TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 | Hands-On

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Ibraheem Productions says:

I have a new fande watch and it looks great but I never wear it because I have my phone to tell the time.

Sean Homar says:

apart from the modular pieces which is a great idea, this wztch looks and operates pretty much like my LG smart watch, yes it comes with a reputable name in the watch market but in the tech market ?
its a gadget for those with money to burn and wont hold its value as well as their standard watches.

teyzfootball says:

So does the mechanical watches come with the smartwatch when you purchase it for 1600?
Or are you supposed to pay extra for the mechanical watch?

ufhero says:

Why does it matter if a watch is Swiss made, when it is a smartwatch?

Q Graham says:

It’s not worth the big slice of an average persons salary. It will be obsolete quickly so I’d rather save hard for a analog Tag then past it on to my kids

badbeatking80 says:

do what you want with your moeny but smart watches are meant to be changed up frequently because this type of tech moves lighting fast. its like a smartphone

Ibraheem Productions says:

Intel atom in a watch?

Steve Chenoy says:

She said there is a mechanicalTourbillion option to swap out. That’s when you’ll get the real sticker shock! lol.

The Technoclast says:


Jacob S. says:

Fucking hell can you speak english??!!!!!!

bgpolak says:

Aaaaaaaaaand nobody will buy them

Strictly gaming news says:

Can u swap the face to smaller

Alireza A says:


JimmyDPX says:

I checked this at the store and it’s just another galaxy gear s3. the price tag is ridiculous. don’t expect more than what you see here. you will be disappointed. stay away from modular 45.

Felipe Ampuero Salinas says:

I love the smart watch, but the price …

Morris Nell says:

24 hours battery life end of story.

Anthony W says:

I have one with a Timex watch face .

Nwodu Tochi says:

I rather stick to the standard tag watch

Alex Zicong Yan says:

i stopped the video roght after hearing the price

Merlin's Time warp says:

i have a tag 2000 exclusive already. It’s my favorite watch but i do believe they are reaching with this one. being modular makes it too bulky. also needs at least 2 day batt so you wont be f#cked on a long day or flight

B. N. E. says:

this thing is hideously ugly or am I the only person thinking this?

Adrian Woodward says:

If it had HRM…. I would have bought it.

JUMP23MΔN says:

Love Tag watches but I don’t think I’ll ever pay that kind of money for a smartwatch that’ll be obsolete in 2 years… I want updates you know!

ΣΔΜ says:

Worst voice.

Igor Muller says:

I think it’s great! was waiting for something like this for a long time… did not really like the TH first edition. I can’t imagine going out without a watch. Most of the time I use my Rolex and Breitling watch, apple watch doesn’t really appeal to me cause of the design but this I believe is something special, and regular pheasants on the streets won’t be wearing them 🙂

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