Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Wolf Of Wall Street Watch & Film Review – Tag Heuer 1000 Vintage 984.013

When I first started my youtube channel I did a several movies reviews as well talking about watches. Recently I have been looking at, buying and reviewing a lot more watches and in particular a few that featured in Movies. This relationship between horology and cinema has always interested me and today is another prime example of an excellent bit of “watch casting”. Martin Scorsese’s lastest movie follows the rise and fall of a character (portrayed by DiCaprio) that this Tag Heuer 1000 in gold tone encapsulates perfectly. So when I saw one going second hand and needing to be restored to is former wall street greed is good condition, I just had to get it in for review!

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alvaro del solar says:

Great video. I love the watch. I actually have the same watch 984.013L, and the movement number is the 963.116. When I tried the new movement 955.112 on my watch, the hands holes were a little too big and they did not fit on the new movement. Can you please clarified, the exact serial number of the movement you replaced, I am very interested to get my watch to work again.

Thanks so much.

Engel Muntz says:

Is it still on the market??

William Duffel says:

An owner’s perspective to balance out the comment below mine. I own this exact watch bought new in 1986. I was tired of damaging/destroying cheaper watches in my outdoor/construction vocation and was looking for something dressy but tough. Mine was a Heuer (Pre TAG). Amazingly tough watch worn constantly for 31 years and looks as good as this one. It’s had repairs/replacements. Several bands, two crowns, 1 face and a sapphire crystal recently. It’s ready for 31 more years and is my dress watch (with a gold Oyster bracelet). Not bad for a 500 buck investment back in 1986. Could probably get 500 for it today. Not Rolex appreciation but a good value none the less. A classic dressy diver. To the quartz haters the best part is it’s been cheaply maintained and hasn’t required the equivalent of a hundred bucks a year to maintain. I love mechanical watches but this (and a +1 second per day Seiko 775 Turtle) has been the best money I ever spent on a watch. One of my sons will enjoy it when I’m gone. And over the years I’ve had several people ask how I liked my “Rolex”. So my “sad trifecta” has been a hell of a watch.

Link: https://forums.calibre11.com/threads/heuer-and-tag-heuer-1000-restoration-parts-and-service.51697/page-6

RichardAmsterdam says:

Jordan Belford was in fact wearing a gold Rolex (don’t quote me on it, but i think it was a gmt) back in the day. But because Leonardo couldn’t wear one in a movie for obvious reasons (Tag ambassador) they chose something that looked alike

Julian Musteata says:

Where can you buy a Tag Series 1000? I can’t seem to find them anywhere… 🙁

haidar abbas says:

And do u know any good website Where i can find tag 1000 series watches?

GoonaTV says:

Nice Polo

Aria Kowsarian says:

I love the fact that the watch ticks every second when being thrown by DiCaprio, indicating that it’s a quartz!! it shows how superficial he is but you can’t see it unless you look (or hear in this case) very closely

Sam Shipton says:

I was watching this film for the second time keeping an eye out and it looks like Jonah Hill has a gold Daytona on! Can’t be sure as had a slightly blurry screenshot to judge but enjoyed learning about the TAG. Love your videos keep it up 🙂

Michael says:

In the movie, he says it’s $40k gold watch…

Fletcher L says:

WTF is that guy reviewing the movie at the beginning talking about? What a fag.

Drake Grahm says:

Do the watches from narcos

ThatGuyNorin says:

I know im late but is it (still) for sale?

Anthony Notredame says:

if i were to buy this exact watch in stainless steel, what would the model number be? thanks in advance

complicatedtime says:

Did you notice the big Watch Mistake in this movie?? Actor Ethan Sulpee who plays “Toby” is wearing (in the beach house party quaalude scene) a Rose Gold IWC Big Pilot Watch that was not introduced until 2012 – but the movie was set in 1987-1994…

Engel Muntz says:

Can I still buy this? I’m very interested!!

Alex Kozlow says:

In the book Jordan wore a Rolex and a Bvlgari which was about $30,000

Noggsy Joggsy says:

Red face red bezel tag 1000 awesome

Kirill Bien says:

Do you know a good price for it if I find one?

Kirill Bien says:

How much will you sell it for

Max says:

Hey TGV, just wondering was the Jubilee bracelet you have up there purchased from Holbens as they offer one and you mentioned you buy from them. I’m trying to get one thats a little less rattly then the one you show in the video if you know what I mean. thanks so much and you defiantly have a new supporter your videos are very entertaining.

haidar abbas says:

Hey man! Have you sold the watch?
Great videos btw, much Love from Stockholm Sweden!

Kirill Bien says:

Thank you for letting me know!!!! Best regards keep up the great work!!! love your chanel

Gary says:

I think you nailed the image this watch has in the movie, all that glitters is not gold:)

Fredrik says:

You look like Jordan haha 🙂 Love your channel!!

Tony Oliver says:

I disagree TGV. the social commentary behind it is the greed and dissatisfaction with one’s own socioeconomic status during 1980s America (consumerism) rather than pursuing quality of life it’s all about excessiveness

Dennis Drol says:

The reason they have chosen the tag is because leonardo has a contract with tag heuer. The watch might resemble a 18k gold rolex submariner/gm master wich is easily 30k +

Brian Carothers says:

It was a movie prop. Over thinking things too much

Engel Muntz says:

Hey @TheUrbanGentry ,

My question for you is: if you are interested in selling this timepiece? Because I’m surging already for a long time for the “Tag Heuer 1000 Vintage 984.013” in this condition. And when you said in the video that this one is not for your collection but just for the review, I was wondering if you were maybe interested in selling the timepiece? I hope you can maybe mean something for me.

With kind regards,

Engel Muntz

Sofus Larsen says:

+The Urban Gentry Do you still have this watch or did you sell it already?

I Control My Fate says:

Should review the watches in the recent Doctor Strange film. He had a watch a whole watch drawer

TD roadster says:

Leonardo DiCaprio has to return Malaysian stolen monies.

eduardinho777 says:

The hell wears a wristwatch on each wrist

Evan's Reviews says:

Did you take down your old movie reviews? I didn’t know you did them until seeing this and can’t find them. You should get back into them.

Marco G says:

Cool video, would really enjoy more videos with watches in movies.

AnEdgy12YearOld___________________ says:

The wolf of wall street was fucking amazing

Max says:

Hello TGV, Im Selling mine wanted to know what you thought of my Ad


Big fan best regards!

Ruben Koole says:

Still for sale?

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