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TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Watch Review

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David Bredan of aBlogtoWatch reviews the all new TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 watch.

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MetalsForBrunch says:

looks like a $500 watch. sorry

Arthur J says:

Ugly af…

HachiZenki says:

Something about dogshit microwaved on high for an hour…..

R Zimmerman says:

What did he say?

Triple D says:

Nice Casio. Oh it’s a Tag Heuer? well in that case, what a cheap and overly modern looking watch. They really need to drop the ‘Tag’, become Heuer again and revert to more classic designs.

George Yang says:

Huh, I used to think Hublot was super gaudy/tacky but I’ve started to come around to their design DNA and this model Tag makes their lineup more appealing to the younger crowd. It’s a watch business and JCB will run it like a business. If it makes $$$, then he’ll have been successful, regardless of what we think here online.

Siter BRo Toy Reviews says:

love it, yes its a bit different but it looks exotic but too exotic like MB&F

MrPleers says:

That watchface is way too busy. And the case too big. Not my cup of tea.

Lars Jönlid says:

Sorry, way to overworked ! Like the saying goes… you can´t see the forest for the trees !

Asim Rai says:

I am sorry but this looks terrible – the older Carreras were just fine.
The case is nothing special, if anything, too large. The ss lugs look weird with those screws on the side. The contrast with the black case does not seem to work (perhaps in flesh). The skeletonised dial is a disaster. Richard Mille can pull this sporty skeletonised look off, not Tag Heuer. The TAG sign on the crystal is a no no. The date window is not legible. The tach ring looks off. The pushers seem off too. The crown looks ok.
Tag Heuer should redesign the watch for this in house movement.

Morrison says:

Does this mean that TAG is about to become how oversized Hublot wanna-be, over priced horse hockey?

sandrino cash says:

beautiful, skeleton quality at an affordable price because hublot and richard m. are only for the super rich, this tag skeleton my next watch

Chris says:

$5000usd for a glorified Seiko movement???

I’d go for a Tudor pelagos in house for $700 less. And if it was a chrono I was after then a Seiko for $500 would still be a much more appealing watch.

richy jay says:

That second hand is leaping around like Tonto, highly odd

jsong21 says:

Those lugs are enormous

grey hound says:

it s always funny how people gets but hurt over tag heuer in every video/forum

Abhishek Ravindranath says:

Ah! A new Edifice?

iAMChrisCC says:

I don’t think this will appeal to the usual Tag buyer – eg. the sales account manager who needs something much shinier and more recognisable in return for their annual bonus.

Ziggy Zuko says:

It’s a shame that this watch cost $5000 for a seiko movement smh

MrJKL Foams says:

Own the watch and i luv it. For the price with inhouse mvt. Its a Winner plus a bivers first design as new ceo of tag thats evolution. This one Totally dif. From retail version. Check out my mini review.

Kt Eric Tan says:

Somehow from carerra range i like the carerra calibre 36 flyback racing edition the most among racing carerra, what do you guys think?

David says:

You need take out the 100% in house movement! Because its not TAGs in house movement, it’s modded from Seiko in house movement!! What a joke! I use to be love Swiss watches, but since I knew the Swiss watch is kinda big joke, I don’t corrector anymore!

patrick bateman says:

looks so cheap..even worse than the typical tag heuer

Hamza Alodaini says:

I like the watch and design. It’s seem hublot DNA

AH H says:

Nope, no thanks

User says:

why expose the date wheel? what a fail of a design lol

Clovis Teixeira says:

de saber o preço da minha vida que não é uma mensagem de seu

Kwek Joo Chuan says:

Actually this is only a sample and not actual item that hits the market. The actual one has many tweaks and much nicer although imo looks very Biver Hublot than Tag

billandyeng says:

fyi the logo print on glass and the date disc with no background colour were both fixed in production models. surprised tag heuer didn’t tell you that…

Name says:

Biver killed it, literally

Education Here says:

really looks cheap

hiyokotd says:

tag heuer big bang…

Иван Смирнов says:

У меня Casio G-Shock GW-3000 bd , стоят 450-500 $ . Понты это здорово ( я про TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01) , но точность в часах для меня важнее. Узнал что эти часы имеют допустимую погрешность хода -6 +18 сек в сутки, и что их можно отрегулировать в сервисе до точности -2 +6 сек в сутки. А еще я узнал по форумам что у многих они спешат в среднем на 5 сек в сутки. Это ужас 2,5 мин в месяц. В общем это украшение за 4000$ а не часы. Мои спешат за 30 дней на 5,6 сек. В сутки на +0,187 сек. Я их 1-го числа каждого мес корректирую, и знаю что 10 числа они примерно на 2 сек уходят вперед в 20-ых числах на 3,5 – 4 сек. Они не точные, потому что с ними надо так заморачиваться. Хотя еслибы я жил в Европе , Америке, Китае или Японии, то они бы 6 раз в сутки самокорректировались ( функция MULTI BAND 6) а так, в Москве сигнал не ловит . Приходится заморачиваться раз в месяц. Но я всегда знаю точное время. Точность – это кварц, Но у кварца с аналоговой индикацией батареи хватает года на 2( перемещение стрелок жрет в 3-4 раза больше чем электронная индикация) Но в Casio G-Shock GW-3000 bd стоит аккумулятор и солнечная батарея ( функция TOUGH SOLAR) Поэтому все аналоговое, функционал огромный, точность превосходная, вмешательство для замены питания не раньше чем через 10 лет.

Xaero says:

You mean Seiko did a good job creating the movement? Because it was only decorated by Tag 🙂

Andy Doe says:

looks like a tissot prs 516 extreme. ..

ART WAR says:

Looks like a $100 watch. Sorry about that.

peterjg says:

Sorry but this is the most hideous TAG I have ever seen. Case looks very cheap and nasty. The reviewer states the case is composed of 12 separate pieces – and it looks it too! And as for that illegible date….what on earth are TAG doing? This design looks like it would appeal to a 14 year old.

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