Tag Heuer Aquaracer – Does it deserve the hate?

Thanks Chad!


Mike V says:

This is a nice watch with a lot going on from every angle you look at it. TH prices seem inflated but there is a big difference between retail and street price. If you talk to the AD you will realize that most are willing to give a nice discount especially before Christmas. Gray market and used prices are even better as you pointed out. TH does need to tighten up on their QC because hair in the lume and skips in the dial printing should not happen at this price point. The problem will never be corrected if buyers are willing to accept it.

MrPleers says:

No hate. But no love from me either. Just not my cup of tea.

Jeff Go says:

My Cal 5 AR stopped and died often even when on the wrist. The movement is generic, and unreliable and to think that TH puts it on the Carrera line as well, is a mockery. Who would put the same movement in 2 difft model lines and charge more for it?

Shaun Farrier says:


Matt Ashe says:

Tag continually getting slapped with the “overpriced” hector by the watch herd who ignore every other watch company… they actually seem to be one of the better priced Swiss watch companies operating today. Not saying that they’re not overpriced, but which company isn’t?

KC KC says:

Steinhart offering more at half the price. What say you!

iron wolf says:

It doesn’t deserve hate for sure! Opposite, this watch deserves only praise! Our societies in general, quite often destroy very good stuff without any rational reason. I tried Aquaracer with steel bezel in a shop in Paris, man I can go as far as saying this is one of the most impressive and subtle elegant diver sitting on the wrist! Regardless price!

FuwaForestFilms says:

The TH AR is a really beautiful watch! Have fun with that.

Alexander Lippold says:

I bought a TH Aquaracer (Ø43, Steel Bezel) one year ago. This one is my most accurate watches and the crown action is butter smooth. I also own Breitling and Omega and their finishing is one step above TAG but over all TAG offers a decent watch for its price point. I do think they are a solid pick even I had some issues with mine (need to fix it at AD). The reason they got so much hat is basically because of their image and huge marketing campaigns. Their pricing is average imho.

Marc Goldberg says:

Nice video but I see all sorts of imperfections in your macros. Like on the second hand. Meh.

Mrpipspopper sv says:

Very nice watch but way over priced selling for about £2000

matt1315s says:

I have the Tag Heuer Carrera Twin Time Automatic they retail for almost 3 dont know why anybody would ever pay 3. I got mine used in May of this year, I live in Bozeman MT its a big college town and it was around graduation. The store I bought it from was giving huge discounts. I payed 1500 down priced from 1800. Really impressive watch for the money.

Simeon Aleksiev says:

For the price- sbdx017.

maitrehg says:

Not a fan of this brand. A Certina DS Action Diver will be equally good for less money.

TJ Hutcheson says:

someone needs to review the Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman! i held one in hand at an AD and its so awesome but i can’t find anything on Youtube about it or even Google in general, good job on the video by the way! LOVE this watch and plan on buying one when i find one at the right price. I also like the one with the all steel bezel thats more dress/sport. the two of them together would be a perfect two watch collection really. I love the deep blue sunburst dial on the WAY2112

logitechbox says:

rather wear a Sinn

Sven Clyde says:

I had heard many user feedback regarding Caliber 5 movement, the quality wasn’t stable enough.
some of the users said the movement will stop, cannot self-winding, it has to be manual winding.
Is it truth?

E Larson says:

Tag’s are great watches. I have several and a couple are over 20 years old and I’ve never had an issue with any of them. They can take some real abuse and still perform and look great as well. Not sure I understand the hate. All these higher end swiss watch brands have ridiculous retail prices, not just Tag Heuer.

Average Bros says:

Nice one Bruce, I’ve considered the blue version a few times, I just may pull the trigger one of these days

UXXV says:

Also dirt on the head of the second hand.

Jim Rodriguez says:

I would buy this in a heartbeat but for the TAG on the dial. It confounds me, now that the brand is part of Swatch, why they insist on keeping that festering, oozing pestilence on the dial. Ditch that horrible vestige of the darkest times that almost destroyed a great brand and move on. Then you have my money.


I wish the links are screwed. I really like the formula1.

chillwill120 says:

$1500 can get you an older electric blue seamaster 300 with killer lume and ridiculouly accurate and reliable Omega cal. 1120 (i.e. ETA 2829). That’s where I’d put my money but if you like this one, $1500 doesn’t see too terrible.

james lovie says:

Agree. Excellent piece, especially in the flesh. Good price at 1400!

Dave's Watch Love says:

In my watch love development, I’ve noticed that the brands I was initially told to steer clear of(Tag Heuer, B&M, Longines, etc.) have turned out to be much more impressive than I could have imagined. They’ve had their issues in the past, but let’s give them credit when they produce excellent pieces. The Longines Master Collection is another worthy of admiration.

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