Tag heuer = dogshit !

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Steve Jovan says:

Wow a bad screw/sticker on one watch out of millions made! That makes it a bad watch? You need a class in research methods! I’ve seen Rolex watches the are younger than this is in far worse shape as everything is context! Point being is about how well this watch does for every 10000 built! You can find a bad Lexus that is 2 years old but its hardly reflective of the brand!

10 Minute watch reviews says:

its a fake

Harry Clams says:

The screw doesn’t serve a function, how bogas of Heuer to do that, yes they make some crap cheesy quality watches but I know they can still make a few good ones like the Aquaracer or Monaco, but all their stuff is over priced, I hope this is seen by the designers, Heuer really went downhill and over priced when Tag acquired them, save money and buy quality with a Glycine.

1973JSA says:

Stupid people, thats a fake… You buy shit you get shit, simple? 🙂

Michael Andrew says:

I have 2 Tags myself I used as “knock around” for work. What can I say .. I liked the dials on both of them, and this was prior to me learning a LOT more about watches. One is an older F1 quartz (SS case/grey dial/orange bezel) which cost only a few hundred dollars , and the other is a newer (bigger case/blackdial) F1 quartz. Both function perfectly and are ok build quality .. just wouldn’t buy ANY of the automatics , those are a stupid price for what you actually get.

Aaron Lee says:

dumbass. that’s a fake tag heuer. do some homework before u post something. idiot even trying to say seiko and vostok is better.

pavy415 says:

They have brietling navitimer pre owned mint condition for 2000 as much as a tag costs

Frank E Davidson says:

SEL, a grand + in today’s money. £25 eta caliber held in with plastic, bracelet comes apart longitudinally, clasp of a £100 watch. parts difficult to source

Sb Sb says:

I agree.

Niall Lawlor says:

It’s a fake you dummy

Arthur Serino says:

In-house movement with glued-on fake scews. What else do you expect from a company that adds its name to the brand it bought?

David A says:

So basically TAG Heuer is the Hyundai & KIA of the watch world then?

Edward Kenway says:

I believe you completely sadly I fell victim to their marketing and crap. I kept on seeing Lewis Hamilton wearing it formula one on the back of national geographic magazines that I was reading. I thought to myself WOW TAG HEUER WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF? I thought it the greatest timepiece ever.
My dad said go get yourself the best seiko out there and you don’t have worry about the damn minute hand falling off.
we took the tag serviced it and left it in its box. I never wear it why??? Because I don’t want to be embarrassed in front everybody saying look at my tag and fucking minute hand falls off.

Chuck Beef says:

Tag is a good brand. I would rock a Carrera or Monaco before anything in the Rolex lineup personally.

Anjan Kar says:

Can’t agree more. I bought a brand new Tag Heuer Aquaracer Caliber16 3 years back which i’ve really taken care of but with time the entire watch has literally falling apart. Plus their customer service here in US is terrible. I sent a practically brand new watch and they has made a mess of it . I got so fed with their customer service today , I literally told them not to return the watch to me if not fixed and for all I care throw the watch in the river. Just terrible. Spent $4.5K on a watch and what I get – apiece of junk. I wish I had listened to all the online reviews about – how correct they are. I just want to mention what a terrible name Tag has given to the Swiss watch industry ……

Sb Sb says:

Seiko is just as bad. Seiko always cuts corners. and can’t keep proper time.

Arthur says:

Is anything Swatch Group shite in your opinion? You mentioned Tissot and Longines in your rant. Care to elaborate? Thanks.

AjaxForever says:

Ow  shit… seen this video already. Alright,… Tag Heuer is now definately off my radar. Finished. Done!

granddadoftia says:

i’ll stick to my ten pound casio thanks.

JPE-2017 says:

That’s actually a replica. The real movement changes the date instantly….

suleman krause says:

I recomend f the Seiko Monster J Version best watch for the Price

Mark jones says:

to be fair bits fell off my vc overseas.

MALIBUMAN666 says:

If you’d bought a GENUINE watch you wouldn’t have this problem! TAGHEUERENTHUSIAST.BLOGSPOT.COM

eddie tapper says:

My Dad got a Tag supposed to be water resistant to 100m. First time he wore it washing up it steamed up, O ring missing on the crown, he paid a 1K for it, told him to get a Vostok Amphibia 🙂

A Scot's Watches says:

where do you get vostoks in the uk

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