Valjoux 7750 Swiss Automatic Chronographs – TAG Heuer, Oris, Omega, Montblanc – Perth WAtch #53

Side-by-side group comparison of these mid-tier Swiss luxury automatic chronographs, all featuring the ETA Valjoux 7750 (or Sellita SW500) movement.
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ETA Valjoux 7750 / Sellita SW500 watches featured:
TAG Heuer Formula Caliber 16 (CAZ2012.BA0970) –
– Amazon:
Oris Aquis Titan Chronograph (OR674-7542-7154MB) –
Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Chronograph 41.5mm ( –
– Amazon (ceramic ver.):
MontBlanc Sport 3273 Chronograph –
– Amazon:


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Prelude in C (BWV 846) Kevin MacLeod (
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ToxicWastoid says:

Excellent…thanks for this comparison. Agree that my Montblanc is the dressiest of the four. I think the standard automatic non-chronograph Seamaster is the sweetspot.

Alex Sibley says:

I like that montblanc 🙂

Brian Hinder says:

Many thanks for the overview. Sadly I will not be able to afford any of these but content myself with the fact that each of my six analogue chronos are more accurate than your foursome !! 🙂

James Santana says:

A Super Informative Review … As a Beginner watch collector I am still having to come to terms with the Exorbitant prices collectors pay for the watches reviewed above, even when purchased new on the grey market or at half retail price Used, especially when it is my understanding the Valjoux 7750 movement can be purchased in other New watches for under
$500 … as I mention following your Video #2 “Diver Watch 5 Tier Comparison,” these prices are enough to give a Beginner a Heart Attack ! … Working as a Department Store Manager in my youth, I was ordered to price blue jeans from China at $25 when they cost our company $ 5 dollars a piece and when I protested that this wasn’t Fair to our customers, was curtly told “Fair is what a buyer is willing to pay & what the market will bear ! ” … So for me, paying $2,000 to $2,500 “Sale” price still seems Extremely high, as from what little I’ve learned & leaving craftsmanship aside for a moment, many Overpriced watches have Valuable Name Brand Recognition among collectors who see them as “Hoyty – Toyty,” “Hoy – Paloy,”  show off Status Symbols for the Rich & Famous, which artificially inflates their Brand price to Ridiculous amounts making them Much Desired by us working class who can’t afford them as well as the artificial “Status” they generate, inspite of these watches having NO nice to have inhouse movements, but still have lots of Pedigree & Class … which Seiko also of Excellent Craftsmanship & Quality & inhouse movements for the moment lacks:  Pedigree & Class … and yet many unseasoned collectors ( present company excluded, of course ) will Pass Up Buying a “Reasonably” priced watch of Superior Craftsmanship like the Maurice Lacroix World Timer automatic with an inhouse movement (purchased new for $ 1,400 on Ebay), or the Frederique Constant Classics GMT automatic also with inhouse movement ( $ 613 new on Amazon ), for artificially inflated must have “Overpriced” $ 2,000 plus status Brands belonging to the watch world of Luxury & Excess ( but if you’ve got it, it’s well & good to spend it ) … That said, the superior Divers reviewed above are truly Great, Beautiful, Superb Timepieces worthy of any Collection & anyone Fortunate enough to own them … except they are too, too Pricey for Beginners but we can Dream. Thanks for Another Superb Review, Major Jim, USMC

vegasaxeman says:

Great job! All the pertained information and nice camera work and audio…
You can really tell the difference when someone is a “real watch guy” vs someone who is just being a “watch snob”!
New sub here my friend.
God bless and take care…

hazrie imran says:

Among all four, which one looks to have the best workmanship/craftsmanship quality?

chr1s60 says:

Nice little comparison video. These are some tanks to fit that massive movement! Glad you pointed out about the TAG bracelet quality. They have made a lot of improvements over the past few years, but their bracelet quality is still sub-par in every price range they offer pieces.

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