TAG Heuer | The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Launch in Switzerland

The first TAG Heuer modular luxury watch bearing the Swiss Made label Swiss tradition connected to the future. #ConnectedToEternity

Two events held in Switzerland and California to unveil the new watch.

Swiss Made
Designed, developed and assembled in Switzerland by TAG Heuer.

A truly modular watch
Featuring an original concept which is brand new in the field of connected watches:
the connected module is interchangeable with an Haute Horlogerie mechanical module –
3 hands or Chronograph Tourbillon COSC certified – offering a vast choice of materials, colors and combinations: the concept of modularity also applies to the lugs, strap, buckle. This is nothing less than a luxury watch which can be completely tailored to suit your mood.

A beautiful design and bold aesthetic
This is a genuine Swiss luxury watch engineered in collaboration with Intel: water-resistant to 50 meters, it features GPS, an NFC sensor for payments, a stunning high definition AMOLED screen, a wide selection of unlimited customizable TAG Heuer dials. Google’s Android Wear 2.0 and the new TAG Heuer Companion app improve the software experience and keep you connected with the people and information that you care about most. In crafting this watch, no compromises were made on design. Only high-quality materials have been used, such as titanium, ceramic, rose gold, with impeccable attention to detail.

See Now, Buy Now: Avant-garde right up to distribution, available as of today TAG Heuer leads the way in the world of avant-garde luxury watchmaking as the first watch brand to apply the “See now, buy now” fast fashion concept. As of today, the watches will be on sale in TAG Heuer boutiques, from a selection of retailers, or available for delivery via the brand’s online webstore.

In Switzerland, the press conference, held near the highly symbolic Rütli Meadow in the heart of Switzerland, was led by Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer & President of the LVMH Group Watch Division, accompanied by Josh Walden, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the New Technology Group at Intel, and David Singleton, Vice President of Android Engineering at Google.

Discover more on : http://www.tagheuer.com

TAG Heuer on Facebook: http://tag.hr/facebook

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Laurent Le Pen says:

Jean-Claude Biver is a role model; not only because he is part of the most respected persons in the modern horology but also because he is such a great salesman 🙂 “1801 and the 21st century! You buy history and you buy the future. Who can sell you the past and the future? TAG Heuer!” Well done Mr Biver and the engineering team of TAG Heuer, you guys have designed a fantastic watch.

kovlabs says:

Omg what a train wreck of a launch

Đức Anh Nguyễn says:

In honor of Eduard Heuer, please resign Mr.Biver. You had such a great success in Omega and Hublot, no one even doubts that but please stop!!

Lvnt Technologies says:

Total nonsense, changeable strap is called modular??? It’s really really crazy

Lokitbara says:

Great product with terrible launch as usually.

Michael Hughes says:

Is that CEO drunk?

Nelson Chee says:

sound quality is very bad.

stmbaah says:

whats wrong with that old guy.?

Mutale Mule says:

Very awkward and cumbersome launch

omar al masri says:

great smart watch. waiting for it to hit UAE MARKET.

Hansen H says:

Looking at the negative comment for mr biver, it seems that they dont know him enough. That is him being himself. Spectacular!!!!!!!!

Dcage 13 says:

I love that guy! i couldn’t finish a 50min video without him!

Chris Kerr says:

OMG. Get that CEO off the stage. Is he drunk?

helder Silva says:

CEO of Tag Heuer shows the values of a Swiss brand and demonstrates all that the art of a watch can evolve and keep the same process working!

Harzem Ayna says:

first watch is better than this

Silver Nomad says:

Holy cow. The CEO guy is terrible to listen too.

Stojan Drageljevic says:

he dont beleve in this what he speaking ,its all about make more monay on gadgets. this is not watch 99% watch lover will say that,

Lvnt Technologies says:

It’s the silliest product launches unfortunately. Not sure what is the CEO trying to do on the stage, and that whole Monica shooting showing was completely pointless

Louis Smith says:

The CEO must have been a Preacher or a Preacher on the side. SO much enthusiasm he has.

Patrick PK says:

Purely from estethic & features perspectives… This absolutely misses the mark for me. Apple watch and Android watches (Samsung, LG, etc) have leveled the palying field. There is NO way I would pay that amount for this watch: Late to the game, run of the mill and super overpriced! I am not at all impressed – And I happen to like Tag Heuer……..!!

Watch On says:

I love Jean Claude. Great mind and great personality!

Vj says:

bunch of old dogs barking

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