Omega Seamaster 300 M and TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300M – comparison video

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Jose Velasquez says:

How’s it going…got a question, don’t know if you might be able to help. I got my aquaracer 41mm on a nylon band, but I wana get a bracelet also. The bracelet code for this Watch is BA0928, but the price is crazy high. Jomashop has a aqua racer grande bracelet BA0821 same size as the one for this Watch for $280. The thing is that I don’t know it it will fit this Watch. If you have any info on this or perhaps other bracelets that will fit this Watch I’d appreciate it.

D. F. says:

This Omega is too beautiful man… Will be getting one soon! I liked the older 500m Aquaracer (WAK2110) model better than this 300m one though.

zoomvidsjc1 says:

So many Omega fanboys ugh.  These are both great watches.  I’ve owned an aquaracer 500 ceramic and grande date quartz.  Also an aqua terra, titanium planet ocean and older smp 300 so I’ve sampled both.  That omega looks great and with your clasp upgrade solves the main issue I had with it and I may have to put it back on the radar.  I like it’s polished areas as I usually like a bit of bling in my watches but I would go with the tag between these two.  And that shiny dial just pops with the double AR.    I’ve been around the block enough where I just go with what I want not what the consensus is.  I have other watches that meet my needs a little better than the omega as a dressy diver but I would be wanting to fill my more sporty diver side and the tag looks more modern and I think the yellow really sets it off.   The bigger indices fill the dial better than on the non ceramic versions I think which look a little too open dial wise.  You did a great review and great job showing all angles with good lighting in indoor and outdoor settings throwing in wirst shots from a bit of a distance as well.  Just great and you helped me with my decision.

jimmy jimbos says:

so below a .5 you would order a 20mm

Charles Ford says:

The Seamaster you used, is that the Blue dial or Black dial, because it looks blue on the outdoor shots, and black in the indoor video?

Jose Velasquez says:

I have both watches, both are beautiful pieces. The aquaracer is a stunner, but the Seamaster it’s in a league of it’s own. Pictures or videos do not do the seamaster any justice, you have to look at this Watch in person, to really appreciate its beauty. The details on the Seamaster are impressive, from the case, the bezel, and dial. Everything abut this Watch screams class. That being said though, the Seamaster is almost $2000 more expensive than the aquaracer, so you would expect that type of detail at this price range. The aquaracer is still a really nice watch, the care and dial are beautiful and although not as detailed as the seamaster, still very attractive. My advice, if your on the market for a diver, save your money and get a Seamaster. However, if you cannot justify the price of the seamaster, than get the aquaracer, it’s still a beautiful watch.

Wolfer Wolfer says:

the bezel alone, the engraved and surface wins over omega. for the price difference, i will take d Tag. its sad Omega being priced much higher simply dont look good as a luxury watch. jz compare it to a rolex with the same price….

Nick G says:

I just pulled the trigger in the TAG GMT and I love it…

Scott Cameron says:

I’d rather have the Omega, that said, I had a tag for about twenty years that I beat the absolute snot out of, and it held up great.

habibiak says:

I wonder how the tag aquaracer compares to the Oris aquis. Which one should I get ?

de N5XTC says:

i never set my watches down on their crowns, OR on anything that is not a soft surface. best for longterm care. this was an informative comparison. go with the Omega. neither use in house movements though, ETA. just the Omega has a better ETA movement, more $ of course. $2875 on grey market. people are nuts if they pay 4k retail IMOP.

KT Omil says:

Very nice reviews, both are excellent products. Thanks for sharing !!

mission609 says:

absolutely omega win

Jeremy James says:

Does that clasp work with the planet ocean?

Super Gee says:

I am wanting to buy a really nice every day piece. In your opinion, which watch do you find yourself grabbing more often at short moments of notice?

Ton Ka says:

Tag always good as entry level…

kenici says:

Excellent review, keep up the good job! Thank you

ec1275 says:

It in the eye of the beholder. Both are nice looking watches.

rumvodkaf1 says:

The indices on the TAG look like they belong on a desk clock.

Tyler Durden says:

Love both watches but the Omega is tops. The Aqua is good but would be better with out the magnifier.

Wilfredo Moisés Bautista says:

The Aquaracer is much better designed overall

James Peters says:

I have an Tag Heuer aquaracer caliber 5. My only complaint is that it seems to be losing time. Not sure exactly how much but I will probably be shipping it back for warrantee service. In my opinion a 2k + watch should be quite accurate. My next buy will probably be Brietling or Omega.

Robert Marshall says:

I don’t think I would buy a tag Chr ward uses the same movement half the price

IAT1964 says:

I own the Tag without the magnifier (3years old now) with the blue faceplate. I wear it every day. Has held up remarkably well, no visible scuffs or scratches on the watch itself, only some microscratches on the steel strap. Movement is good, my only complaint is that the power reserve is around 30 to 36 hours. So if you dont wear the watch for a day and a half, will have to reset the time… Not a major issue. From the video, I would say one huge difference between the watches is the bracelet, the Omega definitely seems better quality…

bond James says:

I like the design of Tag than omega, but Tag’s machine lost omega

Jeff D says:

tag or oris aquis??

KingRichard says:

The Tag is a way less classy looking watch, and looks like an ugly cross between a seamaster and a submariner.

Patrick3331 says:

Love the clarity of your video. Informative and nice watches. I got the 300 M already, the Tag looks interesting too.

Ryan Link says:

Great video man. That aquaracer is my favourite! I definitely want to get one!

ChrisBHP says:

Nice comparison video however there is no comparison between these two. Omega is superior in every way, it’s better looking, better made, better movement, better bracelet etc Omega Seamaster 300m professional is a true wristwatch icon. Tag is just meh, not terrible but certainly nothing special. If anyone is considering a Tag aquaracer just save for that bit longer and get the SMP. It’s worth the wait!

jimmy jimbos says:

hi Great video have just got the tag on a steel bracelet and lug width is 20 mm

Chelsea Moan says:

Hey bro, my wrist is kinda small…mys is about 4 links on 1 side and 4 and a half links on the other…will the omega look weird on my wrist? since my wrist is small

Spartans Watch Reviews says:

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Please, let me know.

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