Watch Brand Rankings – Federico Talks Watches

Watch Brand Rankings – Federico Talks Watches

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I discuss Watch Brand Rankings. There are a ton of websites online and youtube that rank watch brands. In my humble opinion watch brand rankings are complete crap. There are so many unquantifiable factors to watch brands that I honestly think no accurate ranking can be made. More marketing baloney.




Bayne says:

I think the only watch rankings that matter are each persons individual watch rankings specific to themselves. Each persons ranking will look different than everyone else’s.

Matt Adam says:

If somebody thumbs down Federico, they will get slapped. Just kidding. Awesome video though

Carlos Eiji Suzuki de Amorim says:

Brilliant vid, Federico!

Armando Andrés Meabe says:

I feel a bit better after this video, you are right! thanks!

MALIBUMAN666 says:

Hi Federico
Great video!
I would love to see a video about why it is that people dismiss TAG Heuer so readily. I own 5 TAG’s and I love them so it irritates me no end. Like you I am a bigger guy and the new Heuer Calibre 01 looks good on a big wrist (not so good on TGV). Keep up the good work!

James Wong says:

I am a Chinese. Yes, you are right. I look at brand ranking. I guess I should use it as a guide, not as a Bible. Thanks.

JD says:

This is refreshing, I like it.

jeanfranco espina says:

I believe you got it all wrong! you contradict yourself in your videos… watches are subjective & some are better than most in terms of durability etc etc, would you lay down 10k to something unknown and in the end, what gives you the most joy IF YOU ONLY COULD AFFORD IT…..a VW, Nissan or……

Daniel Wood says:

I’ll do a give-and-take on this one.

The Give: Yeah, I expected at least a vague run-down of some watch brands.

The Take (my opinion on the topic at hand): I agree that brand snobbery is a thing to be avoided. Just because something doesn’t speak to me doesn’t mean it’s a bad product. And, I’ll concede that a person must lay out their terms when presenting their arguments. However, there is a point where “opinion” sallies into “fact.”

Opinion: I think Panerais are over-priced and ugly.
Fact: A watch that breaks easy and has a free-swinging movement is a poor purchasing decision, no matter the price. And, for clarity, I’m not leveling that charge at Panerai watches.

I’ve seen this in watches that are sold where I work. If someone asks me, I advise them to look at Timex or Casio, watches we don’t currently sell. That might make me a poor ambassador for the store, but it’s an absolute fact: these watches will tell time, but are unreliable. Buy something else.

Gary Abrahams says:

Bravo!!! Well out and thank you for clearing this up. I agree that it is how the watch makes you feel and the value that it adds to your daily activities. No price can be put on this.

Frugal Snob says:

Hello Federico, I believe there is a ranking but not by brands, prestige or price but by your watch collecting knowledge over time and your ranking or level of appreciation. When I see rich Chinese kids with PP’s I always strike up a conversation to see if they truly know what they have unfortunately I am not surprised to hear they just liked the way it looked or it’s a Patek and it’s very expensive. There are many that can afford the watch, but how many truly know how to appreciate it and why? These are people who attempt to buy “class” and an acceptance into a higher social economic group of people. But class is achieved through many generations of wealth and knowledge and not something that can be self made. You might be new money and successful but the neglect knowledge. Being able to talk to someone intelligently about a watch is the true enjoyment regardless of price or so called prestige. It’s passion that drives this and buying something just because you can is the opposite.

ozzycarnut says:

hi federico, i agree somewhat, that certain blog writers suggest that brands outrank another. all that huff and puff marketing bs and bottom of the barrel uneducated blog post tomfoolery, is exactly that, bs. i wouldnt say one brand outranks another, but that there are tiers of watches aimed at different markets, beater / sports watches, fashion watches, entry level watches, mid tier, high end, and uber high end. i think that one brand does not operate in one market either, they can overlap, produce beaters and also mid to high end pieces. as far as say for instance ap outranking a company like seiko, im not so sure, on dollar value, as human nature is to associate expense with quality, ap would win here in that regard, but i would suggest that seiko is certainly no bottom of the barrel piece and most certainly boxes with the big boys. consider what ap, patek or other eye wateringly expensive piece you could kick down the road and then pop it on your wrist and go off to work / dinner etc, which highlights my point with seiko. they are not marketed as uber high end pieces but i feel that they punch well above their weight. there are many other watch companies like this too. so taking a step back and looking at that, considering this bs scenario of ap and the like are at the top of the tree, and seiko down the bottom somewhere in the rankings, which really doesnt make alot of sense if someone is too afraid to wear their ap or pp for fear of scratching it or it being stolen, so they wear the trusty seiko instead. its kinda like ‘i got a number 1 / 2 watch … but i never wear it ..’ lol!. its all bs. its about what makes you happy. if you are into swatches or hublots, whatever your flavour, who cares, and who is anyone to rank any of these brands in some ridiculous pecking order. end rant.

