike Cady says:

Had an Heuer (Hoyer) Autavia from the early Seventies,it was very heavy,but not that tough.I broke it after 10 years and eventually traded it to a neighbor who had it reconditioned and sold it on.It was a large watch for its day and got a lot of comment,but this was before it got TAGged with a merger.I thought it was overpriced then too!

Sylvain Paquette says:

The main reason I would not wear a tag heuer is simply that each time I had to work or met someone that was wearing a tag that person would be an idiot or an ass….. so I made an association and it’s still hold up to this day. It doesn’t help that I don’t find their watches interesting but in the end I feel it’s a watch that only quality is to be expensive. I don’t like rolex but I would wear a ugly rolex with a magnified date window even before a tag.

Baby Gerald says:

I totally respect your opinion. Before I knew anything about watches, my folks got me a quartz Tag from their now discontinued 1500 series for college graduation around 1995. It lasted without issue until this year, when the date dial stopped working properly, getting stuck at the 15th and 16th every month. In all that time I never really had it properly serviced aside from battery replacement about four years ago.

Sadly, a repair estimate from a certified service shop quoted me $450, which is way too much in my opinion. Now I know enough about watches to settle for nothing but an automatic movement, preferably something made in-house and not a Valjoux or whatever they use. Until I can get myself an Omega Speedmaster, I’m wearing a Seiko Recraft automatic which looks great, has an auto movement, a nice warranty, and cost me all of $100.

ChiTownTx says:

I think Tag is slowly trying to turn around their image a bit. But it may be a long time before they are able to do so. They have been putting out overpriced garbage for too many years now. At their price point there is no excuse for ever using glue in some of their pieces (you can find videos of dials falling apart). Not to mention if buying an automatic in this price range at the very least you should get an “elebore” grade movement. Tag has some OK designs but for the price they need to step up their game if they ever want any money from me.

jackblackwhole says:

tags design is almost like the new generation of longines…a bit un-inspiring and a flashy price. Reliability wise it’s always quantity vs quality. If you want to mass produce and make a considerable profit, quality will always suffer.

julius dendawijaya says:

Tag heuer, they got good marketing. Wish oris have as much campaign as the tag.

Vile Nation Gaming says:

I have a Tag Heuer Aquaracer Caliber 5 (Automatic) and It is a GREAT watch. I also have an Orient Mako XL and it is a great watch as well.

John Donnelly says:

Tag whorer, or horror

Adrian Alberts says:

I inherited an Aquaracer 2000 automatic chronograph and here’s my honest and unbiased as possible opinion.

What I like about it: It’s rugged, masculine, good overall quality, feels solid and can be worn everyday without worrying too much about those inevitable scratches and bumps. It also has sentimental value to me which obviously cannot be quantified. As for accuracy, well quite honestly I think a $10 Casio watch would most likely be a better choice but then again, that’s not why people wear automatic watches.

What I don’t like about it: Stupidly high service costs for what is after all a mass-produced ETA movement, the components and accessories are way over priced, after a few years I noticed that the chronograph hand wouldn’t rest exactly at the 12’o clock mark when I reset it after use.

Would I have bought a TAG if I didn’t inherit this one? Probably not, as I prefer Omega, Breitling and literally only one Rolex…the Daytona. I won’t even mention all of the other ultra luxury brands that I like such as Patek, Breguet, JLC, Audemar etc. as there are too many of them, but then again we also need to compare apples with apples.

TAG isn’t a bad brand at all, and due to its clever marketing it has created brand awareness to such an extent that the average consumer believes it to be one of the top luxury brands in the world. However, in my opinion, it’s as pseudo-luxury or entry level luxury watch at best.

Eddie Kruggerr says:


Brian Lee says:

Another pointless video bashing TAG Heuer…. Honestly I don’t understand people who bash a watch brand (insert any reason here) yet have not even owned one from the said brand.
I’ve owned a several TAG Heuer watches in the past and still own one. I also own several watches from brands like Omega and IWC (Pilot’s Watch Chrono and Portuguese Chrono). There’s no apparent lack of quality on my TAG Heuer Carrera when it is compared to my IWC watches which cost thousands of dollars more. I wonder how many people that love to bash TAG have actually owned any luxury watches at all?

Muhammed Rahimzadagan says:

Tag Heuer is.. well.. nothing special.. Heuer on the other hand made cool watches. e.g. Montreal, Autavia, Monaco and Carreras 🙂

Tempus Fugit says:

I have one Tag Heuer, bought in 1998, the iconic S/EL chronometer, 200m, black/charcoal dial, reference WG5111PO. Overpriced? – somewhat, but honestly not much worse than most Swiss brands. I would say the problem with Tag is around the time I got mine, they got obsessed with “big watch” designs – ugly, overly-complex, oversized, bad taste – and therefore overpriced for what they represented (esp. the quartz pieces; their automatics not so much). I regretted mine for many years, even considered getting rid of it. It sat in the drawer for 12 years, until last year I dragged it out, slapped it on, and thought, “wow, that’s a nice watch!” Great mid-size (around 38mm I think, wears a little smaller with the way the dive bezel is smaller than the watch case), I hated the other chunky offerings, and still hate most of them today (I have an 8″ wrist, but prefer watches under 42mm). And best of all, the watch is 19 years old, sat unused for 12 years, no servicing, I thook it out and off the bat it was running at -7s/day. I know, it’s a “chronometer” and should run -3 to +5s/day or whatever COSC parameters state, but come on, no servicing for 20 years and only a little outside the chronometer specs! I’m impressed – and I know it will run even better once I get that puppt serviced – cheers!

David Alberto Garcia Nuñez says:

the issue is that all dive watches look the same, rolex, omega, tag, seiko, etc, but you are not considering the legacy left by the brand in the world of motorsports and the patents that have been registered throughout of the years, the whole monaco line is great, the carrera heritage 1887 is a beautiful watch. I love Tag Heuer and i like your chanel. Regards from Mexico

Martin Bruun says:

I would not go down the F. Constantin road. As a more price-friendly alternative to Tag Heuer diver watches I would suggest Marcello. Classic design and they are honest about the movements used.

That being said, I own a Rolex a Tag and a Marcello, and I like them all.

Brian Fuller says:

Tags are overpriced and suffer from quality issues. Ugly design . NOT INTERESTED

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