TAG HEUER – Jean-Claude Biver slams the move to ‘in-house’ watch movements

TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver does not hold back when asked by David Chalmers (founder of Calibre 11 and co-founder of Time+Tide) about the move to in-house movements and away from generic Swiss movements. “The swiss have created their own problems. Why have they started to make a difference between an in-house movement and a not in-house movement?” He answers the question, and gives a clear view of TAG Heuer’s own in-house capabilities in the coming years.


MrJKL Foams says:

Such a great guy! Lets face it that people dont really think about the movement before. People just buy watch before to tell time. Thats the reason why the swiss watch making plunged way back due to quartz movement coz people wants their watch to tell them accurate time. Unlike now.

Simeon Aleksiev says:

So in 2030 Tag will be made entirely in Japan.

Ted Davis says:

Bullshit. Keep your overpriced crap. This isn’t 30 or 60 years ago and all brands that are charging what your company does are using in house movements. $3600 USD (retail) for a Calibre 5 with a fucking SW200 in it don’t cut it bud.

Andi Valentinus says:

thanks for sharing

Commanche says:

I thought tag itself is already overpriced even without in-house movement :/

Richard Burns says:

A dog shit answer for a dog shit brand.

Should I Smoke This? says:

GREAT video. If ever there was a professional perspective that one could trust to debunk the NEED for in-house movements – it’s this man. I’ll share the vid.

Ali Alexander says:

As much as I admire Jean-Claude Biver and as much I also acknowledge that ETA with Nicolas G. Hayek (Swatch) saved the Swiss watch industry and with it many, many, many brands with their reliable and cheaply robotic produced ETA movements; I have to say it’s time for more passion in watchmaking and therefore more in-house movements again. Nowadays ETA movements are not there for the survival of watch brands anymore but have become a laziness that kills the passion in many brands. If you have a watch brand that is not interested in producing the own heart of your watch you’re showing little interest in watchmaking itself. And let’s be honest, designing a movement is not so difficult for million dollar companies anymore with 3D CAD, etc. just see the Breitling B01 what a great chronograph movement that came only to life because of this trend towards in-house.

RationalPragmatist says:

Guess he’s still smarting from when TAG was shamed into admitting their “in-house” 1887 came from Seiko. Very self-serving.

Tariq Perera says:

I applaud ver much what Mr. Biver is saying here, but for me, the in-house movement gives a watch more of its own essence. Its own identity.
When it is based on an already-established movement, no matter how reliable and robust, I think of that watch as being a bit more generic.
But again, a valid point from this video!

Agus PR says:

Mr Biver, very clever as always. Thanks for sharing.

André Muñiz says:

Always a pleasure hearing mr bivers take on any horological tren!

jim Maddox says:

so if you bought a Aston Martin and there’s a ford engine inside would you still pay for that car no
years ago most people didn’t know there watches didn’t have there own movement he’s talking g bullshit if I buy a watch I want a watch made by the manufacturer not with some one else movement in it
bremount doing the same thing using ETA movement and costing a fortune

My Email says:

1887 base is a Seiko. Tag purchased the rights from Seiko. S the 1887 is Swiss/Japanese

Kayserili38ification says:

in house feels more special and specific rather than a generic shitty ass ETA that you can find in a 7000 breitling or in a 500 euro watch. this is what bothers people.. shitty brands like frederique constant are perhaps successfull because of their ‘so called’ in house movement.. (besides the price).

MagnUm says:

in house is the result of swatch tightening eta supplies. dont think the swiss just created the in house by pure coincidence

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