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You probably know TAG Heuer best as the entry-level Swiss luxury watchmaker famous for its big, square Monaco, but I expect you never thought you’d see the day when the following sentence was true: here’s a TAG Heuer that costs over £13,000.

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Chip Wong says:

You will not be having your $13,000 in 1-2 years…..

Daniel Aboumrad says:

Do a video on the bulgari octo finisissimo tourbillon!

easa1912svk says:

I can only say superlatives about video quality and editing skills, but please, learn to pronounce Porsche and Hublot.

bymrchu says:

How’s 10k price tag a “fraction” of 20k? It’s more like a half, not a fraction. Other than that, a very informative and awesome video like always. Thank you!

Vishnu dahatonde says:

Why you’ve never featured a seiko? I believe THs and Hublots does not have the character that seiko have. I know entry level seikos won’t make it. But the GS and Credors should definitely make a cut.

Vulcan Watch Straps says:

Great informative video. We really love your content keep it going!

Marc Yaptinchay says:

I do not get why PP is putting its nose in some other companies business. If a company wants to sell gold cheap and shit expensive, well thats thats companies prerogative….. oooohhh wait , PP is panicking because Tag just showed the world the real cost of a tourbillon.

Peter Roda says:

I love your channel and spend far too much time watching it. The more I watch the more I keep coming back to the Grand Seiko. It just feels right. Its refreshing.

Alex Me says:

Torbillion whith screws not aligned seems like a Chinese knock off

Marian Palko says:

??? There have been many super-expensive exclusive Tag Heuers, for instance the extremely accurate chronographs.

BeautyHunter1986 says:

I started watching your videos, and they stand out in YouTube Video Search. I enjoy the music Background while you explain/review the watches.

I started this interest in watches almost a few months ago and its fascinating how beautiful they are yet every watch has a story, personality and price tags follow it.

1 thing I noticed in most watches from let’s say $500 all the way to $60k, they have 2-3 seconds dial ..? I am very puzzled “Why would put extra 2nd second dial..?” What’s the use or purpose..? I would like to know the core answer so I can pursue my dream watches…

Many thanks, and as always, great videos and keep us educated… thank you.

Watch Geek says:

I honestly don’t like Biver brand takeovers as he makes all watches look somehow like a Hublot, including the Zenith everyone is raving about. I don’t like it… And I don’t like the look of this either.
I like the mechanics of it and the engineering but I simply don’t like the looks

Wayne Prezzler says:

Tag Monaco and nothing else from Tag. Saying that they’re now making to many variations of the classic Monaco too.

mister pets says:

Omg look at the pitting on those screw heads at 5:43! Disgraceful

kalisti2323 says:

toast XD <3

UXXV says:

Is that bottom screwdriver going rusty?

Geoff Gyro says:

They won’t sell many and it will become a rare prized collectable.

Neill Levine says:

Could it be as simple as removing ‘tag’ from the logo for them to triple their annual sales?

My Opinion says:

You would have to be a total idiot or a drug addict / dealer to consider paying that much for a Tag.

S R says:

Would love to see some Cartier on this channel. Listening to your take on the brand as well as pieces such as the Ronde, Ballon Bleu and Tank would be interesting given their fairly priced watches, rich history and being more of a jewelry statement.

Stu says:

I don’t really care about what PP thinks.

Fractured Hearts says:

Give me a classic old watch any day..

Abdul Rahman Noor says:

4:08 is where the history lesson ends and the real video begins.
I’m normally a huge fan of Watchfinder videos but to take up more than half the video explaining the brand history was a downer in this case..

Jake Roth says:

OR. Soon to be worth about $5,000 pounds and still nobody will buy it from you. Also tourbillon, aka the sucker complication, you can buy one from Seagull for $400. #depreciation #tagmeansdumpsterfire

Ng Tai Wei says:

g shock MrG

Richard Burt says:

Please do a Ressence!!

Karl-Emil Storm says:

I really REALLY like the new style that Tag Heuer has come up with!

filip Stålnacke says:

Tag is dying

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