The atrocious resale value of TAG HEUER Wrist Watches

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Gewglesux says:

Learning the hard way must mean owning a Tag. I took a bath on all of mine..

Mitch Cumstein says:

I guess I better not tell my girl friend her tag automatic Aqua racer is piece of shit or its back to the right palm “dick tater” for my ass.

Wael Khayat says:

fat ass poofter

northlander says:

love my tag aquaracer calibre 5 , i didnt buy it to make money . i bought it to tell time , but my next purchase will be a seamaster or planet ocean , fuck rolex .

16cliffedge says:

Jesus’s christ

John Thomas says:

I’m a piece of shit and cunt.I feel better all ready fuckers.

1Sanantoniomatute says:

I buy watches because I can afford them, not because I’m already thinking of how to get that money back.

metin emre gurbuz says:

It does lose value for sure, maybe 50% if you buy it from an authorised dealer, around 30% if you buy from gray market. So best is buying pre-owned where you can even make money if you resale after a good deal. If you are filthy rich and don`t give a fuck about your money no worries. So this cunt is right! but partially 😀 So listen to him but be smarter than him. Tag Heuer is an amazing watch and you can afford it, do so!

MGTOW says:

It’s a &4,850.00 Swatch is what it is

Paul Love says:

Awsome information ty Archie and yes i pissed myself laughing.

Joe Grundy says:

I buy the watch I want, not caring about the resale. If it’s a bad resale, DON’T SELL IT. Not everybody’s opinion is based off of your tiny little channel. You are not the smartest man in the world, you’re a fat, obnoxious, know-it-all cunt. We do what we want, not to be dictated by you. You’re not the “preacher”. You’re a fat, useless Australian who has nothing better to do with his life than tell people what to buy. I fucking hate you.

Ben Correll says:

Thanks for the advice you dirty cunt

m hughes says:

help me Archie if i cant afford a $5000 rolex used but i can get a 4000 SWISS MADE tag for $1000 used isnt that a good deal no one buys a tag new

Ettore Vellucci says:

Fukushima you

William Bryon says:

I’ll never understand the hate for Tag Heuer.

The real deal says:

… And here i was thinking i’m the only one who doesn’t give a shit about resale value. If you’re going to buy a luxury piece knowing your financial situation is all over the place, simply don’t.

Steve Zax says:

So, your whole piece of advice is based on the actions of one dealer that:

Would buy a used Rolex for 9,500 that retailed at 10k?

Would not buy a Tag Heuer that retailed at $4,850 for 1K?

FYI, the dealer is an arse. You could take that Tag and flip it on Ebay for at least $2,500. There’s virtually no money to be made on the Rollie (quite likely only a loss), and finding a buyer for a 10K watch is extremely difficult.

Tell Scotty that I’ll buy that Tag for 1K. Tell him to post it on Ebay for a buy it now and send me the ebay #

Ton Ka says:

Protect us like condom…? Hahah

fourstarist says:

Why can’t you mention the model? What fucking use are you?

John Kant says:

This shit is true I bought one for 150 us fixed for 60 bucks total=210 bucks for a TAGHEUER

lloyd clayton says:

cunt off

Juan Gallardo says:

Scotty bought a Rolex.

J says:

I buy the watch that I like. I couldn’t give a fuck about the resale.

Polar Roller says:

The Pontif has spoken.

jsong21 says:

First of all you’re an idiot. And why the FUCK would you try and sell a watch back to a dealer? Of course you are not going to get a good resale from a dealer. They don’t want the damn watch because they already buy new stock of the watch at around used price value. Why the hell would you even think about selling it to a dealer???

cris2ivan says:

Ur a fat fuck

brianplummy says:

Archie! We love you, you fat fuck!

h pro says:

i think you’re full o shiiiiiittttt big time. why don’t you mention the model you cunt, all that depend on the model you fucking dumb cunt piece of shit cunt

cngazdecki says:

I love this guy! He’s fuckin geeked

Black Rose says:


matt walker says:

Archie you fat fucker not everyone wants to sell there watches after they buy them some people keep them for life. if you want a tag buy it. your a silly fat fuck

Michael Kirst says:


DaemoniumCC says:

So Tag’s are dogshit? lol get fucked.

James C says:

AC3. Legend

JDave Foster says:

Archie – I don’t understand. Are you saying I should buy a Tag Huer new, full price?

MALIBUMAN666 says:

I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the resale value, I ain’t selling mine.

Fredrik29Sweden says:

If you like a tag watch! Buy it. I have a Rolex sub and then a tag watch

JDave Foster says:

Tag Heuer is for mean, nasty, vile tossers!

Thurein Tun says:

Mate, I m planing to buy tag heuer monaco 2015, Steve maq. So should I or shouldn’t

Moment in Time says:

No dealer is going to pay you $9500 for a used watch sold new for $10000.  There’s no room for profit reselling it.  I call bullshit Archie.I agree with TAGs having poor resale though.

Steve Powles says:

Nothing wrong with buying new. When you buy a watch you should be buying it to wear, not sell. You should not choose a watch based on its resale value. Tag is not shit! True it is not Rolex, but not everyone can afford top names. I have had a Tag and an Omega, both great watches. Your attitude towards people who you claim to advise sucks. You know nothing you FAT FUCK !!!

Greg Miel says:

Whats wrong with tag?

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