TAG Heuer Pushes Its “Avant Garde” Dimension at Baselworld 2016

Since Jean-Claude Biver took the direction of TAG Heuer, he’s been pushing the brand in new directions, especially emphasising the “accessible luxury” dimension with new products more aggressively priced. And what better exemple then the Carrera Heuer-02T introduced just before Baselworld, a flying tourbillon watch priced at 15’000.- Swiss Francs.

Jean-Claude Biver talked to us about this strategy and the role of the Carrera Connected watch, as well as their new presence in Formula 1 where the Red Bull team is now powered by TAG Heuer!!!


Mike W says:

Despite an assortment of watch snob dickheads refusing to even look at a TAG Heuer, some of their time-pieces are very good. They might need to be careful on their pricing and not get carried away but certainly a brand that deserves consideration. Their BaselWorld 2016 offerings were a lot better than Omega. Mike

Đức Anh Nguyễn says:

Stop destroying Tag Heuer Mr. Biver!

manduheavy vazquez says:

Smart watches are for kids. Not for a man.

V P says:

LVMH group = worst joke on haute horologie

Ashton Kee says:

Totally unfair and unwarranted remarks about people who buy an LG or Motorola smartwatch. Pompous ass……hope smartwatches everywhere eat more into their market shares.

lief skullsmasher says:

that tourbillon.. wow! i even like their smart watches, def the best looking out there.

Nasser Sabah says:

Very nice watches

Richard Burns says:

Tag is trash

MrJKL Foams says:

Very inspiring and energetic person JCB. Now other tourbillion Timepices needs to explain their price when this guy can creat a swissmade tourbillion at 15K swiss. I own a heuer01 and I really luv it. More power!

7IRAM says:

Tag Heuer is a watch!???

watchesali swiss says:

modern watche -i like the tourbillon

The Moe says:

If you really wanna know if Tags are good, look at JC Bivers own watch collection, 90% Patek Philippe, 9% JLC, 1% Hublot

Siter BRo Toy Reviews says:

I like this guy, I’ve always liked omega and rolex but more recently TAG has been growing on me and the CEO Jean-Claude Biver seems to be in touch with the modern world.

OG Wavy says:

ok, I drank alot of beer, I swear ,just seen this guy as ceo of Hublot

MrFreezewithYelloIce says:

Please make that tourbillon in a yellow gold so i can buy for 30,000$+ and put diamonds on it. That would make my dream to own a tourbillon watch with my style with a price i could afflord

manduheavy vazquez says:

Tag watches are in decline with the smart watches, never can compare with the mechanical watches.

Henry Pham says:

Mr. Biver, please shutdown all the Tag’s outlets store before you talk about luxury.

eco8gator says:

I like this guy, lots of energy…now if we can put him in a brand like Zenith and have him turn that around.

If they put his modernized, reasonably priced tourbillon in a new Monaco that would have been amazing. I know they have a Tourbillon Monaco V4 but it is stupidly expensive though that belt drive system is cool.

Aiden Lee says:

Sounds like he speaks Japanese and English at the same time.

Moment in Time says:

I like the energy Biver brings. I think he’s definately helping put TAG Heuer back on the map and in the race with Omega, Rolex, and Breitling. They need to stay focused on making in-house movements to help move up their brand.

Koro Sensei says:

let’s not forget they made a collaboration with “an artist” who just put fresh paint on the watch.
They do too much collaboration, it’s kill the brand, they just become better casio brand

Uchiha Obito says:

push the envelope Mr Biver tag heur has great innovative ideas unlike other expensive watch companies!

TrenTonStackZ says:

How is this Avant Garde? Have they never heard of Apple watch?

Amintas Neto says:

I’m not a Tag fan to be frank but Biver gets my deepest admiration. His capacity to turn things around is remarkable.


ehh no thanks

508MASS378 says:

I think the whole F1 engine thing is weird. I wonder what Renault has to say about that?

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