Omega Seamaster 300m vs TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300m – 1 Year Later

Omega Seamaster vs TAG Heuer Aquaracer – 1 Year Later – update on my two favorite diving watches.
Filming equipment:
Camera – Sony A6500 –
Lens – Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Art –
Adapter – Sigma MC-11 Adapter –
Second camera – Panasonic G85 –
Panasonic lens – Panasonic Lumix G VARIO 12-60MM F3.5-5.6 ASPH –
Mic – Rode VideoMic Pro –

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G1234 X says:

How is the grip of the bezel on Tag x Omega? If in good design form should follow county, this is important.

Antonio Varillas says:

Subscribed, Nice video. Its always nice to see nice equipment (camera and microphones) been used in watch videos, also nice information.

jared packer says:

Ill take the TAG over the Omega. If it was a Planet Ocean tho…..

Richard Johnston says:

Excellent video. Very interesting and informative.

luis _ says:

I always enjoy your shots, great photos of these little beasts.

Dániel Kovács says:

If u consider Swatch owns Omega and ETA too, its fully in-house movement. 😀

Yun Suk Chae says:

great video!

Pallas Mudist says:

Thanks for sharing a honest review

Shipmate says:

I like both. Just wish TAG Heuer would drop the TAG part of its name. I think the Aquaracer is a decent, less expensive, alternative to the Omega Seamaster. You can buy the Seamaster for around $2500 and Aquaracer for around $1800 on grey market. Pretty disappointed though in the Aquaracer’s movement… that’s garbage. No wonder why watch enthusiasts categorize TAG as a “fashion” watch and nothing close to having horological value.

Howard Pascal says:

Tag looks too good. For the price , its OK. If the automatics are not reliable, just get the quartz

Péter Bogdán says:

Great video! what do you mean by you regulated the accuracy yourself?

Hoop says:

Wow, good video. After regulating the TAG yourself, what was the outcome for the day to day accuracy?

James Peters says:

I have a tag heuer Aqua racer caliber 5. I had to send it to Tag twice for warrantee work on the movement. Works well now…but maybe runs a tad bit fast. Overall I really like it but agree that Tag should spend less on ambassadors and adverts and more on the watches and quality control. I was also looking at a Breitling Superocean II at the time I bought the Tag and wish I had gone with it. I probably will end up getting one. All that to say the aquaracer is a well constructed watch and has a great look on the wrist. The size is just right I think. But to potential buyers I would certainly look at other brands and compare.

Venus Dee says:

It is sad the Aquaracer has a lower grade movement over the Carrera yet they are advertised as the same. I owned the WAY2110 and had issues in transit for servicing (scratches) and got a refund and later bought the Carrera WAR201E. I did have movement issues with my Aquaracer but not with the Carrera. I want that same Aquaracer back again but not sure if it is worth the issues that might arise. I bought the Carrera with the refund money so I really dont even have the money to spend like that so I would be super pissed if I get that Aquaracer I fell in love with again and it stops working on me.

Wilson says:

I would choose Oris Aquis anyday over Aquaracer. And that Seamaster though.. hot damn! its beautiful

Matt Mitchell says:

I’d choose OMEGA anyway of the week it’s an easy one. I will say that the Aquaracer is a nice watch. I kinda want one.

AjaxForever says:

I like the Tag.
I love the Omega.

Mohammad Z says:

Aqua Racer Caliber 5 is more beautiful that that Omega

Bap Gia says:

Pls post vids more often!!

Artur Garncarz says:

Great and honest review. I’m thinking about getting this Tag myself however I do agree that they are spending to much money and effort on ambassadors than on movements.

highnrising says:

Excellent. Where did you get that Omega slide clasp?
I took my Seamaster Diver 300m to the Omega Store and asked if they could change the clasp.
They acted as if I asked them to sell me a counterfeit watch.


If I’m spending 2000+ euros dollars whatever I don’t want plastic on/inside my watch at all! Maybe rubber o rings nd such in crown system/gaskets but other than that NO PLASTIC … anywhere!

Memmnarch1981 says:

This Aqua Racer and a Monaco are the only 2 TH i would buy.

kman49 says:

I enjoy your reviews. Keep them coming. Both nice watches.

Robbie O'Dell says:

Seeing plastic in the movement of a $2,000 is a bit disappointing Tag.

isottatokio says:

its bonds choice afterall

Han Thomas says:

Excellent review, thank you for making the vid!

Jesse Trevino says:

If I’m not mistaken the Omega 300M actually features a 9 link bracelet. The smaller segments on “2nd” and “4th” links are all separate. Other then that great video. Just further confirms my decisions to get a 300M for myself.

tsdon1 Smithee says:

I love the tag, what a beautiful design. But sadly won’t buy. Way to many reported problems. What a shame. Tag need new serious management

amarcord1988 says:

I always thought Omega is better, looking at this I would rather wear a TAG.

AddictiveWatchClub says:

Love your videos man! Keep up the quality content.

Gustavo Pereira says:

Great review. I have tag heuer aquaracer chronograph ceramic bezel with the SW500 movement, I have more than 1 year that I have the watch and I did not have any problem, + 1 / -1 per day. Your watch should have come with some regulation problem! Do you know anyone who has ever had a problem with the SW500? I am thinking of selling my TAG and buy Omega seamaster 300m.

Shino2600 says:

Is the Omega worth the service costs in the future?

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