TAG Heuer F1 Automatic GMT Watch – Full Review & Discussion – Ref. WAZ211A.BA0875

Last week I was given an extremely generous gift by a friend, viewer and supporter of the channel. After a week of wear I decide to give the watch the full “Urban Gentry” treatment and review. Could this offering from TAG be the GMT to end my endless search for an automatic duel time complication? As my first TAG, this watch is a very surprising timepiece indeed. While far from perfect it packs a lot in it punch considering its price and has opened my eyes to a brand I had naively overlooked in the past.

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Slashley gibbins says:

You sir are a legend. I’m glad you like this Tag. I’m no expert in the field of time pieces but I’ve always liked Tag as they look attractive and solid. A Rolex is well out of my price range so it would seem a Tag is a worthy low cost alternative. Many thanks for your review.Regards

Ron j says:

TGV, Many thanks for your excellent review, it swung me into action and I ordered one via Amazon. It arrived this morning and I am really pleased with the choice. Thanks for giving me the initial push! It’s a real pleasure to listen to you and so nice to find a channel void of bad language that seems so prevalent these days. Keep up the good work my friend and Happy Birthday which I believe is around this time.
Regards, Ron in central England.

tomleonhartITC says:

Bought 1 of these today. Thanks TGV !

Kenny Liew says:

I can understand the bracelet extension. You would wear a suit too for racing.

eddie knight says:

Tag aquracer or Tudor pel….???

Don Leonardo says:

Nice review. I’m looking forward to buying my first F1 watch.

Nexfero says:

I like Tags because they are damn near indestructible.
I have a friend who won bar bets with his Tag by betting people it wouldn’t break when they threw it against a brick wall.

gaurd3 says:

I just picked up the tag WAY201A.BA0927. I wasn’t even thinking about tags before this video. . Did some research, and the 2016 auquaracers with the ceramic bezel tick all the boxes I want. Beauty of a watch. I read somewhere that someone of notoriety took of the design of the aquaracer line recently and he is elevating them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM6KpvkxP8A

skiboyscuba says:

I want a GMT but the 40-41mm are too small. Any suggestions

MrBuckaroo2014 says:

Nice watch! Way too big for your wrist, in my opinion.

deepstarsix says:

An F1 watch that’s a not a chronograph but rather a GMT… a GMT with a non-rotating bezel… and a dive extension. Sounds like this watch is having trouble deciding what it wants to be.

Jeff D says:

Tag Heuer…no thx.

Bernie Boone says:

Great review, started looking for a high end watch and your explanation was superb. Thanks

Otto William Halim says:

#moreandmorerespect to TGV


cosmin cosma says:

Did you replace the strap after all? ☺

Alberto José Yanes Pantin says:

I believe instead of a dive suit extension it would be a racing suit extension…frankly they fave the same purpose.

hfhlm says:

this watch is a joke

Chef Daniel LaCroix says:

just came back to watch this video my friend i am looking at a tag heuer aquaracer ceramic which is £1800 here this would be my most expensive watch by far would you recommend this im really looking for a watch of under £2k but would go up a little for the right watch i dont want to buy a dud as ive saved for 2 years to finally be able to buy a really nice watch

Wolfer Wolfer says:

dat sounds more a FDNY

Killerjjay says:

I just bought one, best investment i ever made, and got it cheap on amazon so bonus! http://amzn.to/2nJZaHV you’re welcome

Joseph Jordan says:

Just came across this video because I was curious if you had done anything with TAG. I’ve really become a fan of them recently. Part of the reason probably boils down to the fact that I can’t afford Omega’s or Rolex’s, but I can get afford a preowned TAG or some of their quartz models. Did you end up keeping this? How well did you end up liking the TAG?

Alberto Matchain Ruiz says:

Hello TGV what do you think about the Tag Heuer aquaracer WAY211A.FT6068 and wich other options should I check for this price?
best regards

Gerald Wood says:

It’s funny how powerful a brand ambassador can be. They can easily change my whole view on what a brand represents

The 5th Pixel says:

I need better friends. 🙂 Do you still have it?

suleman krause says:

Seiko Monster kills this watch !!!

311PJ says:

those are ambulance sirens

Juan Gallardo says:

Tags are good.

cosmin cosma says:

What do you think about Calibre 5 or 6 movements?

Garry Perkins says:

It is an intelligent man who can recognize his mistakes. I must admit that I am not fond of Tag Heuer (save for the Monaco of course), but I can relate to your feelings, and I admire you for changing your mind. As the great John Maynard Keynes said, “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”

MM Executive Chauffeurs says:

Can you do review on Tag Heuer 01 chronograph skeleton pls.

chr1s60 says:

I think TAG is headed in the right direction. They seem to be wanting to correct their image some and get back to an in house type of company.
I know a lot of people have issues with their advertising campaigns, but I personally think it is just as ridiculous that I had to see Omega commercials every 5 minutes during the Olympics a few months ago. Another thing that really annoys me is how people will bash on TAG for using an ETA movement in a watch and act like it is the worst thing in the world but then other companies like IWC or Omega do it and it’s ok just because they are owned by Swatch.
The other reason I see them bashed is because you can buy them in more places and not only select boutiques like a Rolex… Who cares? It is smart marketing as opposed to the wasting money opening stores or making your product difficult to find. And If you are so superficial that you have to be catered to and hunt down some a watch in a specific AD store then you have much bigger issues. I don’t think TAG is trying to be the best of the best, but as an entry to mid level luxury watch I think they have a place.

ABC DEF says:

TAG Heuer gets slammed because of the perception that they’re a “mall brand” by watch enthusiasts. However, if you live in a major city, you can buy Rolex and Omega in malls too. Good review, and a good watch.

Phi Go says:

What do you say..Is this price ok for this one?


haidar abbas says:

Hey Tgv!
My question is that is it possible to change the bracelet of this watch to an jubliee bracelet? Would the jubliee bracelet suits this watch?
Thanks man Love from Stockholm Sweden

Gianpa kasa says:

Hi. Do you know where is made the bracelet of this Tag? Cause look like made in China…i prefered buy a Paul Picot Sub 300, as the F1Gmt is nice nut poor in quality.

90 Zebra says:

Another great review. FWIW that was not NYPD. It was 100% an ambulance.

Nick Kemkes says:

I own atm 3 Tag Heuers, all of them are formula 1 editions and a special Max Verstappen edition best watch brand for mid-luxury time pieces

Austen Williams says:

I’ve recently started working for a jewelers and we sell watches like Tag H so I’ll keep watching as Its a study for myself learning quite a bit from this.


So good look watches. Simple, but serious.

MALIBUMAN666 says:

One of my favourite TGV videos (almost as good as the frightfully, frightfully posh Urban Gentry video which I watch over and over again). Anyway, it’s a great video, which I have added it to my blog – http://tagheuerenthusiast.blogspot.co.uk/

bighands69 says:

They are a good watch but overpriced for what they are and snobbery does play its part with people turning up their nose.

Altex lan says:

TAG Heuer is car hi speed tracking company. they branch out to make watch. this fools are crazy of it. TAG Heuer have no place horology.

HextyVision says:

“I find it hard to understand why people critique TAG” – ? But that was YOU! lol, just change with the wind eh? Still at least you admit they are ok now.

R Zimmerman says:

Sounds like EMS or FDNY ?

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