Watch this before buying Tag Heuer, Oris, Longines or Hamilton watch. Beginners guide to first watch

Don’t fall into the same traps i have over the years, buy smart and watch my guide. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel


knife throwing guy says:

buying a watch is like buying art…u buy it because u like it not to sell it at a profit later

mikem2277 says:

I agree with some of your points. I have bought and sold 3 Hamiltons and 2 Oris watches and never lost money. I made money on one Hamilton I sold. You are right and the key is to buy used and buy smart! Tag is a bad move used or new! Lastly I do plan on selling a few mid range watches of mine and going with a Man on the moon!

Brian Parker says:

Really enjoyed your video, I have been doing my research as you suggested and have ruled out most of the companies  you mentioned. I am not in the Rolex league so everything I have read and seen keeps sending me to the Japanese market, but the Christopher ward Trident series ( Used)  also seems to fit the bill. I am still a bit nervous of which to buy.

Andrew Piatek says:

Talking about dive bombs. I bought Yamaha EX5 for $1,250 + $400 for the 16MB flash RAM. A year or two later, Guitar Center gave me only $150 for the whole thing telling me there’s no market for it.

I roll a Stoney. says:

Getting a 15% discount when buying a watch new doesn’t mean you won’t lose money when you sell.

Ricardo Criniti says:

Great insight! Thank you. What’s your take on Cuervo Y Sobrinos? Particularly the “Pirata” and “Robusto” lines.

JP Davis says:

Great advice,  even for those at the mid level of the hobby.   What’s your take on the new  Breitling Super Ocean Heritage 42,  black dial,  mesh band.   I just like it and can get  it for $3k USD from an AD.  Yea,  Tag is the prime example of what not to buy for any reason.  Thxs,  JP

Lee Young says:

Great video, totally agree with all the points you make, owned Certina, Tag Carrera, currently Oris Williams, edging there, found Tag is v poor resale, this guy knows his onions.

Andy Garton says:

For me this is a hobby, done purely for enjoyment. Buying only watches that hold their value, or close to it, would be very boring and restrictive. If you buy a watch and it makes you happy, it’s not “wasted money”, surely?

My Email says:

Great advice just subscribed. Do you recommend 39mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual, rhodium dial?

Yannick Ntaho says:

Little question… who has decreed that loving watches i.e. being attracted by horology meant buying and selling all the time?!?
For me… there’s nothing more exiting than buying something new even if that means that I do have to wait for a long time… and buying a very nice Oris is just fine if the next one is even a better one…
The entire collection should IMHO reflect what you’ve gone through to get to a specific level… and item #1 will always be less than item #10 in term of value but not necessarily in term of “emotion”.  
My goal is not to sell what I’ve bought… or to invest to sell at a higher price… the goal is simply to own a very nice watch… and there comes the emotional part (again!) that most of the time can’t be rationalized 🙂
(This is just my opinion…)

desolate282 says:

Where do you recommend to buy used (UK)?

AjaxForever says:

I like your videos.

Skinny D says:

I think the main thing you have to first decide is what kind of watch wearer are you? If you are the kind of watch wearer who wants to trade with friends and experience a whole array of time telling craftsmanship then this guy is right.

However if you are a working man like me, and can’t afford much more than 2k every couple of years then there is a lot to be said about Hamilton, Longines and Oris. I own a Hamilton I wear everyday at work. I own a Longines Conquest. Both are spectacular. I find Hamilton and Longines offer a wide variety of fine quality for guys like me.
Oris is a worth competitor to Tag (which I wouldn’t even look at). In a world where most watches are using movements made by Swatch or other conglomerates, it’s not such a bad deal. If I had the money I’d own an Omega DeVille.

My next watch purchase might be an old Hamilton from the 50s and have it fixed up. Just gotta do some research. But for now I’m gonna enjoy my Conquest for a long time.

Michael Kennedy says:

I buy watches that move me, that have character, style , well made and have a fair price point. Right now my favorite watches are my Hamilton Trent, Khaki King with a very accurate H40 movement and an Intra – matic with a beautiful stainless bracelet. I own a Seamaster Automatic from the mid 90s and some Seiko Sarbs as well, but my favorites are my Hamiltons. Rolex may be a good watch but they’re terribly overpriced, and are not an investment or return on capital if they simply just hold their value. I’m leaving my Seamaster to my son so I don’t care about resale value. By the way , what’s the deal with the rip off prices of watches in the U.K., I thought only us Canadians get hosed at retail.

Bigyinsbikes says:

Believe it or not, I bought a used Tag F1 a good few years ago, needed a new battery, for £60!!! Changed the battery myself for £2.50. I have still got it, not worth selling. My collection is currently a Rolex Sub Date, pre ceramic, Man on the Moon and Omega Seamaster. As Archie says, don’t buy shitters. Great vid.

casualsuede says:

tag is great, cause they are fairly cheap on the second hand market.

Shawn says:

Who gets watches to tell time anymore? That’s like saying people get phones solely so they can call people. A watch is like a piece of jewelry these days…an accessory to compliment a suit/outfit. Just like majority of phones, it won’t hold much value down the road.

torgomax says:

Subscribing to your channel.

Andrew Brown says:

Good vid. Top advice. I’ve used watchfinder several times and I’d highly recommend them, best choice of watches and good trade-in prices. Keep those vids coming!

Teamhonn says:

When I started I also took some good advise and did not run out and buy a bunch of shitter watches in the 200.00 to 500.00 range and end up with watches worth nothing and no money to actually buy a really good watch if I ever want to.  Just starting and being a family man I have a Orient Ray II (blue) and Seiko 5 SNZG15K1.  I have about $300.00 in these 2 watches and learning to live with automatic watches and just playing with watch bands.  It is really hard now to buy more expensive watches unless I go way up to Omega or Rolex because for the money the improvement is just so small.  I would love a Rolex Explorer II  but $5,000.00 for a watch that is 15 years old is hard to justify along with the budgeting of $200.00 to $300.00 for the servicing of the watch every 3 or 4 years.

cheezy says:

Watches are fashion accessories, not investments. You buy them to wear and enjoy. Most watches will depreciate just like nearly everything else you buy and use. If you are only buying watches for investment or profit then you are not a true watch enthusiast. Would you buy a sport coat, wear it for a couple years, then try to sell it for a profit? Have you ever bought a piece of gold or silver jewelry and then tried to sell it? You will instantly lose 50%. People buying Rolexes and Pateks are in it for a totally different reason and are not usually pinching pennies nor do they care about overspending on a piece of jewelry.

Amr Salem says:

so what do you think about corum?

D M D says:

The trick is you can buy any brand watch as long as you buy it right , to own your old Tag for £550 is the right price to pay ! This should pretty much hold its money as long as its looked after. Moral of the story ? Never buy new !! Always try and buy mint used.

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