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In 2016, over 55,000 members of the watch-buying community collaborated on the design of the brand new ‘Heuer’-badged re-issue of the classic Autavia. If you’ve ever seen the episode of the Simpsons where Homer gets to design his own car, you’ll also understand that asking the public for design advice invariably goes wrong. So, has TAG Heuer successfully managed to crowdsource the design of the new Autavia, or do we have a Watchy McWatchface on our hands?

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ThisIsTaco1 says:

That Watchy McWatch Face joke was perfect

Joachim Larsen says:

Great videos, please consider reviewing Ressence watches. They seem innovative and enigmatic, I would like to hear a professional opinion. Cheers!

Swag ROG says:

Can you please review the Breitling navitimer 01? My absolute favourite watch.

Dan Tan says:

If this Watch is smaller, thinner, and have no date feature, I would be all over it! It is still a nice Watch, though.

Wereld van Morgen says:

The diameter is quite nice but the thickness of the case breaks this watch down and that is such a same! Otherwise this watch would be way more popular.

lobserve1 says:

I like this channel but why hold it in your shaky hand? It’s hard to watch (no pun intended).

A Random Guy says:

I don’t want an Autavia.
I’d rather know what’s the camera set up that gives the clean crisp _better looking than reality_ quality each video has.

MrVedant29 says:

hey! can someone help me deciding to buy between baume and mercier clifton MOA10130 and longinies master collection L2.673.4.78.6?

Thomas Christopher White says:

Still don’t understand why I’d get this over a speedy reduced or something. Maybe it’s just not my thing. This has been my problem with long established watch brands lately. They’re so held back by their history and public expectation to the point where you can feel they’re choking on design choices.

I just find myself combing through the kickstarter pages more and more frequently. At least these start up micro brands have the balls to give you something new and truly inspired.

designed4yous says:

Would you have a chance to do a review/comparison of the Platinum Daytona v. the 17 Ceramic Daytona?

OnlineBackupServices says:

tag heuer should just die.

Max Levine says:

Definitely the only Tag Heuer I’ve paid any attention to in forever.

Armand The Watch Guy says:

Oh, the irony that the issue with the original Autavia was the legibility of the minutes and yet they produce a watch with 2.5 minute increments on the minute sub-dial.

blaberoo says:

I love the format of this channel, some info about the history, perfect AV quality and not too long.

keviny1989 says:

Review some Blancpains please, Aqualung and Mil-Spec

Geno C says:

I never thought id be so interested in watches. Thank you for making excellent videos that suck you in with interesting facts and beautiful watches.

James Williams says:

Could you do a video on the history/opinions on some of the watches in you guys’ personal collection?

Andrei Vasile Neamtu says:

Nice video. So is this the new movement what is not made with Seiko parts?

GioScorpio1983 says:

Please make a review of the Grand Seiko sgbw253. Also it would be nice to see a Grand Seiko sbgw253 vs a similar Swiss time only watch to compare craftsmanship and accuracy.
Kind regards,

ogarzabello says:

What’s the difference between a REAL TAG Heuer and a FAKE TAG Heuer? Only the price, they BOTH ARE CRAP. When visiting Cozumel, a friend of mine lost the bezel of his TAG Heuer when we were just swimming in the ocean, not even diving. And I have heard other horror stories, but I’m just mentioning the one I personally witnesed.

lola agudo cordero says:

Rolex gmt master ii 16710 coke

Master of Speed says:

This watch looks like chinese AAA copy, It is a complet insult to 60s autavias.

Jeroen de jong says:

The Autavia could well be the new direction for TH, as a watch lover i always saw TH and didn’t know what to think about it, now the new movement and watches like this give me a smile and respect for the brands future. And soon i will be wearing the Autavia. Love the video’s !!

Cedar Canoe says:

This is killing this very beautiful watch: 42mm diameter and 15.6mm thickness

Kilak says:

why the knife and the camera??

Legendus Vrenko says:

I love it..

shoutsatpigeons24 says:

Gorgeous watch, some people are going to hate on TAG even if they develop a cure for cancer however.

BruHaHa says:

Great channel. Love the videos. Love vintage Heuer also, but this new Autavia is a miss. The bezel insert is too fat, the date is too prominent and looks like an afterthought, the 2 and a half minute increments are a joke on a chrono (which thankfully they have now acknowldged) and the faux patina lume is a trend that needs to stop… the Jack Heuer limited edition is a much better watch however and does get my vote.

blaberoo says:

beautiful watch

pkk9318 says:

To me this watch right here is a missed opportunity. The idea with a re-edition is to typically keep the aesthetic and proportion of the original just scale it up and update the Movement. Here it looks like the bezel to face ratio is all wrong making it very much not like the original but a poor reproduction. This is my personal opinion. It might be the hottest product for all you know just not for me

ccw1961 says:

Like it. At last a Tag worth having.

andris ghiffari says:

It’s soooooo beautiful…

Ezra Pages says:

I was really excited about this watch, until I actually saw it in the flesh. The watch is too large (38-39mm would have been perfect) the shine of of the high polished steel looked a bit cheap and it also looked too tall. Flip the watch over and seeing the name “TAG” really killed it for me.

Arran Cundy says:

Personally I love the design! I am also loving the quality of your YouTube videos. Please keep them coming!

conradandjudy says:

Cover my vintage Heuer day date month chrono from the 50s. Pre TAG, must be complicated, but seems fairly common.

Eric Nielsen says:

Looks great in pictures. Tried it on at my nearest AD, width is big but manageable; the thickness is just too much.

Andrei Andrei says:

Nice video ❤️

Kalanyos Jozsef says:

the question is why u selling second hand watches for higher prices than the brand new retail price.
this is how we could beat the waiting list?

Colin Chan says:

Not for me it’s a Tag, size too big, faux patina , just trying too hard….sorry

Simon Pagano says:

I hate the minute sub dial. Why in gods name does it not have indicators for every minute?! Does the designer not know what a blood chronograph is?!


Seiko 5 Japanese movement is an old school auto I am more than happy with. US$120.00 Warren Buffett still wears his original. And Warren is worth 90 BILLION dollars. Watch wankery at it’s finest are MASSIVELY over priced Swiss turds for dumb rich shits.

daneg007 says:

i think that this is a great looking watch. i love the dial layout, almost all of my chronographs have the same. the only thing i wish was different is the bezel, i would like to see the 60 minutes markers instead. altogether i think it’s a win for th, now to look for a deal on one and hopefully it will get here before the end of the year. great video as always, i think i can speak for everyone when i say that the time and amazing effort you put in to every one is very much appreciated. thank you.

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