TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T Tourbillon Chronograph Watch Review | aBlogtoWatch

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T (Heuer 02T) Tourbillon Chronograph Watch Review | aBlogtoWatch

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Ariel Adams reviews the new TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T Tourbillon Chronograph, the most affordable tourbillon watch from a high-end Swiss watch brand. Do not miss the full written review on aBlogtoWatch.com very soon.

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David Pourre says:

i own the heuer 01 , and since M.Biver took leadership of TAG, they look much more better and quality increase
people are complaining about Tag getting componant from Seiko…..
but this is the case of a lot of them, Rolex used to putt zenith el primero caliber before in the daytona but no one complain , but these rolex so called fan will spit on zenith
also same goes with car , why spend the money on a Audi, as they share lot of things from VW or skoda ??
iphone also use samsung, sony component on there iphone
anyway great job with the heuer o2 and definitly better choice than a Daytona , at least you get the prestige of having this complication on your watch
( not even talking about the fact that the daytona is a small 40mm watch )

giteausuperstar says:

I’m not a Tag fan but this is a fantastic looking piece. I would definitely like to own that.

Abhishek Srivastava says:

This has stunning bold and sporty look. I think TH got a winner on their hands.

ferw swer says:

Price usd ??

Solomon Li says:

It’s such an affordable tourbillon that Theirry Sterns was offended by it.

Biver is the man though to bring this complication down to a relatively accessible tag… “relatively”.

Caligula says:

I never thought that I would ever buy a Tag Heuer, but I just bought this watch from my boss. I think it’s a great value if you can get it for under $10,000.

superfast30 says:

Love the Heuer 01 and Heuer 02. Biver knocked it out of the park with these models!

Christian Kessler says:

“Entry level price of 15 thousand.”

MrJKL Foams says:

Poeple who always says that they are collectors, watch lover etc and say shit to other brand are just pretenders and clown. If you are a true watch lover you should appreciate no matter the brand is and not just thinking of re-sell value bcoz That is plain stupidity. To buy watch and keep it in a safe to sell after 10yrs is hoarding! Life is short enjoy every minute of it . Just saying.

tony halik says:

pure shit!

MrJKL Foams says:

Very nice tourbillion lets say modern tourbillion. Its price is about 25K here in oz due to currency. Bought the heuer01 last year and it is a reliable timekeeper and gives you a modern look wristwatch. Dont know the hate on this brand. People keeps on thinking about resale value. Then dont buy luxury watch if that makes you broke and end up selling it simple.

Morris Nell says:

Archie says it’s a shitter I have to agree no one what’s a Tag because it has no resale value..

sergh8605 says:

This is nice. Can’t wait to get me one of this.

MrDands says:

The strap looks nicer than the watch itself, love it.

Tiger1 says:

“This watch is a status symbol”

Joshua Duff says:

Nice looking watch for a tag. I’d love to take a closer look to see if it’s as cheaply made as the rest of their watches

V Cccc says:

It’s a REALLY nice watch, the styling is awesome. Unfortunately it’s a TAG which puts me off. But it really IS a nice watch!

Kwek Joo Chuan says:

I actually like it.

Lee Harding says:

Some people don’t like Tag watches for some good reasons but this is a very cool piece.

Goodfella240 says:

Beautiful Watch. Great value Tourbillon. Nice work Ariel. Long time watcher, first time commenter.

Fahad Ali says:

is it the lights or is that the black phantom limited edition?

Apollo Prospector says:

Utterly illegible, which is the exact opposite of what a well designed chronograph ought to be.

Joop Roukens says:

Is this max verstappen’s watch?

RandomUser20130101 says:

Completely stunning watch. This is like having a piece of modern art that you can wear on your wrist everyday.

MrPleers says:

After hearing the word “Tourbillon” 35 times, I found out that I find the word really annoying.

A Puppet, Two Vostoks and A Welfare Cheque says:

If I had $16,000 I wouldn’t buy that watch, I’d get 16,000 lottery tickets. That’s what unemployed people spend all their money on.

Karson Barnes says:

Also you can exchange this in 2 years for a smart watch with a tourbillon.

Roelf van der Merwe says:

I’m not a fan of this futuristic look. I want a more classic/vintage look

Hidde says:

TAG’s are such bullcrap, they claim to be a 100% in house swiss movement, yet they buy seiko patents for their watch movements. They invest huge amounts in slick advertisement and marketing bullshit and cut costs on the watch itself. Dont buy TAG’s. The real good brands can be recognized by resell value: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Vacheron Constatin and Audemars Piquet.

kel Lima says:

Que Relógio lindo!

Manuel Sazo says:

When people hates a watch because of its price, makes me think they’re just poor and can’t afford nice fancy things and their insecurities are so big that even if they buy that watch they’ll never be happy cause happiness comes from knowing that the price of the watch has nothing to do with the watch itself, rather from the fact that you didn’t give a fuck about anything and went ahead and bought it anyway cause you said to yourself, fuck it I’m paying with my credit card and fake my death and be happy with my watch and shit…

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