Nicholas A Lukito says:

General criteria developed by both the supply and demand side. Brand equity, which also contributes to value retention. Ability to do a number if not all things in house. Type of movement, finish and material on the movement. Overall quality of the exteriors of the watch (case, bracelet, clasp, glass).

Jean-René Boutin says:

I completely agree that there should not be such rankings. It is the same thing with cars (another of my fields of interest). One can like a brand making less high-end cars over a prestigious brand because he enjoys the way they drive or the design, etc.
Best regards,

JessMan508 says:

Invicta #1.

codecow says:

I came for a brand ranking, I got scammed bro!

jcnbw01 says:

Great video; the fact that there’s so much discussion and points of views being shared in the comments illustrates the point being made in the video: that everybody has their own opinion, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters the most. 🙂

North1867 says:

I think you also have to consider the cost of the Product for value. Why pay just for a name, for a watch you might not even be crazy about. I would just say to do your research, buy what you like and what you can afford.

Wherecar 54 says:

Wait for the JLC if you can the precision and quality of the watch is evident.

joesnapple83 says:

AP does not belong in the top tier. They are a one model brand. Without the Royal Oak, they would be nothing.

Bill Dineen says:

interesting point, to almost all people an Omega ranks higher than Timex but for me ….my Grandfather taking me out to get my first watch that was a Timex and the fact that both my father and Grandfather wore Timex watches throughout their lives, the brand Timex has a higher value to me than Omega, Longines or just fill in the blank.

To this day I still wear Timex’s. I have a few other watches in my collection, but my Timex watches will always have a special place.

You can’t put a price or a ranking on emotional attachments.

ProenskiKaproensky says:

Best advice: buy what you like. Period!

Mauricio Blanco says:

Let’s simplify, and see this from a non-WIS perspective: I think it’s all about price ranges. Even the Swatch Group lists its own brands in different “tiers”. Maybe those who aren’t into watches just want to know where a specific brand (which they may not know at all) is positioned.

Byung Kim says:

I would like to about your opinion on tag heuer

bailey behzadi says:

I agree that brand ranking is pretty snobby because brands can always improve or diminish in quality however having a long history does add to the perception of the brand

The Wrist Fund says:

I like the fake-out video title, great vid.

sandydenny lives says:

I agree on the tiers in a general way, for instance perichrome (sic) etc balance springs, quality of materials, h/made etc and build quality. My golden rule is having the engine matching the body work. Above £1K especially. I’m nearly at the good original movement stage, and my skelly at £1.3K just about leaves the showroom floor with it’s unitas 6497 m/ment, whereas it couldn’t with a 2824/2836. I haven’t had to go up to your normal level yet, but may do in the future.

Jonathan W. Fink says:

I honestly expected a breakdown of watches based on actual statistics. EG sales, chronometer production, etc. I was actually disappointed.

Luis Navarrete says:

In my opinion, the value of these lists is in that they can create brand awareness. In other words, these lists can expose new collectors to brands that perhaps they have never heard of. Now, I do agree that many of these lists may lack objectivity, and be solely based on the author’s opinion; however, just like the opinions expressed by commentators in YouTube, Facebook, Blogs, etc. they must be taken lightly and not like a form of gospel. So Federico, I do agree with you for the most part; however, I think you shouldn’t get so upset about it, because after all, what you see in those forums is not much different than what you see in watch-focused YouTube channels or blogs. Authors creating content to satisfy the need for information or entertainment; it is our job as consumers to do our homework to make the best decision possible.
Keep up the good work.

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