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TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On | aBlogtoWatch

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Ariel goes hands-on with the TAG Heuer Connected watch at TAG Heuer’s launch event in New York City, and explains some of the key features and specifications of the latest Swiss smart watch, built in collaboration with Google and Intel.

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Panzer Applehusky says:

Oh Tag, you so funny <3

Tomasina Covell says:

Trade up? That’s an interesting parasitic strategy for TAG but it’s libel to backfire when the customer’s utter contempt for the product overtakes any further interest they’re going to have for TAG.

MiSteR E! says:

down u go Tag Heuer

poppi2011 says:

it is horrible.

Afsar Hossain says:

Do review the Swatch Blackie

Uhrenkiste says:

The Case look really cool, i like the tag heuer style. But i dont know, the screen doesnt look that good in combination to the watch. at least i think $ 1,500 is a too huge price for a smartwatch, hopfully the quality is it worth

alpinestarsssss says:

Why spend $1500 on this when it’s outdated in 2 years or less?

Aliquando Insanire Iucundum Est says:

I’m honestly feeling kinda confused right now. Why would the guys at Tag Heuer do things and decisions like this? On my opinion Tag Heuer already is in between the two things of either being a Swiss luxury brand or an everyday timepiece so these kind of moves definitely do not move the brand into the right direction. Also knowing the history of Jean-Claude Biver, I’m actually feeling even more confused as I really don’t know about his agenda or goals anymore. If the purpose of making this kind of decisions is to make people disappoint into the smart watch and make them eventually buy the real deal then I still do not understand why Tag Heuer is doing this. I collect watches myself and my Swiss luxury timepieces represent various things to me such as horology, history, fine mechanics and art and this new Tag Heuer Connected does not belong to any of the just mentioned categories. It’s not always a wise decision to move into the grey area so hopefully the next moves are going to be something totally different.

stellanti says:

Nice trimmed arm hair, weirdo.

Jakenova says:

It’s like 100% electric Ferrari, you buy a Ferrari but there is no Ferrari in it

woody jp says:

This watch doesn’t worth the money maybe $150 for the watch

Enzaie says:

$ 300 and i will buy!!

Xaero says:

Wow, Tag Heuer was already standing knee deep in the poo ever since being exposed that one of their “in-house” movements was a Japanese Seiko movement and marking it “swiss made”. And now they release this china produced dog shit? Game over Tag, game over.

Rage Blanket says:

I hate myself for wanting one

ehabhopi hopi says:

gear S3 better than this shit with 300$

Pacifica611 says:

Tag Whore

Boris Terekidi says:

It’s about 3 times more expensive that Huawei’s smartwatch and does pretty much the same. I’d stick with mechanical watches from Tag.

hak lee says:

is it available to transmit music to watch from phone?
I mean, i wonder it’s only available to control streaming music in phone
or can download and store music in watch.
of course I know this watch doesn’t have speaker. what i want to know is that “can i listen to music with this watch and bluetooth earbud?, even if my phone is far away from me”

Please let me know, i really want to get this item!!

Neal Chagaris says:

nice but $1500 is crazy. it looks just like the lg or moto360 watches.

Bee Gee says:

going to get mine tomorrow…hehe! oh in red!

Satan'sOnion says:

Dumb Watch.

Sergio Ceja says:

I am a big Tag Heuer fanatic I own two Monza calibre 32 and one carrera. And this is just an insult. It’s not like it has some special software just made for Tag is the same shit as my Huawei and even my Huawei watch has OLED display if I am correct heart monitor two heart monitors just to be sure and looks cleaner. For $300. Come on Tag.

DevonReviewer says:

no no no no no non onon onon n onon on onon onon on on !”!”!£$”!!

Majenrok says:

It’s very interesting but I’m afraid my phone, laptop and casio are all I’ll need for now.

