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1969 was the year Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon; when Jimi Hendrix performed to a mud-soaked crowd at an overflowing Woodstock; when the needle-like supersonic Concorde took its maiden flight. It was also the year Jack Heuer started to look for investors for the TAG Heuer brand, then known as just Heuer. Something truly special was needed, something that would make the headlines in such an eventful year. That something was the Monaco.

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Xiang Fan says:

in breaking bad, Jessi give the cook a gift,

Terry Tudor says:

Zenith may have announced the first automatic chrono but Seiko was the first to also incorporate the vertical clutch column wheel into an automatic and it was the first to be used in space and arguably the first to be sold on commercial basis. Yet these Swiss watches get all the credit.

Mercedes Lin says:

What is the name of the background music?

Watch On says:

Amazing video, story and watches 🙂

Nelson Abreu says:

That’s why you should never do macro shots of your watch. Once you see the flaws you’ll never look at the watch the same way as you did before.

ProjectD00135 says:

Would love your take on a Grand Seiko Springdrive

starkid20 says:

could i kindly request for a story on the Rolex Explorer I and II series? – and no, I refuse to watch or listen to the Archie Luxury rambles for this model..

camoh455 says:

how about some ulysse nardin?

Miroslav Misic says:

Awesome videos! I would really like a TAG Heuer Monza review.

Sean M says:

This video is basically two watches interacting like sock puppets.

Jonathan Phan says:

Excellent video, earned another sub!

Tariq York says:

Really enjoying vids like this and the RO vs. Nautilus.

Think a more appropriate video title could be used though. As interesting as this is, it definitely isn’t a review.

Optidorf says:

Excellent review: factual, to the point and with an interesting story.

Clément Celma says:

Congratulations on one of the highest quality channel on Youtube, period !
Would love to see you compare Navitimer vs Sinn 903.
Best of luck from Switzerland !

Jim says:

This has to be Alan Davies narrating this?

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

Simply the BEST watch review channel on Youtube. Interesting, informative, no BS, no “personality cult”. Congratulations sir!

Austin Tschirhart says:

Stunning dials… just beautiful!

grimmer2005 says:

6th date, isnt centered at the watch to the left.

datzed says:

Don’t forget Seiko’s 6138 movement, which was also released in 1969 and credited as the worlds first self winding chrono movement. Except Seiko’s movement was truly in house. The 6138 8020 looks just as good as these do IMHO.

Super Dude says:

4:06. Flaw on the 12 oclock marker.

Mees S says:

Please review the Zenith el primero 1969 as well 🙂

The Watch Hipster says:

Hats off as always. Amazing narration and video production.

Alwyn Louis says:

Thank you!!

Cassly Yong says:

Hi WatchFinder! Great video as always! It would be nice if you could talk a little about the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Bronze. I know this watch has been in the market for quite awhile, but a comparison between the Zenith and IWC Big Pilot would be interesting I guess. Looking forward to your opinion! Keep up with the great contents! 😀

killamist666 says:

My new favourite watch vlog, Good content.

60cm Hengst says:

Review my Casio calculator watch next.

Vince Watches says:

Wonderful video…well done ✅

Christian Hernandez says:

Breitling chronomat 41/44 rose gold and steel

Alex Tudorache says:

Grand seiko review ? Lovely story as always !

Munrais says:

Walter White’s watch.

valebliz says:

Great review as always.

Audrius N says:

Superb videos. Review with historical background is fa more interesting. Unlike spec sheet reviews. I can read it myself.

Brandon Eggleston says:

I get some much great info from you watch reviews!

jason starek says:

Fantastic as per usual. Funny that there was so much competition between Zenith and Heuer… those are the two pieces I’m looking at now. I hope to acquire both eventually (El Primero Chrono, Monaco Classic chrono).

MLC says:

The application of red at 5:19 seems a bit sloppy.

Nihad Asadli says:

I generally don’t like rectangular watches, but this one is a beauty.

Mike FFL says:

OMG This is QUALITY, Both the watches and videos.

jason starek says:

I’d love to see some videos on the IWC Portuguese hand-wound, and whatever you think would be the most logical competition (maybe the JLC master)

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