Tag Heuer Aquaracer Blue Dial Mens Watch Unboxing WAY111C.BA0928

Watch Unboxing of a Tag Heuer Aquaracer Blue Dial Mens Watch WAY111C.BA0928. 300m Quartz Dive Watch that I accidentally bought from Amazon.

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Matt Gericke says:

Nice Orient Ray….. oh wait you paid $1,000 more and got a quartz movement instead

babak jamali says:

belive it has a eta quarts movement

Jason WB says:

Tag heuer is nice, kind of a boutique brand, but still very well built. Looks like the clasp is machined which is a nice touch. I like your Breitling Colt better and breitling still uses stamped clasps on most of their watches. I like the link style in the Breitling more overall. I would still wear that Tag any day of the week and feel good about my purchase, real good looking watch.

Nicholas Joseph says:

I have.


Accidentally, sure! Lol! Are you married because even if true I wouldn’t dare try that story.

mikevac1978 says:

I am Tag Heuer guy. I have two of them. both where bought on a cruise ship. That is one I want but a automatic

Paul Wicks says:

That’s nice, do you like it better than the Tag Heuer Formula 1 you had?

chefaaron77 says:

Are you wearing two watches?

Nicholas Joseph says:

There’s no mistakes only happy accidents

Just the Watch says:

Andrew, personal question. Are you married? Because this seems like the sort of thing I would do to convince my wife to let me buy an expensive watch. “Oh gee honey, I accidentally bought it on Amazon, and gosh darn I can’t return it because I didn’t read this little slip of paper before cutting it off.” Looks like a great piece though, congrats!

Gregory Alonzo says:

Not to worry. I have this same quartz and I use as my grab and go. It is durable and attractive. I also get a lot of compliments.

Nick G says:

Great Vid and even Greater mistake!!

meteorite16 says:

Looks pretty sweet. Most accidents end far worse! Enjoy that Tag!

Chris Johns says:

Congrats on the purchase

Zainal Arifin says:

Hmmm keren video, bisa ni untuk kado ulang tahun bapak

saleendriver says:

Was beer involved in this “accident”? (humor) Its a great looking piece. And any Tag is going to hold value and give you great wear and utility. Enjoy it.

dylan vasey says:

Hahah too funny! Not a mistake I’ve made thankfully.

The community generally doesn’t like Tag Heuer because they are considered overpriced. I agree with that statement. That said the first luxury watch I owned (and still own) is a Tag Heuer Carrera. I have to say I love it, it has one of the nicest dials I’ve seen, it’s bracelet is probably the best I’ve ever worn, and although its an ETA, it works better than any Rolex or Omega I have or have had.

The Aquaracer has a decent rep. So I’d be very interested to see what you make of it.

RK 516 says:

Beautiful watch, love the blue dial.

Pedro Feliciano says:

I just have a questioin. I just bought a Tag Heuer Formula 1 Mens Watch WAZ1010 and just noticed the second hand is not aligned to the dial marks. Is that normal?? I called the company and they said “yes” it is normal. any information or comments will help.

Kristian Petrano says:

Yes all the time that what I tell my watch

Steven Williams says:

Hello mate. I suppose if you are going to accidentally buy a TAG, at least it was one of their nicer looking models . BUT Andrew, my first thought was, that’s ok , he can send it straight back to Amazon. Cutting the massive warning label off wasn’t such a good move. But hey ho, you ended up with a pretty sharp watch, I like it.

Channel Matt says:

Your video is so smooth

excelerater says:

I wore a TAG for 20 years before starting collecting.I still have it,its messy but still runs fine (quartz)

Shawn Baker says:

Wow. Accidental TAG purchase. That is a new one. I would have been freaked out… And then probably pretty happy. This is a great watch. I recently purchased a TAG Formula 1. And I love it. Don’t regret that purchase at all. Had wanted a TAG for a long time. I was on a cruise ship and they had a really nice collection. Rarely do I treat myself like that and I am very glad I did. My Formula 1 is also quartz. And while I LOVE all of my automatic watches. I tend to put this one on when I am in a hurry. Or just don’t feel like winding/setting my watch. And honestly its a great watch. Quality construction has a great weight and feel to it. The bracelet on my TAG is insanely comfortable. I think you’re going to really enjoy this happy accident. Great vid. Thanks again!!!

Steve B says:

Yeah, I turned off one click purchase a long time ago…. Nice looking watch though.

budiman jaya says:

nice unboxing,good,i love

On the wrist says:

Ummm GUILTY of that as well bud. Tequila and Ebay/Amazon do NOT mix

Linen Garb says:

It’s a really sharp watch. Shoulda gone with the auto imo but for a screw up – roll with it.
And yes I’ve accidentally picked up some stuff I didn’t mean to.
All that said it’s too small for me. I like the thin but 42 or less is really on the small side for me.

tookallyourmoney says:

yes i have done that, watches, cars, shoes and probably women where purchasable.

Brandon Sullivan says:


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