Rolex DateJust Or Explorer? Gordon Ramsay’s Luxury Watches & Tag AquaRacer 300m Review (WAY2112)

In today’s video I finally (after a ton of requests) review the Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300m automatic dive watch with blue dial, Ref. WAY2112.BA0928. I also discuss my deliberation between buying the Rolex Explorer or the DateJust (again). Lastly, I take a look at Gordon Ramsay and a few of the watches he has been spotted wearing as from what I have seen, I have a strong suspicion he is a watch fan!

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Jason Moon says:

Tag = Generic. Not interesting unless you’re a novice that’s a sucker for advertising/Leonardo DeCaprio.
Gordon Ramsey, In the past I’ve spotted him wearing a Breitling SuperOcean Heritage 46mm, possibly a Chronograph, & in BLUE believe it or not. When I say blue I’m also referring to the rubber strap in blue!!!

Paul Costley says:

some of Tag Heuer’s quartz watches are wayyyyy too expensive.

NGMonocrom says:

I liked the Aquaracer line as well….. Until I found out that the movement spacer is cheap plastic. Whereas every other competitor’s dive watch in this price range uses metal. A cheap spacer often found in $50 to $200 watches? Only if it costs $50 to $200. There’s a reason you never seen the watches with their casebacks off in advertisements.

Kavinsky Smith says:

I think the Dial is more trying to follow a Boating like pattern to it, like the decking of a ship, and maybe the case is its hull?

Nate Sonnenthal says:

Out of curiosity what is your reasoning behind not buying from a seller such as Jomashop?

Ryan Travis says:

I really think Tag knocked it out of the park with this Aquaracer. Though screwed links would be preferable and would make it that much closer to a luxury standard. I do agree that past Aquaracers have aged poorly, but I think this one will age much better. As you mentioned, it shares some aesthetics with the PP Nautilus and I would say the AP RO as well. These two watches, as we know have had nearly an identical aesthetic over many decades and are two of the most sought after watches available(though a large portion of that is brand/quality alone but the look plays a very large role in that). Tag has done a very clever thing with this watch, taking some of those design cues without being a copy in any real way. It is a great looking watch, is extremely versatile, and is affordable. This watch has actually changed my perception of Tag, to the point I had to go and try one on. It was fantastic on the wrist. Grey market or used is the only way to go because of resale value, and i would highly suggest this piece to anyone considering it.

Unkle Terry says:

Salmon DJ all day,forget the Explorer dear chap.

T.Heuer have been a right mess for decades.A vintage Heuer however is an entirely different beast.That said,TH stay afloat in a crowded market so the bloody awful marketing must work.

As ever,splendid work!

Ham Mel says:

I been debating between this exact watch and the oris aquis. which one would be a better buy?

KRaikkonenSF says:

Does the Tag still have an ETA inside ? or have they swithced to sellita ?

jhhlnn says:

Isn’t the ceramic bezel Aquaracer newer than this metal bezel one? In the video you mention that this 2014 model would be the newest Aquaracer.

Fatz MotoG says:

great video. but really can’t stand tag at all. they all look like 50 bucks pulsar watch to me.

Bryan Battista says:

The pinkies are gorgeous, i love that blue dial but the pink shades it for me.

Oscar Jonago says:

What’s the complete name of the watch his wearing (pink) ? I like it so much and I’m new to this whole watch thing

orbolanos says:

Why not a Milgauss?

RMK says:

Just like Christians are the problem with Christianity, tag heuer owners are the problem with tag heuer for me lol

ricardo mendes says:

I’m confused with all the information online, but take the opportunity to ask your opinion and help me understand the all question around.
Why not buy a grey market watch from Jomashop? (experiences)
I’m actually looking at something with them, no purchase yet…just looking

Onwards and upwards…keep the great job 🙂

Ilya Ibragimov says:

God I love the intro song, does anyone know the name?

vladu789 says:

Tristano, you are an audio guy, every time I think of Tag I think of Beats by Dr Dre.

DangerZone45 says:

Get the explorer! My Uncle has one, its a total classic, and a good size too.

Alexandre Besson says:

explorer buddy
you have a small wrist take a 36mm

MALIBUMAN666 says:

Great video. Thanks for reviewing a TAG Heuer and giving us your honest opinions. Not sure an Aquaracer is really your style, but I appreciate that you don’t have access to the whole range. I think a Carrera would be more up your street, probably one of the older style.
But in any case, TAG (Techniques D’Avant Garde) should be divisive because TAG should be pushing boundaries. If you want a safe watch then TAG is probably not the way to go. Sure that means some TAGs date horribly, but they’ve also made some very cool and unique designs, one case in point would be the TAG Heuer Formula One Kirium.
I hope you will review more TAGs when they are available to you, if you need any inspiration you could view my TAG Heuer Gallery Blog.

Memmnarch1981 says:

haha, Mr. Babbly Bubbly. made my day. Awesome.

dux mea lux says:

This is the second video i liked that had 665 likes then it was 666 likes, one day apart.

Heffe67 says:

I was looking at Tag until I found out it was basically just a Seiko.

Chef Ramsay says:

Yeah, I love my watches.

ProChrono says:

Hello watch lovers and enthusiasts,

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From a fellow watch lover,

Lee Alcott says:

Hi, agree on the TAG; too little about GR, though!

yankeesuperstar says:

Good Lord what is that opening song? Is it Cuban?

Falseflagz 67 says:

personally i don’t think shopping/pricing Rolex/Upper end watches off eBay is a very good idea

Vincent swissvince Blake says:

Haven’t been around for a while busy with work. Was nice to see this review as I’m a fan of this model watch. I own a few of them lol.
I have a calibre 5 but mines the 500m version one. They no longer make the 500 and have stuck with the 300m for now on in.
Anyway all the best


i DISLIKE Breitling so damn much. respect the company a lot but really dislike their watches almost across the board. The yellow dial tho was gorgeous

Neuro says:

Uugh I really dislike Gordon Ramsay.. what an obnoxious, miserable pleb. Life imitates art, and he’s giving many the excuse to act like horrible human beings.

Matt H says:

HAHA “Bubbly”! Michael Buble, what a fantastic talent. Ironically he lives 10 minutes away from me!

As for your watch choice I LOVE the explorer, I think it would suit your adventures with wee little Ernest! LOL!

Matt H.

dsonyay says:

One thing I like about the Aquaracer is the preowned can be found at terrific prices.. making it a bargain.. ive considered a mint Aquaracer for 900.00 US. To me this makes it a far more agreeable buy, for an entry level type luxury watch

Jason Moon says:

Have you know interest in the Explorer II 42mm? I once owned the white orange hand, it is in my view the best of the bunch. I could mention MANY genuine reasons to consider the 42mm. If you would be interested…

K J says:

Why don’t you just buy the watches from Rolex the manufacturer and seller?

weerobot says:

You got to get a pinky back..

Tim Archer says:

You need to become a celebrity. You have what it takes. The world needs to absorb values like the ones you treasure.
This was yet another valuable video.

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