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TAG Heuer New Watches At Baselworld 2015

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch looks at the new TAG Heuer watches presented at Baselworld 2015.

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Cranking All Day says:

Good for tag… hopefully they get rid of all those quartz pieces so they can regain some of the respect that they have lost in the past few years.

phillip phillipson says:

Has the new aquaracer borrowed a second hand from Tudor’s new North Flag?

SB SB says:

As far as i see on YouTube This is the most hated watch brand in the world.And if you own one of Tag watches ,people will call you idiot, a..hole, etc.

DLH says:

With JCB at the helm the only way is up for TAG!!

MichaelP7470 says:

Hi. Do you know the Tag model reference for the Chronograph shown at 2.07 by any chance?

Đức Anh Nguyễn says:

The biggest mistake of Tag Heuer now is JCB.

Kyle Webster says:

Any further information (price and release date) about the Aquaracer with the blue ceramic bezel?

Brandon says:

Thanks for covering the new aquaracers. Was hoping to hear the RRP for the blue ceramic bezel tho

patrick bateman says:

JCB created Hublot by stealing AP design, now hes stealing Rolex cyclops with Tag. i admit the models looks good tho, except carrera

Steve Faul says:

That “Heuer” Carrera Chrono really caught my eye. Clean, classic design with a something-my-father-would’ve-worn vibe.

jjlwis says:


fastcougar3200 says:

1:35 The only one that is not so much hideously and boringly overpriced piece of dog pile.

Hey Archie, get your fat ass over here and tell us which one here is your grail! I can cover you with $10 so say something nasty.

pavy415 says:

Archie luxury says you should consider ending your life for liking tag

sandydenny lives says:

Sadly they use Seiko technology for their ‘new’ in house movement. So it’s a no go. Cheater weaters.

martin blank says:

more of the bicompax please!!

HachiZenki says:

If you like overpriced Seikos (to whit, the Prospex line) then Tag Heuer is for you.

Mirandu Kan says:

First TAG that I like the look of.
I might actually have to buy one.

Tyson Richmond says:

i have never been a fan of newer Tags…
these look great though.

ohTetro says:

People who insult tag are those who can’t afford to make the jump from their seikos to tag, then they hype up other makes such as omega

Richard Burns says:

Who the hell wears TAG anyways?

Triple D says:

I wish they would go even further back to their roots and drop the TAG from their logo, it’s too busy and ruins the aesthetics of the faces

Arthur J says:


Morris Nell says:

Tags are nasty just buy Omega or Rolex.

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