TAG HEUER – Which Monaco is right for you? Calibre 11 (CAW211P) vs Calibre 12 (CAW2111)

If you’re weighing up which TAG Heuer Monaco to buy, between two modern blue-dialled variants, this video is for you. Time and Tide Watches explore the 2015 re-issue of the ‘McQueen’, the Calibre 11 (CAW211P) vs the Calibre 12 (CAW2111) in Monaco, as the Formula 1, roars past in the background.

For more thoughts on the TAG Heuer Monaco, see Andrew’s long review here: http://timeandtidewatches.com/my-6-months-with-the-tag-heuer-monaco-calibre-11-ref-caw211p/


frieswithmayo says:

Heuer always, TAG Heuer nope. Original Heuer 2446C rocks !

LJP says:

Thank you for your video review on Monaco designs – they are really beautiful.

Please also check out my review of Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 41mm after the use of 4 years – https://youtu.be/PEECGhdZWPE

Auttie B says:

Best watch show around, thanks

Seiko Grand says:

Rather have the Vintage Monaco Steve McQueen Chronograph 1133B made by Heuer instead of the endless TAG ‘homages’

Michael Taylor says:

Great video! And you’re right, by the end of the video I knew which model was right for me. Tune in to @TrackWorthy to see which watch ends up in our future videos.



Martin Huňáček says:

snob feeling from this video

J Favorites says:

I think i’m a Calibre 11 guy

Marcus Aurelius says:

no cal 36, bye


Me personally will buy both double the investment plus u don’t now they will become rare after time.

FuwaForestFilms says:

The “MONACO Calibre 11” is infinitely beautiful!

Tanner Murdock says:

Excellent review! You guys gotta make more videos like this.

Gerald Brienza says:

Heisenberg’s watch………

Luigi Casoli says:

Told me Monaco is Ancocomfortable is true

Jim Smith says:

Thanks for the video. I just ordered the Calibre11…. can’t wait

Firm Beast says:

Oh my Lord that Monaco 11 is just a beautiful watch!

salamattamalas says:

Cal 11 everytime

Watch Aficionado says:

Sorry but Zenith El Primero was first to be presented to the public (i.e., they won!)..Zenith presented their prototype watches to the public a few months before Tag and Seiko did. Also, Zenith used (uses) a HIGH BEAT INTEGRATED COLUMN WHEEL movement, not an inferior cam operated modular chrono movement. The El Primero went on to win many awards and accuracy competitions and is still used in a similar carnation this very day (unlike the Heuer or Seiko movements). Enough said!

Anyway, this watch is a beauty.

MarkMash17 says:

Calibre 11 – My Ultimate watch

Skymonkey400 says:

The 11 is only about £500 more but I recently bought the 12, same as the one in this video for literally one reason… the box.

The box which the 11 comes in has an orange racing stripe across the top which looks a bit silly where as the 12 just has a nice understated plain box.

Danny Crivello says:

Watched your video. Pulled the trigger on the Calibre 11. Watched your video again. Thank you!

Doug M says:

Heuer may have just won the race to the patent but the Zenith El Primero is a far, far superior movement. That said, I have a Tag Monaco Linear System which I love (the fact that the chronograph hour hand dropped off is a minor glitch). I also own an El Primero and it is the best….just ask Rolex, they used it in their Daytona’s for many years….high praise indeed!

Marcelo Marques says:

McQueen sucks! Signed: Mr. White (Heisenberg).

stephen mcneill says:

Gorgeous watch, really informative video thank you. Just subscribed after watching this.

Steven says:

Jacket is too small for the dude.

bollywood21 says:

Excellent review

Skymonkey400 says:

Why the stupid music

Zeebra says:

calibre 11 definetly !! such a cool watch

flyboy747 uk says:

Probably only me that thinks this is a very ugly looking watch.

ripperx444 says:

Guys this is a TAG! Sorry

Berk367 says:

Great video – thanks for creating.  I was looking at the Calibre 12 but following this detailed review pulled the trigger on the Calibre 11 and absolutely love it.  Look forward to more of this style of video – keep up the great content!

Dong gi Kang says:

I would chose left side crown Monaco. no doubt

bikesbeersnbeats! says:

Yep, the Calibre 11 is the daddy! Love it!

SP says:

You didn’t mention price..

Purplehaze5995 says:

Great vid.

gmshadowtraders says:

The Archie one… it’s the ‘fuck you, get the hellouttamyway ya piece of shit’ special Monaco edition in blue.

rfinke5 says:

Great video! One of the best Monaco vids! Leaning toward the 11. May have to get both though! 😉

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