TAG Heuer Formula 1: Is the entry-level Tag Heuer any good?

This is a video review of the Tag Heuer Formula 1 reference WAZ1111.BA0875. The watch used in this video was provided by JB Hudson Jewelers of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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tinman 1017 says:

Look at the like to dislike ratio in this so called review. Wow. Also I bought this watch and it’s awesome. I really enjoy it. But maybe I should of saved up to buy a more expensive watch?? Lol

p33psi says:

It’s an entry level Tag that you’re reviewing! How are you even comparing it to Omega or other higher end brands? You’re reviewing the watch as an entry level! You’re suppose to review the timepiece for its pro & cons, not what you prefer!

Nathan says:

What is the point of the rotating bezel on this watch since it’s not a diver?

J Smit says:

Haha, dude you are so clueless.

sungfp3 says:

Thanks for the frank advise. To pay thousand usd for a quartz that dies within 6 months is a shitter. I saved my money a bought a Rolex sub and loving it.

E Larson says:

Dont do any more reviews. You are clueless.

maniphonep says:

Quite a biased review and not helpful. Is it good for the price range someone is willing to spend? Its not about wanting to spend more or less. Very trivial thoughts going on.

Venus Dee says:

I think Tag Heuer is an amazing brand with great value for what you get (at grey market prices, but no watch brand is good deal at retail, especially Omega) but my only issue with them is the F1 series. Not a huge fan of the design but it is ok but the clasp kills it. No reason to make a clasp like that. They do it on purpose and that bothers me knowing they can use the Aquaracer clasp.

s200rey says:


KB Eightyseven says:

not sure why the hate on tag, or saying you may aswell save up for an omega, you could say that about every watch, why buy an omega if you save up for a Rolex, also Nomos in the UK have very little resale value so a tag is a better investment regardless of model.

The boys says:

You are a clueless human being. Obviously if you want something “better” than spend more money but this watch is a nice piece for the given amount. Not the same as a seiko at all

nishan pridgen says:

I’m a owner of a few formula 1’s and it’s actually a sturdy and reliable watch, You sound like a hater!!

arthur says:

Think he dislikes how it makes his wrist look skinny .

Frank Scorpio says:

Los huevos te llegan al suelo hermano de pasar a 960 euros con ese tag a 4 mil de un speedmaster…..POR DIOSSSS NO JUEGAN EN LA MISMA LIGA SUBNORMAL! PILLATE UN AP ya que hablas tanto no?


“I would save up and buy a more expensive watch” .. you obviously don’t know what it is about dude…

Fregoli Delusion says:

For the same amount of money, you can get a Longines HydroConquest.

Eat_Sleep_Boost says:

You’re comparing a watch that cost $1000 to watches that cost 5 and 6000, do you have any idea what you’re really saying? If I compared a BMW to a VW the BMW would obviously take 1st, but VW is a good brand, but it looks terrible next to BMW, try comparing things of like value or quality, or maybe just dont do reviews anymore

Nathan says:

Shots fired

T Jenkins says:


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