Vadim Don says:

Why would anyone pay 1500 for a battery watch

Timepiece Addict says:

Can’t wait to hear what Biggs thinks about this on a future HourTime

JF schnell says:

at that price I think I will get 3 (well Rockfeller would do that)… seriously mimic of mechanical watches are really no sense.

bluesky says:

It is insulting that TAG thinks people are this stupid! No body with more than 1 brain cell would buy an android watch which can cost $200 AND has the same software, for $1500. If you get the new Moto 360 or Huawei or even the older LG G R which will look as nice, it will function just the same, and you can download TAG watch faces just the same, if you so well choose! Come on! If you want a real TAG watch, just pay the $3000 and get the real deal.

RationalPragmatist says:

So you’re going to pay $1500 to wear a phony CGI watch dial of a luxury mechanical watch?

Robert Byrd says:

Does the smart watch, which I believe will become ubiquitous in the next few years, represent the same kind of threat that arose because of the release of quartz watches in Japan?

Or do you think that the people who buy luxury watches would stay true to them and not buy a smart watch?

For a reasonable price, I’d probably buy a smart watch down the road for the novelty value. I’m a sucker for different dial options.

wira atmaja says:

1500$ us or What?

Penn Wooding says:

I think it really depends on what type of watch collector you are. If you are a diehard TH collector then it’s probably something you will want in your collection. However, I don’t like the smart watches in the slightest. This TH is basically a smartwatch whatever way you look at it. I’m willing to back to you that my TH Carrara will be still working in 50 years when one of these smartwatches will not.

JB Lee says:

wrong direction !

Peter Martin says:


Stewie says:

suck it applewatch, i would take this every day of the week even if i had to spend 4 times the price!

Callum Wells says:

I think all these ‘omg tag wat r u doing’ comments seem to be missing the point a bit. I think it’s a great outcome for numerous reasons. A) it shows that Tag is a forward thinking luxury brand that shows it’s prepared to take a chance in a market sector which is very new, B) it shows that a smartwatch doesn’t have to look like one (say what you will, but aesthetically it looks like a Tag to me), and C) that soon we will have multiple traditional watch brands offering a real shot at good smartwatches. Yes the technology is still new in learning, but this will have great developments. Think about when iOS and Android will be able to integrate with smartwatches from brands like Tag, Rolex, Tissot, etc.! THIS is what will move the product line forward, not just an Apple Watch. And as for the price point, what do you really expect from a luxury brand? Having a price below $1,000 would cheapen the brand name, which is something they’ll never do. If price bothers you, and smartwatches bother you, you’re not the target audience.

George Phillips says:

The bold gentleman and his partner seems to be too “senior” to sell this piece of technology. Kinda contraction to try to sell a supposedly cutting edge smart watch. It just doesn’t convince me of either luxury or smartness of the watch at all. The ownership of TAG Heuer and many luxury watches may have enjoyed the stable business of selling these overpriced watches way too long, so they don’t even need to practice speaking nor do ownership needed to be changed. They look like dinosaurs.
On the other hand, I am impressed that the CEO of Intel is actually on stage, and the talking by Google’s VP Engineering is also very very good.

It’s clear that the next gen smartwatch will be lead by Apple Watch for years again.

Carlos Rincon Eckardt says:


Rafael Wang says:

Seiko calibers, androi mechanics etc. Tag Heuer would never be as good as Rolex or even Omega!

dukeofpearl says:

I cannot get my head around this? Come on……I mean please? We have phones for this s**t. I’m all up for technology and gadgets, but this? No no no. A serious watch is a thing of mechanical beauty. It’s like when Gibson (guitars) introduced the “ROBOT” guitar. I’ve not seen a band live YET that has played one. Don’t buy into this. Obviously my humble opinion. Good luck to Tag if they sell a shed load and reap the rewards…..but I am NOT buying into this.

Gatsby Chee says:

boo~~~for the watch

dangerriff says:

This is just wrong …

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