Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 2000 5/10,000th of a Second Chronograph Watch Demonstration

See more @ http://www.ablogtoread.com. Tag Heuer CEO Mr. Babin shows off the new for 2012 watch concept called the Mikrogirder 2000. It uses a new system developed by Tag Heuer that allows it to measure down to 5/10,000 of a second via its chronograph. The system is very impressive and elegant in this very high precision machine.


5252dan says:

small personal cooling fan.

Jayden Navarro says:

Completely agree. I was thinking the same thing the whole time. It makes it look like a cheap plastic Casio.

Invictus Dominatus says:

useless watch

glock19carrier says:

Sucks that these crazy new tags are so unobtainable

enterBeastmode1 says:

Great watch, but kinda counterproductive. You get such accuracy, but a human thumb has to start and stop it (if you really were to use it for something important that requires that accuracy). Or mount it on a mechanical trigger attached to a laser sensor.

toopimpishforu says:

This watch is awesome. Its nice to see a watchmaker making their own movements and coming out with new technology. Great review on an innovative watch. 

Bill Hughes says:

They are timeless in design, but thats a problem they look old and out dated. i dont even think the look good. Its ok if you grandmother or grandfather wants to wear them. I till think they look cheap. the back plate looks cheap, mill that out and maek some design there. And make some modern looking watches that are tasteful. REmove the clasp as it cheap stamped steel make it solid. You never know in future who become great. Just because Breitling isnt the best investment if they continue…..

Astragoth2 says:

It’s mechanical. No electric current is used. The watch is powered by a coiled spring.

Pete P says:

Is this a stopwatch or actual current time watch

Bill Hughes says:

Can’t you see with yoru eyes that that company makes things as cheap as possibly, pick a tag up and hold it, or breitling the quality is there, Roles was making hollow links till few years back saying it was for weight, Walmart watches are made the same way. I do agree they have a huh resale value but give us something more modern that the old stuff. It ok for my dad to where he was young in the 60’s. I just think they uimaganitve, even the back plate seems cheap to me mill that out.

Kadir Erdi Öge says:

A master piece of micro-engineering. Bravo

Bill Hughes says:

uh how much? who says tag is lower then any luxery watch, i disagree, check out what they invented they probably have more patents then anyone else. i think they invetned the first chronograph.

alittleolder says:

and it’s only 100 Grand…

mblaevic says:


Abhishek Ravindranath says:

You don’t know watches at all, do you?

rkageru says:

1 2 3.. chinese coping

MrKnnknn says:

great technology, bad implementation

Edward S says:

dirty fucking disgusting nails he should be fired

Sakkie Venter says:

I don`t like this watch.That guy can rather clean his nails before doing a review!

Bill Hughes says:

No way, Tag is a well made high end watch company. Their patens can fill a book. They designs are modern and innovative. If only Rolex could be more revolutionary with their designs. Id buy 100 one it just looks better spinning then the 1000 or 2000.

Tim Kaa says:

2$ seiko can do this better

The Lalilulelo says:

I want it, can’t afford it… Good job you made me cry in corner… 🙁 im so sad

J Just J says:

Awesome ACHIEVEMENT! That’s is what this is about. Nobody minds if you choose to “get it done with a Casio”, great watches, but if you want a blend of passion, art and science to appreciate every ten-thousandth second of a day with…you’ll show up…”here.”

Master Margarita says:

Breitlings are generally poor value purchases. I can recommend far better quality watches with the same look at a better price. For example google breitling navitimer vs. sinn 903. Fads come & go and your personal taste will change over. What you think looks modern now will look dated in a decade. Have a look some of 1980 Omegas and compare it to a 1980s Submariner. Some designs are timeless which means you can pass the watch to your son without it looking passe 20-30 years for now.

Midnight Fapper says:

so it’s like installing a supercharger into a 1988 ford fiesta.

at the end of the day, it’s still a tag heuer… pure junk.

Jiří Lang says:

Interesting, but I think it is not possible use 1/10000 s, because of human reaction time is 0.1 – 0.2 s. And human fingers are soft (tender) and it is not possible do precisious click.

Jonathan Sanchez says:

Points for engineering, but the fuck good is that going to do to any human, ever?

Alejandro Medina says:

Your brain and nerves take 0.2 seconds to push the button on average. this watch can measure 0.0001 sec.

Nice feature…but impractical

Master Margarita says:

Rolex where instrumental in forming the modern “sport” luxury watch market. They created entire lines that these pseudo luxury watch brands now compete for. With Rolex you are buying into a rich pedigree, timeless designs and watches that are built to last. I have a vintage 1970’s day date that still runs perfectly and looks great. The watch has also increased about five fold in value making in an excellent investment.

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