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The 500 staff and master watchmakers of TAG Heuer customer service around the world are at your service during the entire life of your watch.

In order to preserve its appearance and optimal performance, your TAG Heuer watch requires expert periodic maintenance which only an Official TAG Heuer Service Centre can guarantee.



Tenzin Gelek says:

how often tag heuer watch should be checked or serviced? I usually dont use while swimming or Scuba diving….

Limberth Arguelles says:

hello @TAGheuer I was wondering how often it’s a good time to send to service a quartz watch, I have a indy500 ref. caz1114

Jonathan O'Connor says:

What is the part number for the watch that is in this video?

Brian Remington says:

I just sent my SS Exclusive 2000 Chronograph in for a full service and case refurb. WE’ll see how it comes back and will report. here. I wanted a new bracelet too but the additional $500 made the whole ticket $900+ which seemed to be a bit much for a 17 yr old watch that I paid $1500 for. got my fingers crossed and will report back good or bad

Tech vista says:

will it work at space….

Octavian Tăbăcaru says:

Where can I order this product? TAG HEUER 2000

Sambo Hambo says:

Tag watches are fucking absolute shit. What this video is referring to is the ongoing cost of maintaining one of these useless waste of metal scraps. You purchase a tag watch and you will need to have all the internal parts replaced every two years, in my case every 16 odd months. This will cost you upwards of $280 each time. If the movement in these watches are so shit then why are you fucking cunts charging in excess of $3000 for them? If you are going to rob people every two years to keep a watch working that should last a lifetime then at least inform customers that there is an ongoing cost at the point of sale. If anyone doesn’t believe but wants more info about the way these people operate, feel free to message me and I’ll be happy to forward correspondence I’ve received in trying to deal with this shitty watch manufacturers representatives in Australia after my tag link calibre 5 has broken twice within three years, they tell me it’s normal. Absolute shit and never again will I buy one of these.

homie789 says:

How often should they be sent in for work? There is no Tag dealer close to me but my Tag Formula 1 titanium with a Calibre 16 movement will only run during the day and when I go to bed it stops at sometime through the night.

Brian C says:

Why no latex gloves or finger covers keeping prints and oils off the watch? Seems careless to me.

Rob Bowman says:

Tag Heuer Sucks, don’t ever buy their watches they’re a Total ripoff, I had to send one in for repair and they tore me a new a$$hole!!

Hugh Larkins says:

I wonder where they get the grown-up asian workers for this commercial

Jorge Santaella says:

I am the proud owner of a Tag Heuer Formula 1 cac1111-0, My watch required this service? I mean, my watch works fine but how many time a watch required for this kind of service? Best regards

Robert Dore says:

This is the reason that buying a quality time piece such as this is a true investment – fascinating video.

MrShmellit says:

“When you see the price, you’ll make a movement”

Robert T says:

Is my Formula 1 watch with the Blue face and bezel suitable for everyday use? It been a superb watch and very accurate

bere38 says:

1:36 sec ah noon, I thought that it was Swiss Made!!! 🙂

Angelina Carrillo says:

tengo un reloj modelo pendulum alguien le dio mucha cuerda a mi reloj el problema es que no quiere funcionar me podran ayudar a repararlo?

einstiencross says:

It you dont get a tag warranty card for the work the dealer didnt send it to tag. I had a twenty year old tag come back like new and it never gained more than a second a day thereafter. Ask the dealer if tag does the service or his mate.

Швейцарские часы says:

cool video))))

Sikandar Khan says:

Hello …..
I am a Watchmaker trained in Rolex funded school and have past 8 yrs experience .
I would like to know how where and when Tag heaur recruits the Watchmakers.

lsoreal says:

My Tag Heuer Connected is being repaired as we speak. been a week since I mailed it out. I will judge when it gets back.

flavio kanbara says:

Muito bom mesmo isso é qualidade

mr zed says:

horrible watch. better off with the cheapest omega.

minatormyth says:

So much negativity about a bloody watch, i bet there is a common denominator that links most of the haters……watchuseek sheep maybe.
lol, ba ba ba 🙂

H Chain says:

Looking to replace my Formula-1 wrist rubber band. The original one lasted 6 years, I purchased a replacement (from Mayors) which only lasted 2 years (I suspect a Chinese copy). Please point me to an online store (US preferably) where I can get the original strap.
Thank you!

dimitri onoux says:

la grande classe!

JPE-2017 says:

I love that beautiful Seiko movement in the Carrera 1887. “Manufacture” my ass. I used to love Tag Heuer, then I learned about the fact the you can get the exact same ETA movements at much better prices. The Oris Aquis Date is a much better watch than the Aquaracer, and it’s almost half the price! Please Tag Heuer, drop your prices and stop paying retarded celebrities to market your watches. Let your product speak for itself.

Sven Ace says:

how many Euro does this Coast in germany?

Simeon Aleksiev says:

Nice Seiko movement!

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