Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smartwatch – Hands On Review

Tag Heuer’s luxury world of Swiss watches and the high-tech smarts of Intel have come together in the new Connected Modular 45 smartwatch, and you better believe the hype; this is a real Swiss smartwatch through and through.



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paul james says:

It’s MASSIVE it would make a better belt buckle.

c23castro says:

All these people talking about bulk and price. You’re paying for the name and the style, welcome to the luxury watch market. Go try on a 45mm Seamaster 600m, roughly the same size and cost 3 times as much as this. Want to talk tech hell yea there is better stuff out there. It’s such a niche market, someone looking for some luxurious tech.

Kai-Zer Alcadias says:

A cell phone CPU inside a watch. So what’s the battery capacity?

Ink Tonic says:

Smart Watch. Mad Money.

Lloyd Christmas says:

So, you just have to buy a second watch and then suddenly have a second watch? That’s amazing!! 😀

Villain McKilem onXbox1 says:

The speaker has lady wrists.

supersonicwings says:

The look is a stepdown from an S3 frontier, way too bulky. I hate how they carve Swiss Made on a watch and charge thousands for it. Like as if we’re stupid and would fall for that “uuuu made in Switzerland crap”. This is 2017 not early 2000s. We know Swiss made is a propaganda marketing scheme.

Tech Yisraelite says:

I love big watches……Beatiful…

Kyle Osnack Osnack says:

does anyone find it funny that this 1700 watch copies a $100 chinese smartwatches design. it’s body /face is a replica of the kw 88 smart watch.

YOYOBOY666999 R.I.P says:

Rather bulky and overly expensive, I think I will stay with my pebble steel, moto360 gen 1, Samsung gen 1 and Samsung s3 frontier.

combined price of all my smart watches, all used bar the s3, cost me a third of this watch.

Still I expect some tag fans will buy it because its a tag.

Each to their own.

Tony None says:

I don’t want smart watch that looks like a regular watch. I want it to look out of the future like a phone or tv on my wrist this is 2017.

owen says:

With all the work the did on the hardware u would think that they could spend a little to use a different OS.

Kumar Siva says:

Nice watch love it.. One day I’ll buy it

Dekend says:

Way too bulky, is easily the thickest watch of 2017.

dbpolish studio says:

too fat neer by his fat wach.. samsung is no1 for this ….what ever is it

Tom Skilling says:

can i put it up my butt and poo in it and re use it

SpaceG95 says:

luxury tech

Daniel Caufield says:

and the heart rate sensor?

Dylan Kadri says:

I’m thinking about getting one of these n I was wondering how does it charge? help!


the pebble time round is still the only smartwatch I can stand, all the others look incredibly big and ugly…

BBnose says:

6:00 why mechanical watch usually has better look?

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